As you plan your dream wedding, the question of whether to include fireworks in your celebration might have crossed your mind. 

lighting up the sky with bursts of colour and sparkle is undeniably beautiful and exciting but is it the right choice for your special day? 

As wedding fireworks masters of the ceremony here at Showtime Fireworks, we will delve into the the best fireworks for weddings, the types of weddings that are ideal for a fireworks display, and list 10 compelling reasons why fireworks could elevate your wedding to the next level! 

Let’s get the short answer first so you can find out straight away the answer to the burning question ‘ Should I have fireworks at my wedding?’ 

Consider venue regulations, budget, and weather. If aligned with your vision, fireworks can create unforgettable memories, and stunning photo opportunities, and add a wow factor to your celebration. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice that can elevate your wedding ambience.

So now you have something to think about as to whether wedding fireworks are on the wedding plan, we will begin with some things you might like to think about before you make your decision. 

should I have fireworks at my wedding

Considerations Before Choosing Fireworks

Before you get swept away in the magic of wedding fireworks, take a breather to think about a few key things. 

Make sure they fit into your wedding vision and are practical for your venue and budget. It’s about ensuring your day sparkles just right!

Venue Regulations

As you plan your dream wedding, one of the first steps is selecting the perfect venue to host your celebration.

However, before you finalise your choice of fireworks for your wedding in the UK, make sure you consider any regulations or restrictions that may impact your plans for fireworks.

Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to have a conversation with your venue coordinator or manager about their policies regarding fireworks displays. 

Some venues may have strict noise ordinances in place to ensure the peace and tranquillity of their surroundings. 

They also may have concerns about fire safety, especially if your wedding is taking place in a particularly dry or wooded area.

If you are thinking about buying wedding fireworks in the UK or anywhere else across the globe, then it’s pretty important to take environmental considerations into account.

Some venues may be located in areas where wildlife habitats are nearby, and loud fireworks displays could disturb or disrupt the local ecosystem.

By having an open and honest discussion with your venue about their regulations and restrictions regarding fireworks, you can avoid any potential conflicts or misunderstandings down the line which may spoil your special day! 

Your venue may also be able to provide valuable insights or recommendations for alternative ways to add excitement and flair to your wedding celebration while still sticking to its guidelines.


As you dream up your perfect wedding day, it’s easy to get swept away by all the magical possibilities, like adding fireworks to the mix. But before you start planning the pyrotechnics, let’s think about the cost.

Wedding fireworks can of course make your celebration sparkle, but they also come with a price tag. Take a moment to consider your budget and whether spending on fireworks fits into the big picture of your wedding expenses.

By taking a step back and looking at the bigger financial picture, you can make sure that every penny you spend on your wedding fireworks helps create the wedding day of your dreams! 

Whether you decide to go all out with the best wedding fireworks or opt for something a bit more low-key, the most important thing is that your celebration reflects your love and your unique style.

Head over to our store to find some of our best fireworks deals online to complete your special day! 

should I have fireworks at my wedding

Weather Conditions

Weather can be a real wild card when it comes to fireworks. Torrential rain can turn your outdoor celebration into a soggy mess, and strong winds can make those beautiful bursts of colour go off course faster than you can say "I do."

So, what's a bride or groom to do? Simple: have a backup plan. 

Whether it's rescheduling your fireworks for another day having a Plan B in place is essential.

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What Type of Wedding is Good for a Fireworks Display?

While fireworks can enhance any wedding celebration, certain types of weddings are particularly well-suited for a fireworks display, in fact we think that there probably aren't many types which wouldn’t benefit from the spectacle of a fireworks display! 

Evening Weddings

The  perfect backdrop for a fireworks display has to be an evening wedding. as the dark sky allows the colours to pop and sparkle.

Choosing fireworks for your wedding in the UK or anywhere else in the world means a grand finale of fireworks and a  memorable conclusion to your wedding festivities! 

Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues offer ample space and a clear line of sight for fireworks, making them an ideal choice for couples considering a fireworks display.

Whether you're getting married in a garden, vineyard, or beachfront setting, fireworks can elevate the ambience and create a magical atmosphere.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings often involve a multi-day celebration, providing lots of opportunities for the wedding fireworks. 

Whether you're tying the knot on a tropical island or in a historic European city, wedding fireworks can add an extra element of excitement and romance to your destination wedding experience.

Ok, so what about the fireworks and are there any that can help your wedding day be the talk of the town? 

Best Wedding Fireworks

So if you’ve now decided to buy some wedding fireworks and add a touch of sparkle to your celebration, we’ve put together a list of our favourite fireworks for a wedding in the UK and beyond! that are sure to dazzle and impress your guests! 

Low Noise Fireworks 

Low-noise fireworks are perfect for weddings because they provide all the magic and beauty of traditional fireworks without the loud bangs. 

This allows couples to enjoy a stunning visual display without worrying about disturbing neighbours or startling guests. 

Low-noise fireworks create a romantic and serene atmosphere, ideal for celebrating love and creating unforgettable memories.

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Compound Fireworks 

Instead of lighting each firework separately, these gems let you set them all off with just one fuse. Plus, they come pre-fused on a single board, so setup is a breeze.

What sets Compound Fireworks apart is their ability to deliver a prolonged display of dazzling effects, all ignited by one fuse which means more time enjoying your special day! 

Roman Candles

Roman candles give off a series of elegant sparks and are perfect for adding drama and excitement to your wedding celebration. 

They come in various sizes and effects, allowing you to create a unique display to harmonise with your wedding theme.   


Firework fountains which produce a cascade of sparks and colours, create stunning  visual effects. 

They are ideal for adding ambience to your wedding venue and can be placed around the perimeter for a magical atmosphere.


Sparklers are a classic choice for weddings, adding a touch of whimsy and romance. 

They are perfect for photo opportunities and can be handed out to guests for a sparkling send-off at the end of the night.

OK, so you might be wondering whether your wedding theme works with a firework display, here's a few of our favourites.

10 Reasons to Have Fireworks at Your Wedding

Still undecided about whether to include fireworks in your wedding celebration? 

Here are ten compelling reasons that might sway you:

  • Unforgettable Memories: A fireworks display will create lasting memories for you and your guests, making your wedding truly unforgettable.
  • Photo Opportunities: Fireworks provide stunning photo opportunities, capturing the magic and romance of your special day.
  • Wow Factor: Impress your guests with a dazzling fireworks display that will leave them in awe.
  • Symbol of Celebration: Fireworks are a symbol of celebration and can serve as a grand finale to your wedding festivities.
  • Customisation: Fireworks can be customised to match your wedding theme and colour scheme, adding a personalised touch to your celebration.
  • Entertainment: Fireworks provide entertainment for guests of all ages, ensuring that everyone has a memorable experience.
  • Romantic Ambiance: Create a romantic ambience with a fireworks display that will leave you and your guests feeling enchanted.
  • Highlighting Key Moments: Use fireworks to highlight key moments of your wedding, such as the first kiss or first dance, for an added touch of drama and excitement.
  • Surprise Element: Surprise your guests with a fireworks display that they won't see coming, adding an element of excitement to your wedding celebration.
  • Celebrating Love: What better way to celebrate your love than with a spectacular fireworks display that lights up the sky?

Below are some of our best selling Wedding Fireworks

1. New Dawn by Vivid Pyrotechnics - £189.99

Get ready for an explosive showstopper! New Dawn by Vivid Fireworks is not your average firework—it’s a Finale Firework with a whopping 189 shots.

This is one of the best fireworks to have at your wedding for the budget. As it ignites, a breathtaking fan of golden comets and blue mine lifts unfurls. Then, brace yourself for a dazzling display of golden horse tails, crackles, and strobes. The fireworks continue to burst in vibrant V and W formations, with comet tails, shimmering willows, and more. Finally, the night sky will erupt with glittering gold willows and chrysanthemum mines, finished off with a vibrant explosion of red and blue strobes to a colored crackle finale.

You won’t believe your eyes! Just one thing to keep in mind—make sure you’ve got plenty of space for this fanned firework to avoid any tall trees or obstacles. Trust us, this is a 10/10 must-have firework.

2. Velocity 224 shot firework - £119.99

Prepare to ignite your event with Velocity from Vivid Pyrotechnics Fireworks! Perfect for wedding displays, this magnificent firework is not for the faint-hearted, featuring a breathtaking rapid-fire finale that will leave you speechless. It’s a stunning display of power and beauty, showcasing an array of dazzling effects that will light up any celebration.

This 224-shot, 4-cake compound is a true masterpiece, firing off a blend of vibrant colors, electrifying effects, and thunderous noise, all at an incredible pace. Plus, with the convenience of pre-linked cakes, you only need to light one fuse to start the show of a lifetime!

3. Patriot games 100 shot- £189.99

Get ready to ignite the night sky with a fiery display that will leave your guests in awe! “Patriot Games” is no ordinary firework—with 100 shots of vivid colors and explosive effects, this 1.3g compound will put on an unforgettable show. Its 30mm tubes and impressive 1800g NEC will have your heart racing as you witness the spectacular display in the sky.

4. Profi Show 600 shot- £489.99

Introducing the new sensation, the incredible Profi Show 600 by Klasek Pyrotechnics! This extraordinary firework is the best 4-minute display for any occasion, especially weddings party.

Designed to light up the night sky, the Profi Show features a 600-shot cake with an array of 60 unique effects. From captivating green brocades combined with white strobe stars to striking red willows and a dazzling variety of vibrant coloured strobe pearls, this aerial showcase guarantees pure astonishment.

But that’s not all! The Profi Show 600 goes beyond a typical firework with its firing patterns like W and V fanned volleys and multi-angle shots, ensuring a stunning spectacle.

Lasting four minutes, this boxed marvel is an all-in-one display! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to illuminate your night sky with the breathtaking beauty of the Profi Show 600. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

5. Push it to the limit By Funke Fireworks- £119.99

Experience a ‘Display in a Box’ like no other with this astounding 100-shot Z-firing Compound Firework. A lovely addition to any wedding party, this firework will mesmerise your guests with its stunning colours, expansive spread, and incredible effects, all powered by an impressive 1420g of powder.

This cake truly pushes the boundaries and lives up to its name—‘Push it to the Limit!’ by Funke Fireworks.

Watch in awe as this remarkable firework performs its magic, including:

Beginning with a vibrant combination of blue and lemon accompanied by a mesmerising red strobe mine, transforming into a stunning display of blue and lemon peony adorned with a red strobe. Then, watch as the sky ignites with shades of blue and chicken blood red, enhanced by a vivid green strobe mine, transitioning into an exquisite blue and chicken blood red peony, enveloped by a captivating green strobe.

The grand finale features an impressive big silver chrysanthemum mine, culminating in a breathtaking spectacle of magnificent big silver chrysanthemum effects.

Prepare for a fireworks extravaganza that will leave you and your guests in awe!

Should I Have Fireworks at My Wedding? - To End With

So having the best wedding fireworks on your special day is ultimately a personal one, there's no denying the magical allure and wow factor they can bring to your special day! 

From creating unforgettable memories to adding a touch of romance and excitement, fireworks have the power to elevate your wedding celebration to new heights. 

So remember, if you're considering fireworks for your wedding, be sure to explore your options, consider your venue and budget, and prepare for an unforgettable display that will leave you and your guests spellbound! 

For the best wedding fireworks, check out our store and see what's trending, then head over to our bestsellers.

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