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Velocity compound cake/barrage 224 shot firework by vivid pyrotechnics

224 shots Velocity from Vivid Pyrotechnics is an outstanding piece that is perfect for lighting at any event. The firework is amazing and relentless, with its rapid, jaw-dropping finale. It is a powerful piece with many effects.

Vibe Low Noise changing colour cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Experience a breathtaking spectacle with 49 shots of colourful and low noise fireworks that dazzle and amaze. Watch in awe as the colours transform right before your eyes, leaving you speechless and in awe of the stunning display.

VIV100CP- 100 shot mixed pro effects 2 min compound by vivid fireworks

Get your party started with an explosive kick! Our 100-shot compound firework boasts sky-filling effects that last for an epic two minutes. It's the perfect addition to your fireworks collection, creating a spectacular display that'll leave your guests spellbound. So why settle for anything less?

VORTEX 1 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Experience the explosive grandeur of Vortex 1 by Riakeo Fireworks! With 21 colossal bursts, a powerful 500g NEC, and a captivating blend of straight and fanned firing from a massive 30mm tube, it fills the sky with breathtaking silver bursts adorned with vibrant red and green stars. Prepare for a mesmerising 30-second display that will leave you in awe!

VORTEX 3 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Unleash the explosive power of Vortex 3 by Riakeo! With 25 massive bursts, a staggering 500g NEC, and straight firing from a massive 30mm tube, it fills the sky with magnificent gold bursts adorned with different coloured stars on each shot. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring 30-second spectacle!

VORTEX 6 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Get swept away by the exhilarating Vortex 6 from Riakeo Fireworks! With 21 massive bursts, a mighty 420g NEC, and a captivating mix of straight and fanned firing from a 30mm tube, it mesmerises with crackling palm effects, purple and red stars. Prepare for a thrilling 25-second journey!

VORTEX 7 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Experience the mesmerising Vortex 7 by Riakeo Fireworks! Unleashing 19 huge bursts, packed with 380g NEC, it dazzles with straight firing from a 30mm tube, creating a captivating 40-seconds of display. Get caught in its swirling enchantment!

Vortex firework cake / barrage by pyroworx amazing colours

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the 36 shot Vortex from pyroworx? Get yours today and light up the night with serious impact.

VSR2 Ball Head Rocket pack fireworks By Vivid pyrotechnics

This are the VSR2 Ball Head Rockets by VIVID Pyrotechnics , 6 different effects with 6 different tail lift with 40g of NEC in each Rocket and with LONG hang time.

VSR3 Ball Head (3) rockets pack fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

The VSR3 Rocket is the ultimate showstopper, a dazzling trio of 3" ball rockets created by the masterminds at Vivid Pyrotechnics - each rocket boasting a unique effect that will leave you breathless.

VSR4 Ball Head (2) rocket pack fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready for a double dose of fiery fun with the 2 Huge Stunning 4" Pro Effect Rockets with LONG hang time in this Twin Pack by Vivid pyrotechnics.

WEAPON X Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 Weapon X compound from Riakeo Fireworks - Every celebration won’t be complete without this masterpiece which includes 77 shots of some amazing effects and colours.

Whistling Palms 100sh By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Get ready for a breathtaking display as two 50-shot, 21mm cake combine into a powerful 100-shot spectacle. Experience a relentless pace with whistling comet tails ascending to vibrant red, green, purple, yellow, and blue palm bursts.

White spider hanging horse tail Low Noise firework by pyroworx

Introducing the incredible new product 30 shot White Spider by Pyroworx that is sure to blow you away! It has the Longest Hanging Horse Tail in the UK and is an amazing new addition to any fireworks display. Watch as these horse tails hang high in the sky and light up the night.

WIZARD Tricks Selection Box Firework

Selection of 15 fireworks including 8 fountains, 3 roman candles, 3 shot tubes and even a little roman candle cake.

WOLF Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Unleash the untamed power of WOLF by Riakeo Fireworks! With 25 mighty shots, a formidable 500g NEC, and straight firing from a 30mm tube, it roars to life for an exhilarating 35-second spectacle. Prepare for a wild fireworks experience like no other!

WTF 512 shot cake/barrage compound firework by vivid pyrotechnics

W.T.F has 8 cakes cleverly designed compound. Each cake is super fast and loud giving you an amazing display. The video show all 8 fired from one fuse. Total of 512 shots with a total weight of 4000g of gunpowder WOW !!!

Ziegelstein By Vivid Pyrotechnics

NEW 2023 - This massive Z-firing firework amazes with 120 shots with 30mm tubes, launching gold brocade mines into glorious brocade crowns amidst sparkling silver stars. A stunning double Z-firing pattern leads to a wide 10-shot volley. The show continues with red and green accents, followed by a breathtaking triple volley of gold rising turbillions. The excitement to witness this live is electrifying