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TOMAHAWK Pack Rocket Deal By klasek fireworks

Original price was: £49.99.Current price is: £24.99.
SPECIAL OFFER : SAVE £12 OFF OUR ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES!! 48 Low noise rockets that are guaranteed to be a show stopper. Glittery explosion of colours.

TOMAHAWK Rockets 3 by Klasek fireworks

Original price was: £29.99.Current price is: £14.99.
Get ready for a bigger pack of Tomahawk rockets, specifically Tomahawk rockets number 3, featuring 12 rockets with 4 different effects and colours – an absolute must for any garden party display. These rockets offer a fantastic range of effects, including bright red stars, green peony, gold crackles, and silver blinking flowers. Each rocket packs 15g of net explosive content and falls into the category 2 rocket pack, ideal for garden displays.

Treasure island firework cakes/barrage by klasek- fanned angle

Original price was: £54.99.Current price is: £34.99.
You won't believe your eyes when you see our 25 Shot Fan Cake by klasek! Featuring 5 different colour effects, this firework display is a sight to behold. Don't miss out on this explosive deal!  

Turtle burger cake/barrage 25 shot firework by klasek

Original price was: £21.99.Current price is: £14.99.
Turtle Burger Fireworks – Another great value firework from Klasek. 25 shots comprising 5 rows of 5 different effects. These are really good value for money.