Want to add magic to your garden fireworks party? Garden fireworks are the answer. In this guide, we’ll explore where to buy the best garden fireworks for sale in the UK. Even in a small garden, with 8 meters of safe space, enjoy our small fireworks. They’re not muted: they’re exciting!

Our small garden fireworks offer dazzling effects. Make the most of your small garden with the perfect display.

Browse our full range of best small garden fireworks in this category and enjoy free UK delivery on qualifying orders.

Where to buy garden fireworks in the UK?

Garden Fireworks from Online Fireworks Shop UK

Celebrating special occasions at home with friends and family is a joy for many. Elevate your gatherings by exploring our remarkable selection of garden fireworks, perfect for creating unforgettable experiences. These fireworks are available for purchase from the top online fireworks shop in the UK.

What Are Garden Fireworks?

Display fireworks (the type you see at organised displays) require a minimum viewing/safety distance of at least 25m and any retail garden fireworks which is under 500g of NEC requires an 8 metre safety distance, whereas garden fireworks are specially designed for smaller areas.
They are typically quieter than the larger display fireworks and come in a vast choice of designs and colours, making them very popular for families with children.

Research on our Garden Fireworks

Over the years, we’ve spent many hours testing garden fireworks to make sure we have the best ones available for your garden party. At our online fireworks shop UK, you can find a wide selection of the best fireworks for sale.

Small Garden Fireworks

Our smaller assorted garden firework packs, available for purchase from the best fireworks shop in London. These contain an assortment of fountains, Roman candles, Catherine wheels and, in many cases, rockets. These packs will provide you with around 10 to 15 minutes of entertainment and tend to produce lower-level, quieter displays.
They’re very popular with families who have younger children or if you are in an area where letting off larger fireworks isn’t recommended.

Large Garden Fireworks

Our larger selection of firework packs have more attention on garden cake/barrage fireworks and will contain more rockets and multi-shot barrages. These are ideal if you have a large garden and want a bigger display with louder fireworks. With many needing an 15m minimum viewing distance.
For those who want the largest garden fireworks available. We have a range of barrage packs or firework Boxes & kits and individual garden fireworks. These will produce displays similar to larger display fireworks and will have been tested to be viewed safely at shorter distances.

You can also purchase large fireworks like Catherine wheels and fountains individually, suitable for garden use. Explore our range of the best garden fireworks at the leading online fireworks shop in the UK. You can create a fantastic display right in your backyard, but remember, viewing distances for these fireworks typically range from a minimum of 8 meters to some requiring 15-25 meters.

Expert Advice from the UK Fireworks Shop

We would be happy to advise. If you have any questions about the of any fireworks. Our in-house experts are here to help at anytime. Don’t be fooled – they may be classed as ‘Garden’ fireworks, but these little beauties pack a big punch when it comes to show and noise.

You’ve got everything from one-off big bangs like the Turtle Burger 25-shot, or fireworks selection boxes that’ll keep everyone amazed with your display skills. As always with us, it’s Safety First. You will get full instructions with every firework. These are premium quality garden fireworks with plenty of attitude. These will be  memorable celebration in the comfort of your back garden with family and friends.

Buying Garden Fireworks in London

If you’re looking for a convenient way to buy fireworks in the vibrant city of London, look no further. Our London Fireworks Shop UK, located in the heart of the capital. Our shop is your one-stop destination for the best fireworks in town.

At our Fireworks Shop in London, you can explore an extensive selection of garden fireworks that are perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your celebrations.

Plus, for our valued customers in London, we offer free delivery on orders over £100. We deliver within 10 miles of our shop in Bedfont, Hounslow, London. And that’s not all, we extend our free nationwide delivery offer on orders over £300. For more details on delivery options, please visit our delivery page.

These are available for purchase from the leading online fireworks shop UK or our fireworks shop Showtime Fireworks in London. Enjoy your festivities safely and responsibly!


Conclusion - Buy Fireworks Online UK

With these options in mind, you will be able to transform your garden into a beautiful display. Celebrate your next event with lights and colours. Whether you choose smaller, low – Noise garden fireworks or larger, more dynamic ones, remember to insure safety and follow all guidelines when using them.
Create special memories with your family and friends as you light up the night with fun garden fireworks.

You can easily get them from the best online fireworks shop in the UK! Enjoy your festivities safely and responsibly!

Firework Safety: Keeping Away from Flames and Heat Sources

To further enhance firework safety, it’s important to ensure they are stored far from any open flames or sources of heat. This becomes especially vital if you have an open fire or gas oven in your kitchen.

Our top advice for storing fireworks is to place them in a cool, dry location. Also well away from anything that generates heat, such as direct sunlight or open flames. When handling fireworks, always do so with utmost care. Make sure not to mishandle near heat sources that can lead to accidental detonation. Remember, fireworks should be treated with respect – avoid throwing them.

Proper Disposal is Essential

After you’ve enjoyed your fireworks, it’s essential to dispose of them safely. Fireworks are not meant for multiple ignitions, so never attempt to re-ignite them. Always follow proper disposal procedures to ensure safety. Wait at least 15 minutes before going back to them.


Understanding Firework Ignition

Fireworks may seem explosive, but they need an external ignition source, such as a fuse or firework lighter, to set them off. Safety guidelines and proper storage are essential to ensure fireworks ignite only when intended, keeping you and your surroundings safe.

Before you go, don’t forget to explore our online firework store for an extensive range of fireworks, including Low Noise fireworks and a stunning variety of Large Fireworks for your event or celebration. We offer the best online firework deals, and you can easily purchase fireworks from our trusted firework shop in London.

We hand-pick, select and test each firework before offering it for sale, ensuring you receive top-quality fireworks. Our stock selection includes renowned brands like Celtic Fireworks, Funke Fireworks, Klasek Fireworks, and the 2022 award-winning ‘VIVID Pyrotechnics Fireworks‘ brand.

Whether you’re seeking small sparklers, Cakes & Barrage fireworks, or discounted firework packages, we have everything you need to make your event truly memorable.

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