In the UK, you can buy fireworks to enjoy the mesmerising displays of light and sound that grace events like Bonfire Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year. Have you ever wondered why fireworks are a night-time tradition? While they add a touch of enchantment to celebrations, it’s crucial to consider the associated risks, including fire hazards and disturbances to pets. To ensure safety, the UK government has established regulations specifying where you can buy fireworks now and where they can be set off.

where can you set off fireworks?

Understanding Firework Regulations

Fireworks fall into the category of adult consumables. It is illegal in the UK to sell fireworks belonging to categories 1–4 to individuals under 18 years old. The same age restriction applies for setting off fireworks. If you are too young to buy fireworks then you are also considered young to use them. Category 4 fireworks intended for use cannot be purchased by consumers. Are exclusively available, for licensed firing businesses.


Until What Time can fireworks be set off

The UK government has established times during which fireworks can be set off depending on the date:

  • Year round (excluding holidays):  between 7 am and 11 pm
  • November 5th: until midnight
  • Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Years Eve: until 1 am


Where Can You Set Off Fireworks in the UK?

When it comes to enjoying fireworks displays in the UK it's important to know where you can safely set them off. Here are some key details:

1. Private Property:

If you have your property you can organise a private fireworks display without any issues. However it's crucial to comply with legal time restrictions and any additional rules set by your council.

2. Public Streets and Places:

It is, against the law to set off fireworks on streets or in areas including the use of sparklers. This means that simply heading to your park and starting a fireworks show is not allowed without authorisation. Permission is required for occasions.

3. Planning a Public Firework Display:

If you are planning to host a public fireworks display there are procedures to follow:

Public Venues: Public displays usually take place in parks, recreational grounds or open spaces such as fields.

Contacting Local Caretakers: Parks and green spaces are often managed by community groups or independent voluntary organisations. Start by identifying the contact person and reaching out to them. They may have experience with fireworks events. Can provide guidance throughout the process.


Obtain Permission:

If you're unsure, about the involvement of caretakers or if they are unavailable it would be wise to reach out to your council. They can provide information on obtaining a public entertainment license. For example in London, where fireworks are also available for purchase the council advises individuals to seek permission from park authorities and fill out an application form.

For events it may be necessary to collaborate with a Safety Advisory Group. This ensures that comprehensive safety measures are implemented.

If you have a location in mind for your fireworks display the first step is to contact the landowner. However keep in mind that they may require a fee for using their land.

By understanding and following these guidelines you can select a location for your fireworks display while adhering to all procedures and regulations. Always prioritise safety and legal compliance when setting off fireworks in the UK. If you plan on buying fireworks in London make sure to consider regulations and obtain permission, from the authorities.

Fireworks Safety Tips for a Spectacular Celebration

where can you set off fireworks and safety

A fireworks display can indeed be the highlight of any special occasion or holiday, captivating everyone with its stunning spectacle. Yet, in the midst of excitement, safety should be paramount, as accidents and injuries have marred celebrations in the past.  With the growing availability of fireworks, both in physical Fireworks shops  and Fireworks shop online, adhering to proper safety procedures is more critical than ever. This ensures the safety of yourself, your guests or audience, and your property.

To help you celebrate responsibly, here are some essential fireworks safety tips from Showtime Fireworks:

Choose Legal Fireworks from Licensed Stores

Elevate any celebration by lighting up the sky with fireworks, but always opt for legal ones. When searching for fireworks for sale, ensure they have a Common Class C rating, indicating they are intended for public use. To guarantee quality and legality, purchase fireworks only from licensed stores. These shops are well-informed about current updates and consumer fireworks laws, providing you with products that come with manufacturer's safety instructions.


Observe Local Fireworks Regulations

Fireworks regulations vary by state, province, and country, making it crucial to stay informed about local laws. Some types of fireworks may be illegal in certain areas. To avoid legal issues and ensure the safe use of fireworks, conduct thorough research. Check your local government authorities' websites and social media platforms for updates on regulations and permitted firework types in your region.

Stay Alert and Sober When Igniting Fireworks

While special occasions often involve alcohol, it's essential to remember that fireworks demand alertness and sobriety. Setting off fireworks under the influence can lead to accidents and injuries. Fireworks require precise coordination, functionality, and judgement to ensure safety. Prioritise everyone's well-being by getting a good night's sleep and abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and other substances before handling fireworks.

Dress Safely

Safety-conscious attire is a must when setting off fireworks, as it reduces the risk of fire and burns. Opt for clothing that is less likely to catch fire, such as snug-fitting pants and long sleeves. Avoid wearing long skirts, scarves, shawls, or loose jackets, which could pose hazards during a fireworks display.



Fireworks add joy and wonder to any celebration, but safety should always come first. Whether you're planning a private garden fireworks display or attending a public one, following safety guidelines is crucial for a joyful and secure celebration. Understanding potential risks, complying with regulations, and taking safety precautions ensures you can enjoy the magic of fireworks while safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and the environment. Responsible celebration ensures that every fireworks display remains memorable and safe.

Enjoying a spectacular fireworks display to cap off a festive evening should be a risk-free delight for everyone. By adhering to these safety precautions, you can ensure that both you and your guests are protected from potential fire and burn hazards.

For those planning to buy fireworks in the UK, select from a reputable source like ours. Showtime Fireworks offers a diverse array of high-quality fireworks for sale. Secure your order today. Make to guarantee your celebration ends with a spectacular and safe fireworks exhibition. Buy Discounted Fireworks Online now to make your event truly memorable.

Fireworks Online UK: Available Year-Round

When it comes to purchasing fireworks in the UK, not all retailers provide them throughout the year. However we have a licence that permits us to sell fireworks all year around without any restrictions to only Bonfire Night, New Year, Diwali and Chinese New Year when fireworks are typically available from supermarkets and other non licensed online sellers.

This means that regardless of when you plan to host a party, reveal your baby's gender or celebrate any occasion our online fireworks store is here to assist you no matter where you are located.


Next Day Delivery for Fireworks

where can you set off fireworks and safety

Our firework delivery service ensures that all our customers can easily enjoy pyrotechnics. While our physical store operates from 11 AM to 6 PM throughout the week and from 12 PM to 3 PM on Sundays. Our online fireworks shop is 24/7 and you can shop for Fountain fireworks, Firework Rockets, Selection boxes and firework Boxes & Kits in-stock.

When you make a purchase through our Showtime Fireworks website we usually dispatch your order within three to five working days.

Additionally we offer next day delivery of fireworks for addresses in the West London area.

We deliver to every location in the UK: you can find a list of areas where we provide firework delivery, on our website. 

Ordering fireworks from our website is incredibly convenient. A few clicks away.

Our main aim is to make the delivery process as seamless and hassle free as possible. We have partnered with a courier service that will reach out to you in advance allowing you to schedule your fireworks delivery at a time that suits you best. You can rest assured knowing that we offer firework delivery services seven days a week.

At Showtime Fireworks our delivery rates vary depending on your location within the UK. For orders exceeding £100 we are pleased to offer delivery within a 10 mile radius. If you happen to be in West London we also provide the option for you to visit our shop in Bedfont, Hounslow (near Heathrow) where you can personally select and collect fireworks as you desire.

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