Get ready to be amazed, as a player “Funke Fireworks,” all the way from Poland takes centre stage to revolutionise the way fireworks are enjoyed in the UK. In an industry renowned for its dazzling displays and breathtaking spectacles Funke Fireworks stands out as a shining example of quality and innovation. They are poised to leave a lasting impression as pioneers of pyrotechnics in Europe.

In the world of fireworks, where each burst of colour and explosion in the night sky showcases creativity and artistry Funke Fireworks is setting a standard. With a dedication, to excellence they are redefining what it means to light up the skies with brilliance. Lets delve into the journey of Funke Fireworks and explore how they are reshaping the pyrotechnics landscape.

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About Funke Fireworks


A Spark of Passion:  The Inspiring Story Behind Funke Fireworks

Established in Poland in 2014 Funke Fireworks was born out of a shared love for pyrotechnics. A determination to redefine the industry. The visionary founders recognised that fireworks available at the time lacked originality, excellence and that nostalgic charm associated with displays. Driven by their passion they took matters into their hands. Embarked on a journey to create fireworks that not only paid homage to tradition but also brought an exhilarating new energy.

Unifying Craftsmanship and Innovation

At Funke Fireworks, craftsmanship and innovation go hand in hand. Their core business revolves around producing, importing and distributing fireworks and pyrotechnic products. With their warehouse in Poland along with storage facilities in Germany they seamlessly supply dealers and pyrotechnic enthusiasts throughout Europe.

What truly sets Funke Fireworks apart is their dedication to blending artistry with innovative designs when it comes to creating their dazzling displays.

They understand that fireworks are not just displays, they are cherished memories that stay with those who witness them. The company takes pride in their attention to detail, which is evident, in every spark and explosion they create. Funke Fireworks puts their heart into crafting each piece ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

A Symphony of Joy: The Funke Experience

Fireworks go beyond being spectacles; they evoke emotions of joy and wonder. Their lineup includes both timeless classics that bring back feelings and innovative creations that usher in an era of pyrotechnic artistry. Whether it’s the display of golden cracker palm trees, the ethereal dance of blink comets or the captivating sparkle of a sparkling willow, Funke Fireworks transform the night sky into a canvas filled with emotions and beauty.

Quality, Innovation, Tradition

Funke Fireworks has built a reputation as a brand synonymous with quality, innovation and tradition. They have injected life into the fireworks market by bringing their approach to it. Within the category of battery operated fireworks where they also focus on their creations stand out from the rest.

With an attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to improvement Funke Fireworks takes every effect. Turns it into a work of art. The brand’s story is a testament to their commitment in enhancing the fireworks experience. Through their approach they challenge conventions. Create effects that were once considered impossible. They don’t just make fireworks; they create moments that will stay with you forever.

Shining Bright in the UK Sky: Funke Fireworks Arrives

As Funke Fireworks makes its debut in the UK market it promises experiences. The skies of the UK will soon be filled with the brilliance of Funke Fireworks creations – a reflection of their commitment to bringing joy, fostering innovation and honouring tradition. Prepare yourself for a perspective on the night sky. Funke Fireworks invites you to join them on this journey of reimagining pyrotechnics as an art form one breathtaking display, at a time. 

Experience the magic, feel the emotions and create memories that will always be illuminated by the brilliance of Funke Fireworks.


Where to buy Funke Fireworks in the UK

Get ready for a show! We're excited to let you know that Funke Fireworks will be available at Showtime Fireworks, your go to store for buying fireworks online, also Located in London our fireworks shop will proudly offer the products from Funke Fireworks bringing a new level of awe inspiring displays and unforgettable celebrations.

At Showtime Fireworks we understand that fireworks are not about visuals, they're a sensory experience. With the addition of Funke Fireworks to our collection we're taking your celebration journey to heights. Our dedication to providing top quality fireworks, perfectly aligns with Funke Fireworks values of passion, innovation and tradition.

Whatever your budget or occasion may be, Showtime Fireworks in London is known for offering a curated selection of the fireworks for sale. Our wide range includes everything from captivating Cakes & Barrages, professional large fireworks, sparklers, fountains or soaring rockets. All available, under one roof.

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Here are the Top 5 Fireworks from Funke

Get ready, for an adventure as we dive into the enchanting realm of Funke Fireworks. Renowned for their displays of pyrotechnics Funke Fireworks never fails to astound. In this article we are thrilled to introduce you to the five fireworks from Funke that will leave you in complete awe.

Whether you are a dedicated fireworks enthusiast or new to the world of pyrotechnics our handpicked selection of Funke's finest will undoubtedly illuminate your celebrations. So without any delay let us reveal the Top 5 fireworks from Funke that guarantee to bring a touch of magic to your special moments.

1. Thalia 25 shot - £34.99

Experience the beauty of Argento Firework, a captivating masterpiece crafted by the Funke Fireworks family. This stunning display consists of 25 fanned cake shots creating a mesmerising spectacle that unfolds in five rounds each showcasing five shots.

As the darkness gives way to a night sky prepare to be enchanted by alternating bursts of shimmering glitter bouquets perfectly complemented by dazzling blue stars. These bursts gracefully transition into cascading tails of glitter willows leading to explosions that mirror the same enchanting colours. Above it all the night sky glistens with a symphony of red glitter bouquets, against a backdrop of golden tails. These tails guide us to enchanting brocades of shimmering gold glitter adorned with a captivating dance of flickering gold stars.

2. Feronia 25 shot cake - £34.99

Presenting the Argento Firework collection by Funke Fireworks – where pyrotechnic artistry merges with awe-inspiring displays! Our 25-shot fireworks, boasting 30mm max bores, command attention with their symphony of vivid colours and mesmerising effects. Prepare to be captivated as majestic gold titanium tails elegantly soar, revealing the most exquisite gold titanium willows, enhanced by a dazzling array of strobes in white, red, green, and gold.

Don’t let their CATF2 Garden fireworks classification fool you; the 30mm tubes ensure these bursts are truly monumental. To guarantee your safety and maximize your enjoyment, we strongly recommend maintaining a minimum distance of 25 meters. For detailed safety guidelines, be sure to visit our Firework Safety Code page.

Interested in exploring more Cakes & Barrages fireworks like this one? Look no further!

3. Uber Strumer Rockets (13) - £34.99

Indulge in the diversity of Funke Fireworks’ extraordinary collection. This assortment presents a dazzling array of 13 rockets that exceed all expectations. With their enchanting, vibrant tails, these rockets set a new standard for brilliance. Within this spectacular selection, 7 rockets feature captivating, colorful tails, while the remaining 6 showcase a sleek silver tail. Each rocket is meticulously crafted with a 32g NEC, promising an exhilarating experience like none other. What’s even more thrilling is that every rocket in this collection delivers an electrifying effect, elevating your celebration to new heights of excitement.

4. Whistling Palms 100 shot - £89.99

Get ready to be blown away by the sheer spectacle of our S.I.B (Single Ignition Barrage) firework display. We’ve taken two 50-shot, 21mm cakes and seamlessly merged them into an astonishing 100-shot extravaganza that will take your breath away. Brace yourself for an unrelenting barrage firework as 100 shots of whistling, swirling comet tails gracefully ascend, unveiling a stunning array of vibrant red, green, purple, yellow, and blue palms in a breathtaking explosion of color and deafening noise.

The first 50 shots burst forth in distinct color banks, with a thrilling 10 shots dedicated to each vibrant hue. Then, the final 50 shots light up the sky in a mesmerising rainbow mix that will leave you utterly captivated. If you’re in search of high-speed, vibrant, and thunderous excitement for your fireworks display, look no further—Whistling Palms is your ultimate ticket to an unforgettable experience!

5. Push it to the limit 100 shots compound cake - £119.99

Prepare to be amazed by a “Display in a Box” unlike any other with this incredible 100-shot Z-firing Compound Firework. It will mesmerise you with its stunning colours, expansive spread, and incredible effects, all powered by an impressive 1420g of powder. This barrage cake firework doesn’t just push boundaries; it lives up to its name—’Push it to the Limit!’ by Funke Fireworks.

As you watch this remarkable firework perform its magic, you’ll witness blue and lemon with red strobe mines transforming into blue and lemon peonies with red strobe, blue and chicken blood red with green strobe mines transitioning into blue and chicken blood red peonies with green strobe, and a grand finale featuring big silver chrysanthemum mines culminating in a breathtaking display of big silver Chrysanthemum effects.

Get ready for a fireworks extravaganza that will leave you in absolute awe!

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Immerse Yourself in an Unforgettable Experience

With Funke Fireworks gracing our shelves Showtime Fireworks opens the door for you to enter a world filled with enchantment and wonder. The perfect blend of our dedication to quality and Funke Fireworks commitment to innovation ensures an experience that goes beyond your expectations. Our partnership promises to take your celebrations to heights by painting the sky with a symphony of colours and emotions.

From London With Warmth

As partners of Funke Fireworks we not only offer their exceptional products but also provide delivery services in and around London. At Showtime Fireworks we are dedicated to making your experience seamless – from selecting your desired items all the way through delivering to your door. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can access the magic of Funke Fireworks.

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Whether you’re celebrating Diwali, bonfire night or New Years Eve, a wedding or any other occasion that deserves a touch of magic, Showtime Fireworks is your trusted partner in creating perfection. Get ready to light up the sky, ignite joy in everyone’s hearts and turn the night into a canvas with Funke Fireworks. Your celebration starts here with Showtime Fireworks and Funke Fireworks – where memories are made.

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