Hosting a fireworks display is such an exciting adventure, but the British weather can be quite the wild card, especially when rain threatens to dampen the fun. 

So it’s not surprising that many of us are thinking about the age old question, Should I Cancel My Fireworks Display If It’s Going To Rain? 

So as pyrotechnic princes here at Showtime Fireworks, we are  going to tackle this dilemma head-on, offering practical tips and trustworthy sources to guide you in making the best decision for your event.

But first, let’s get the mini answer first so you can find out straight away whether you should call off the fireworks if rain is forecast? 

Safety first. Check forecasts, consider audience comfort, and have backup plans. Review local rules and insurance coverage. Balance risks and benefits. Prioritise safety and enjoyment. Make the call with confidence, keeping everyone’s well-being in mind.

Ok, so now we have the mini answer underway, let’s start off our exploration by starting with possibly the most important thing to do first. 

Is Rain a Reason to Cancel Fireworks?

Check The Weather Forecast

When it comes to deciding whether to cancel your fireworks display due to rain, the first port of call is checking the weather forecast. 

Luckily, we’ve got some fantastic resources at our fingertips! Websites like the Met Office or BBC Weather are like our trusty weather wizards, offering up-to-date insights into rain probability, intensity, and even the timing of those pesky showers.

The Met Office, in particular, is a goldmine of information for event planners.  Their rainfall predictions are constantly updated, giving us a real-time glimpse into what the weather has in store. 

So, before you start panicking about cancelling your fireworks extravaganza, take a moment to consult these weather gurus.

Knowing the likelihood and timing of rain can help us make more informed decisions about your event. 

So, arm yourself with the latest forecast and make your decision with confidence!

Ok so now what about one of the most crucial aspects of lighting the best fireworks in the UK? 

should I cancel my fireworks display if it rains?

Think Safety

When it comes to hosting any event, safety should always be our number one concern, and when fireworks are involved, we need to be extra vigilant. Rain might seem like just a bit of water, but when it meets fireworks, it can create a whole host of safety hazards.

Think about it: rain can mess with the fuses, making them soggy and unreliable. (However, there are ways around this as we will find out later on in the article) 

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), wet conditions can dampen the fuses, leading to misfires or even worse – unpredictable behaviour from fireworks.

Imagine the scene: you're all set for your grand display, the crowd is buzzing with excitement, and then...boom! A firework goes off in a completely unexpected direction. Not exactly the spectacle we were going for! 

So, before you even think about lighting that fuse, take a moment to consider the weather. 

If rain is in the forecast, it might be worth thinking about holding off until conditions improve. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fireworks and the safety of our audience.

Audience Experience

Let's talk about the audience – the heart and soul of any event! When it comes to deciding whether to cancel your fireworks display due to rain, their experience should be top of mind.

Sure, some die-hard fans might brave the elements, armed with umbrellas and raincoats, but let's face it – rain can put a real damper on the fun. 

According to a survey by Eventbrite, bad weather can seriously affect attendance and how much people enjoy outdoor events.

So imagine you've got your hot cocoa ready, you're all wrapped up in blankets, and you're eagerly waiting for the fireworks to start. 

But then the rain starts pouring down, soaking everything in sight. Suddenly, that magical experience you were looking forward to doesn't seem so appealing anymore.

So, before you make any decisions, think about your audience. Will they still have a great time despite the rain, or will it turn into a soggy, disappointing affair? 

Ultimately, their enjoyment is what matters most, so consider whether the weather might put a dampener on their spirits – literally!

Contingency Plans

When organising a fireworks display, being prepared for anything is key – especially when it comes to the unpredictable British weather! That's where contingency plans come into play.

Think of it like having a Plan B, C, and even D lined up just in case Mother Nature decides to throw us a curveball!

So, what exactly does a contingency plan involve? Well, it could mean  rescheduling the event for a day when there has been no rain forecast

But make sure everyone knows the plan! Clear communication is key to managing expectations and avoiding any last-minute surprises. 

Insurance Considerations

Don't forget to take a peek at your insurance policies to understand what's covered in case the weather decides to rain on your parade. 

According to insurance providers Hiscox, some policies can help protect you from losses due to bad weather, including cancellations or property damage.

Read more about insurance coverage for your firework event in our other helpful article - Do I Need Firework Insurance? 

Ok so if you decide you still want to go ahead with your display, here's some of our best hacks. 

Top Tips

Setting off fireworks in the rain may seem like an impossible feat, but with a bit of ingenuity and preparation, it's entirely achievable. 

So you've been planning a fireworks display for weeks, and just as the big day arrives, dark clouds roll in and rain begins to fall. 

Instead of feeling disheartened, you can decide to embrace the challenge and ensure that your event goes off with a bang, rain or shine.


The key to successfully firing fireworks in the rain lies in waterproofing them beforehand. This may sound daunting, but it's quite straightforward with the right approach. 

Each type of firework requires a slightly different method of waterproofing, but the basic principle remains the same: protect the fuse and inner components from moisture.

For Cakes & Barrages, Compound Fireworks, Roman candles, mines, and fountains, one effective method is to encase each firework in plastic bags. 

Carefully place each firework in its bag, attach it securely to a stake, and then cover it with another bag to create a watertight seal. 

This double-layered protection ensures that even the heaviest downpour won't dampen your fireworks' spirits. 

When it's time to light the fuse, simply remove the top bag, locate the fuse, and ignite it—voila! You've successfully waterproofed your fireworks and are ready to dazzle your audience.

Of course, not all bags are created equal when it comes to waterproofing. Supermarket carrier bags won't cut it; you'll need heavy-duty bin liners or freezer bags to withstand the elements. 

These durable options provide an extra layer of protection against rain and ensure that your fireworks stay dry and ready for action. 

To prevent the top bag from blowing away in the wind, a bit of gaffer tape or some elastic bands can work wonders, especially for taller, thinner items like candles.

Rockets and Catherine Wheels 

Let's make sure our rockets and wheels are ready for action! Before lighting up any fireworks, it's important to remove all the waterproofing. Instead of clingfilm, opt for plastic bags or bin liners. 

Simply cover each firework with a bag, making sure it's secure from the wind. If you're using a rocket rack, you can either bag each rocket separately or cover them all with a plastic sheet. 

Just keep in mind that if it starts raining and you remove the sheet to light the first rocket, the others might get wet.

Should I Cancel My Fireworks Display If It's Going To Rain? - The Wrap

As we wrap up, it's clear that fireworks can add an unforgettable touch of magic to any occasion, whether it's a cosy family gathering or a grand corporate event, even if rain is predicted! 

So if  you're planning a dazzling display in your garden or organising a spectacular show for your business, Showtime fireworks offers a wide range of high-quality fireworks along with some of the best firework deals in the UK to suit every need and budget! 

So why wait? Visit our online firework store today and make your next event truly unforgettable whatever the weather! 

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