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Are you ready to light up the night sky with an explosive celebration this Bonfire Night and Diwali? We certainly are, and we’re here to make sure your festivities go off with a bang! In preparation for this year’s festivities, we want to remind everyone to prioritise safety, avoid crowds, and get the best firework deals around. That’s why we’re excited to announce our early shopping offers and convenient online options.

early sale for fireworks


2023 has been quite an unusual year, so we’re urging all our valued customers to consider two key options: Shop Early or Shop Online. These choices not only ensure your safety but also enhance your shopping experience.

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Traditionally, we witness a surge in last-minute shoppers just a few days before or on the day of the celebrations. To avoid the crowds and enjoy personalised service, we encourage you to Shop Early. What does “early” mean? Well, it’s any day before November 3rd for Bonfire Night and November 10th for Diwali. However, the earlier, the better!

To sweeten the deal, our October Early Sale is now in full swing. By shopping early, you not only avoid the crowds but also benefit from substantial discounts and a more individualised shopping experience.

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SHOP ONLINE - Use Code : Earlysale

For those who prefer the convenience of curbside pickup or wish to browse our entire selection from the comfort of their homes, our online firework store is the perfect solution. You’ll find our complete range of fireworks from Cakes & Barrages, Firework Rockets pack, Fountains, Selection Boxes or Kits or Large Professional Fireworks, complete with images, descriptions, and videos. Simply place your order online and pick it up when it suits you – it couldn’t be easier!

FREE Delivery*

We’re delighted to offer free delivery on orders exceeding £100 within 10 miles of our New Showroom in Bedfont, London. (We have moved from Hounslow Shop – opposite Sainsbury Local ). And the good news doesn’t stop there – for orders over £300, we extend our free nationwide delivery offer. For detailed information on our delivery options, please visit our Delivery page. If you’d like to collect your fireworks in person, just let us know your preferred day and time when placing your online order.

EARLY SALE - 20% OFF everything - Until the 15th October

No matter how you choose to shop, you can take full advantage of our Early Sale! For a limited time, we’re slashing 20% off our already competitive prices on everything available in our shop and online. If you prefer shopping in-store, we also extend an additional 10% discount to military, police, NHS and firefighters with valid identification.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to Shop Early or Shop Online, steering clear of the crowds while enjoying significant savings this November. Visit our website today to start shopping and ensure your celebrations are nothing short of sensational!



TOP 10 Fireworks for Bonfire Fire & Diwali Night

To make your Bonfire Night and Diwali celebrations truly unforgettable, we've compiled a list of the top 10 fireworks recommended by the experts at Showtime Fireworks. These spectacular choices promise to light up the sky and leave your guests in awe:


1. Delirious - 83 shot cake firework- £79.99

Introducing the 2023 Best Large Cake winner, the astounding creation by Vivid Fireworks – Delirious. This magnificent large cake is not only a marvel of multi-effect displays but also showcases a variety of captivating shapes.
Get ready to be enchanted by straight firing, tridents, Z-sweeps, and volleys, all masterfully synchronised to provide a complete display-in-a-box experience. With an astonishing total of 83 shots, this extraordinary showcase boasts an impressive composition, containing just under 1 kilogram of NEC.

2. Shindig Selection Box Firework By Jonathan's - £119.99

The Shindig Selection Boxes Firework Box By Jonathan’s Fireworks has earned the prestigious title of the best selection box in the UK Fireworks Award 2021! If you value quality over quantity, look no further. This exceptional box contains 28 high-performance fireworks that outshine the rest. It offers a variety of top-quality fireworks, including powerful multi-shot barrages, dazzling fountains, rockets, and even impressive Catherine Wheels. With its outstanding selection, it’s no wonder the Shindig Selection Fireworks Box stands as the undisputed champion!
If you’re on the lookout for more incredible firework deals, be sure to explore our Discounted Fireworks packages selection. You’ll find a wide range of options to suit various preferences and budgets.

3. Ziegelstein By Vivid Pyrotechnics - £229.99

The pyrotechnic world is buzzing with excitement for Vivid Pyrotechnics‘ sensational 2023 creation, the Ziegelstein firework compound cake.

This towering marvel launches an astonishing 120 shots from 30mm maximum bore tubes, releasing massive gold brocade mines that explode into magnificent brocade crowns. These dazzling displays weave together with sparkling silver stars, forming a captivating double Z-firing pattern before culminating in a breathtaking finale of 10 shots that paint the night sky in vivid splendour.

4. VORTEX 3 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks - £31.99

Experience the enchanting allure of Bonfire Night with Vortex 3 by Riakeo Fireworks. This captivating display is your ticket to instantly mesmerising your audience with a whopping 500g of explosive powder, weighing in at 14kg.

Prepare to be spellbound as Vortex 3 unveils 25 magnificent shots, featuring mesmerizing gold comets that burst into glorious dark bronze willows. Each shot amazes with neon-colored stars taking turns to shine, resulting in a truly breathtaking spectacle. The sky will come alive with golden rain and brocade from Magical’s 30mm tubes.

Your event is destined to become unforgettable, thanks to Vortex 3’s remarkable power and impressive size! Whether you choose to showcase it on Bonfire Night or any special occasion, Vortex 3 by Riakeo Fireworks will leave an indelible mark and ensure your celebration is etched in memory for years to come!

5. Asylum Barrage Pack - Award winning 2021/2022 - £149.99

Embark on an award-winning journey with the (Asylum) barrage pack by VIVID Pyrotechnics, celebrated in both 2021 and 2022. This remarkable pack features 9 assorted barrages, each showcasing its unique effects. It has consistently remained a top-selling favorite, cherished for its remarkable versatility. Offering a range of bore sizes, including 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm, it delivers a captivating variety of sky bursts in different sizes. As an added bonus, this pack includes a complimentary Rocket Pack (Reaper Pack) and Sparklers, ensuring an unforgettable display. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your fireworks experience.

6. Overlord 100 shot By Vivid firework for sale - £134.99

Vivid Pyrotechnics takes pride in introducing the Overlord compound firework, an astonishing addition to their collection poised to redefine your fireworks experience. Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring VIV100CP- 100 shot mixed pro, this remarkable creation boasts an impressive 100 shots launched directly from its 30mm bore, lasting Just Over two-minutes spectacle that soars up to 40 meters high.

The Overlord’s bursts are truly colossal, resembling the magnificent explosions of a shell burst. With its blend of captivating effects, including glittering and crackling bouquets, it crafts a stunning dual-layer display guaranteed to enthral any audience. This masterpiece serves as a brilliant addition to any fireworks showcase or a convenient and spectacular way to commemorate special occasions.

7. LOOSE PACK cakes rockets fireworks bundle - £124.99

Prepare to craft a jaw-dropping spectacle that will undoubtedly plaster smiles across your audience’s faces with our Loose Pack. It’s the ideal choice for a brief yet awe-inspiring showcase, featuring none other than the stellar 57 shot Loose Cannon by Vivid Fireworks – a true gem in the world of pyrotechnics.
Get ready for an astounding barrage of bursts, set against a backdrop of breathtaking colours that will have everyone in the vicinity utterly captivated. This is an experience you won’t want to miss, so make sure to seize the opportunity to create unforgettable memories!

8. Best price 100 shot barrage by klasek Pyrotechnics - £59.99

If you’re ready to take your firework display to extraordinary heights, your search ends here with our extraordinary set of 100 shots of cake/barrage firework. It’s a dazzling showcase filled with magnificent large bursts and an astonishing array of 10 distinct effects. Each shot is a vibrant symphony of colours, featuring explosive blue stars, radiant golden palms, and a kaleidoscope of multi-coloured bursts that will leave your audience absolutely spellbound.

We’ve gone the extra mile to create the ultimate firework experience, incorporating captivating elements like red and silver glitter, among others, to ensure an unforgettable spectacle. Elevate your next event with the brilliance of our remarkable set of 100 shots, and be prepared to leave your audience in sheer awe – they won’t believe their eyes!

9. Bloodshot - 139 shot compound - £159.99

Get ready for a mesmerising fireworks extravaganza that will light up the night sky and leave you in awe! Allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary Bloodshot by Vivid Pyrotechnics Fireworks, a one-light Single ignition compound firework that promises to make every celebration truly unforgettable. This remarkable firework is a genuine showstopper, kicking off with a dazzling display of Z-firing double sweeps of blue tails, which transform into stunning bursts of gold brocade and shimmering blue.

But the fiery excitement doesn’t end there. Blood Shot also features captivating gold spinners that crackle with a jaw-dropping blood-red strobe, creating an atmosphere of electrifying anticipation. With its captivating mixed firing pattern, Blood Shot is guaranteed to impress and leave you in absolute awe.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your special occasion with this sensational large firework extravaganza. Discover why Bloodshot Fireworks stands out as one of the best Vivid fireworks for sale in 2023! Prepare to be dazzled and create memories that will last a lifetime.

10. VSR3 Ball Head (3) rockets pack - £49.99

Prepare for a dazzling fireworks display with our VSR3 Rocket set – an impressive trio of 3” Ball Rockets crafted by Vivid Pyrotechnics. Each rocket in this pack features a magnificent, glittering tail that adds to the visual spectacle. You’re in for a treat with these rockets, as they promise a unique and breathtaking finale that will leave you absolutely astounded.

These rockets pack deliver three impressive and thunderous effects:

  1. The First rocket offers a vibrant red strobe, accompanied by a chrysanthemum pistil and a special glittery tail.
  2. The Second rocket electrifies the sky with its stunning green strobe and chrysanthemum pistil, complemented by a special glittery tail.
  3. Last but certainly not least, the Third rocket creates a remarkable silver to red wave, featuring a green pistil and a special glittery tail that adds to the overall spectacle.

Get ready to be captivated by the sheer brilliance of these rockets! And if you’re seeking slightly larger rockets to elevate your fireworks display, don’t forget to explore our VSR4′ Ball Rocket pack – it’s guaranteed to bring an extra level of excitement to your event.

Use Code : Earlysale - 20% OFF everything

Get ready to ignite the night sky with our dazzling fireworks collection for 2023, featuring some of our best in-stock fireworks that are sure to fill your celebrations with awe and excitement. From the mesmerising Snake Bite Fireworks to the enchanting Goldy Locks Fountains, we offer a range of fireworks suitable for every occasion and budget. However, it’s essential to prioritise safety above all else when using fireworks.

As you prepare to create an evening of wonder and enchantment, keep these safety tips in mind. Transform your 2023 celebrations into unforgettable memories by buying fireworks online or visiting our fireworks shop in London.

With our wide selection of fireworks, you can make your event truly memorable. Whether you’re searching for Vivid Fireworks for Sale online or looking for Klasek Fireworks near you, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to illuminate Bonfire Night and create lasting memories during Diwali that will be cherished for a lifetime. Visit our website now to explore our fireworks range and make your celebrations truly magical!

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