Looking to Buy Vivid Fireworks? Vivid Pyrotechnics has quickly risen to prominence as a top producer of breathtaking fireworks across their entire range. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality has earned them an exceptional reputation in just a few short years. In fact, their excellence was duly recognized when they received the prestigious BEST BRAND award in 2022, presented by the UK Firework Alliance in association with the UK Firework Review (UKFR).

The UKFR, a respected authority known for providing invaluable support and information to consumers, and renowned for hosting the largest firework forum in the UK, fully appreciates the significance of Vivid Pyrotechnics’ contributions. Their groundbreaking innovations include captivating offerings such as color-change mine cakes, whistling dump cakes adorned with falling red leaves, pro-effect pearl and comet slices, and mesmerizing color-change horsetails. These remarkable additions to their product lineup have enthralled audiences and set Vivid Fireworks for Sale apart as a leader in the industry.

The exceptional quality of Vivid Pyrotechnics’ items is such that they are frequently chosen for use in the grandest professional displays across the UK. Their commitment to excellence has been duly recognised, as they were runners-up in the Best Brand category in 2021 and then triumphed as the winners in 2022.

Moreover, Vivid Pyrotechnics has consistently impressed the industry with a multitude of award-winning fireworks. They have secured the coveted title of Best Product in numerous categories, with over 20 of their products recognised in 16 different categories. Notably, they were crowned winners of the Best Barrage Pack category in both 2021 and 2022 with their extraordinary offering, “The Asylum Barrage Pack.” This remarkable assortment features nine stunning cakes, boasting a mix of bore sizes and an array of mesmerising effects including strobes, willows, brocades, chrysanthemum crackle, vibrant coloured comets, pearls, and stars.

Vivid Pyrotechnics’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, coupled with their unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding quality, has firmly established them as a trailblazer in the industry. Their unrivalled fireworks continue to captivate audiences and illuminate the skies with brilliance, solidifying their position as an esteemed and highly celebrated brand.

Just some of the amazing awards VIVID Pyrotechnics won this year 2023

  • 2ND BEST COMPOUND OVER 2550g 2023 – EL LOCO (FU).
  • 2ND BEST CAKE 150g to 500g 2023 – LOOSE CANNON (FU).
  • 2ND BEST ROCKET OVER 75g 2023 – VSR4 (FU).
  • 3RD BEST ROCKET UNDER 75g 2023 – VSR2 (FU).

What will VIVID Pyrotechnics bring to 2023

In addition to their previous achievements, Vivid Pyrotechnics is set to captivate audiences once again with their latest offerings for the upcoming Bonfire Night season in 2023. This year, they have unveiled a series of new and extraordinary fireworks that are sure to leave spectators in awe. Among the exciting additions are Snake Bite 36-shot firework, which promises to deliver a mesmerising display of light and sound. The Ziegelstein 120-shot Vivid firework is another remarkable creation, designed to create a truly stunning spectacle in the night sky, Hell Firing Rockets, which are sure to ignite the sky with their fiery trails and breathtaking effects. And let’s not forget about the enchanting Goldy Locks Fountains, which will shower the surroundings with a cascade of golden sparks and shimmering beauty.

These new additions to their lineup demonstrate Vivid Pyrotechnics’ ongoing commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of pyrotechnic excellence. With each passing year, they continue to raise the bar and introduce captivating fireworks that redefine what is possible in the world of pyrotechnics. As the Bonfire Night season approaches, audiences eagerly await the opportunity to experience these new and amazing pieces firsthand, as Vivid Pyrotechnics once again dazzles and delights with their unparalleled creativity and artistry.

Vivid Pyrotechnics presents an array of exhilarating fireworks, each possessing its own distinctive features and captivating effects. Among their extensive selection, their Vivid cakes and barrages reign supreme as crowd favourites. These remarkable fireworks comprise multiple tubes that launch a dazzling array of shots into the sky. The choreographed performance of these fireworks showcases a harmonious blend of mesmerising effects, including glittering showers, crackling bursts, vibrant stars, and a kaleidoscope of captivating colours.

Vivid Range of Firework Categories

In addition to their renowned cakes and barrages, Vivid Fireworks UK offers a diverse range of fireworks to enhance any celebration. From their impressive 2” Ball ,3” Ball and 4” Ball Rockets that soar through the night sky to their enchanting fountains that shower the surroundings with sparks and luminosity, each product promises to ignite the atmosphere with awe-inspiring spectacle.

Sparklers, renowned for their graceful trails of shimmering light, add a touch of elegance to any festivity. For those seeking a comprehensive fireworks experience, Vivid Pyrotechnics also provides Barrage Packs and Compound fireworks, allowing for the seamless combination of various fireworks to create a truly unique and unforgettable display.

Whatever the nature of your event or celebration, Vivid Pyrotechnics is committed to catering to your specific preferences and requirements. Their diverse range of fireworks ensures that there is a perfect option available for every occasion, regardless of the scale or budget. From intimate gatherings to grand festivities, Vivid Fireworks for sale offers a stunning selection that will elevate the ambiance and create a captivating visual spectacle.

In this blog post, we will delve into the top 10 fireworks by Vivid Pyrotechnics to cater to a wide range of budgets. By exploring these exceptional choices, you can effortlessly craft the ideal fireworks display, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and infusing your event with a touch of enchantment and wonder.

1. F2 Ultra pro Cake Box Selection 6 cakes - £54.99

This extraordinary assortment of pyrotechnic wonders will leave you spellbound. Brace yourself for the breathtaking display presented by Pro Cake Box Selection 6 cakes, each equipped with 20mm firing tubes, ensuring a symphony of vibrant hues and mesmerising 6 different effects that will captivate your senses. Not only is this package a visual spectacle beyond compare, but it also offers unbeatable value for the price. Get ready to be swept off your feet as you immerse yourself in the sheer brilliance of this dazzling barrage pack from Vivid Fireworks.

2. Delirious - 83 shot cake firework - £79.99

Winner of the highly coveted Best Large Cake for 2023, behold the astonishing creation by Vivid FireworksDelirious. This magnificent large cake is not only a marvel of multi-effect displays but also showcases an array of captivating shapes. Prepare to be enchanted by straight firing, tridents, Z-sweeps, and volleys, all masterfully synchronised to deliver a true display-in-a-box experience. With a mind-boggling total of 83 shots, this extraordinary showcase boasts an impressive composition containing just under 1 kilogram of NEC.

3. Loose cannon - cake firework 57 shot - £37.99

Introducing the impressive Loose Cannon, a 57-shot marvel crafted by the talented team at Vivid Pyrotechnics. Prepare to be amazed as Vivid Pyrotechnics once again triumphs with this exceptional single ignition firework. With its captivating pace, vibrant colours, and stunning effects, the Loose Cannon is guaranteed to be a showstopper and an invaluable addition to any fireworks display.

4. Havoc - 36 shot Firework Cake - £49.99

Allow us to introduce Havoc, the sister cake to the sensational ‘Freak from Vivid Fireworks. If you’re seeking to infuse your show with an extra dose of excitement, this is the perfect choice. Prepare to be mesmerised as Havoc unleashes its breathtaking display. This impressive cake launches an exhilarating sequence of 36 shots, showcasing a symphony of red and green strobe stars that illuminate the sky. As if that weren’t enough, Havoc also features captivating gold brocade comets, accompanied by blink comet tails that add a touch of enchantment to the spectacle. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Havoc concludes with a stunning finale that will leave spectators in awe. Let the beauty of Havoc ignite your event and elevate your celebration to extraordinary heights. Don’t miss the chance to buy Vivid fireworks and experience the magic of Havoc for yourself.

5. Asylum Barrage Pack - Award winning 2021/2022 - £149.99

Experience the award-winning (Asylum) barrage pack of 2021 and 2022 from VIVID Pyrotechnics. This exceptional pack consists of 9 assorted barrages, each showcasing its own unique effects. Year after year, it remains a top-selling item, cherished for its remarkable versatility. With a range of bore sizes, including 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm, it offers a captivating variety of sky bursts in different sizes. As a bonus, this pack also includes a complimentary Rocket Pack (Reaper Pack) and Sparklers, ensuring an unforgettable display. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your fireworks experience.

6. Reaper 5 Rocket Pack - 68g each - £27.99

This explosive ensemble includes 5 extraordinary rockets by Vivid Fireworks, each armed with a mighty 68g of gunpowder and showcasing its own unique effect. Prepare to be mesmerised by a dazzling display of shimmering red glitter, sparkling silver bursts, and captivating golden spiders with a mesmerising blue twist. The Reaper Rockets stand tall alongside our best-selling Sky Hunter, Space Hawks, and War Hawks, reflecting their exceptional quality and performance. However, be warned: these rockets are not for the faint-hearted, as they produce an intense sound that demands attention. Don’t just take our word for it; these rockets have earned a flawless score of 10/10, making them an absolute must-buy for fireworks enthusiasts seeking unparalleled excitement and spectacle.

7. Bloodshot - 139 shot compound - £159.99

Prepare for an awe-inspiring fireworks extravaganza that will illuminate the night sky and leave you speechless! Introducing Bloodshot by Vivid Fireworks, a breathtaking one-light compound firework that is destined to make any celebration unforgettable. This remarkable firework is a true showstopper, beginning with a mesmerising Z-firing double sweep of blue tails that transform into magnificent bursts of gold brocade and shimmering blue.

But the spectacle doesn’t end there. Brace yourself for a truly mesmerising sight as a spectacular fanned volley takes centre stage, showering the sky with a captivating blend of shimmering gold and rich red. As if that weren’t enough, prepare to be amazed by the unique gold-to-silver effect, accompanied by a breathtaking burst of deep red stars. These stars elegantly dance and twirl in mesmerising V and W formations, adding an extra touch of magic to the display.

But the fiery excitement doesn’t stop there. Blood Shot also features enchanting gold spinners that crackle with a jaw-dropping blood red strobe, creating an atmosphere of electrifying anticipation. With its captivating mixed firing pattern, Blood Shot is guaranteed to impress and leave you in absolute awe.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your special occasion with this sensational Large firework extravaganza. Discover why Bloodshot by Vivid Fireworks stands out as one of the best Vivid fireworks of 2023!

8. Screaming Demons - 25 shot whistle cake - £34.99

This remarkable creation, known as the Screaming Demons, was honoured with the 2021 Innovation Award in the prestigious category presented by the UKFR (UK Firework Review).This extraordinary dump cake is a true masterpiece, featuring 25 howling serpents that are instantly ejected into the sky. At their awe-inspiring peak height, these serpents burst into a mesmerising display of silent blood-red falling leaves. The sheer uniqueness and captivating nature of this cake have led to its inclusion in some of the most magnificent professional displays in the UK. This serves as a testament to its innovative design and exceptional quality, guaranteeing a remarkable statement in displays of any size.

Prepare to be enthralled by the Screaming Demons, the most exhilarating 25-shot cake created by Vivid Fireworks UK! This extraordinary creation is not for the faint-hearted, as it unleashes an eerie noise reminiscent of the legendary screaming banshee. Say goodbye to mundane fireworks shows and embark on the ultimate thrill with this one-of-a-kind cake that will ignite your senses and leave you in awe. Experience the electrifying allure of the Screaming Demons and witness a display like no other.

9. Velocity - 224 shot compound cake - £129.99

Velocity by Vivid Pyrotechnics has claimed the prestigious title of Best Compound Firework Under 2550g in the 2023 Fireworks Alliance awards.

Prepare to set your event ablaze with the awe-inspiring Velocity! This magnificent firework is not for the faint-hearted, as its breathtaking rapid-fire finale will leave you utterly speechless. Brace yourself for a display that combines raw power and exquisite beauty, featuring an array of dazzling effects that will illuminate any celebration.

This masterpiece Single Ignite firework, consisting of four linked cakes, delivers an astounding 224 shots. Brace yourself for a mesmerising blend of vibrant colours, electrifying effects, and thunderous noise, all unleashed at an incredible pace. The convenience of the linked cakes means you only need to ignite a single fuse to ignite the show of a lifetime, allowing for a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Get ready to make your event truly unforgettable as Velocity by Vivid Fireworks takes centre stage. Let its explosive power, stunning effects, and breathtaking pace captivate your audience and leave them in awe. It’s time to ignite the show of a lifetime and create memories that will be cherished forever.

10. El Loco - 268 shot compound cake - £334.99

El Loco by Vivid Pyrotechnics has been crowned the illustrious winner of the 2023 Best Compound Award by the Fireworks Alliance.

For over three years, Vivid Pyrotechnics UK has been bringing the most stunning fireworks to the UK pyro markets, incorporating effects that are typically reserved for professional displays, accompanied by magnificent bursts of vibrant colours.

If you’re in search of a fireworks display that will leave your guests truly amazed, look no further than El Loco by Vivid Fireworks. This extraordinary firework boasts a staggering two-minute duration and showcases an array of incredible effects. The clever firing pattern and intense colours create a mesmerising halo-like impression around the firework, while the stars burst into the night sky in breathtaking shades of green, blue, and purple. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring finale that will leave jaws dropping in awe.

This is undoubtedly a firework you won’t want to miss! Don’t hesitate to order your very own El Loco today and ensure that your next event is truly unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness it.

In summary, Vivid Pyrotechnics has curated a remarkable range of fireworks that exude a professional flair, catering to a wide range of budgets. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand-scale event, Vivid fireworks offer something for everyone. With our Online Store providing exclusive access to a selection from their lineup, we invite you to explore and discover the best assortment of VIVID fireworks. Don’t miss the chance to buy Vivid Pyrotechnics fireworks online and make your event truly memorable

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