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CYTTORAK Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

CYTTORAK compound from Riakeo Fireworks - Every celebration won’t be complete without the brain-melting display of this 2023 Compound firecracker.

Dante’s Inferno 49 shot barrage by pyroworx

Experience Dante's Inferno, a dazzling 49-shot, max 30mm bore firework from Pyroworx Fireworks. This high-quality 1.3g piece boasts a vibrant 35-second display with 49 powerful shots. It lights up the night sky with a variety of shots, including crackling tails, Brocade Crown king with red, blue, silver, green orange glittering stars. Dante's Inferno is a stunning and powerful firework, perfect for leaving a lasting impression at any event. Enjoy the mesmerising display as it lights up the night sky.

Defiant cake / barrage firework / mixed effects by pyroworx

If you're searching for a spellbinding and dazzling firework show, don't miss out on the Defiant by Pyroworx! This stunning 19-shot barrage is packed with a fusion of breathtaking effects that are guaranteed to exhilarate your senses. Featuring an impressive array of silver strobes, red stars, and gold brocade with blue stars, the Defiant is the perfect way to add some spark and excitement to any event. So, why wait?

Delirious 83 shot cake / barrage firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to have your mind blown by Vivid Pyrotechnics' incredible "Delirious" fireworks display! This breathtaking 30mm barrage consists of a whopping 83 shots, and it's guaranteed to leave you absolutely speechless.

DETSKA – Kids ground firework pack – outdoor use

The perfect assortment of fireworks for kiddies. This kid pack includes a range of dazzling, glittery hot-popping sparklers for tons of fun. Get this easy to use pack now and enjoy loads of fun with your kids.

Dum bum 25 shot 30mm cake/barrage firework loud salute

Simply the loudest firework available in the UK. Silver mine to red tail to titanium salute – 25 shots lasting 25 seconds.

Dum bum 250 shot titanium salute cake firework

New for 2022, Calling all you Dum Bum fans, this has to be on your list as this 1000g cake fires 250 shots all within 28 seconds for a maximum impact, noise-filled display. 250 shots of pure white mine lift with a multi shot titanium salute will surely please noise fans everywhere!!

Dum Bum firework cake 16 shot titanium salute

Dum Bum 16 Shots cake firework! Starting from silver mine to red tail effects leading up to a thunderous titanium salute. Don't be fooled by the size!

DUM BUM GREEN Crackling ground fireworks

The loud Crackling of these 20 little Green fireworks is sure to get your ears tingling. It’s important to note that these are small and powerful, so do not hold or throw them!

Dum bum micro 25 shot 25mm cake/barrage firework loud salute

Get ready for an explosive display! Watch as 25 shots are launched in one straight direction. Prepare to be dazzled by the mesmerising combination of silver mines, red tails, and titanium salutes. This will be a firework you won't forget!

Dum bum mini 64 shot cake firework loud salute

Try this dazzling fireworks display today! 49 shots of silver glittering mines with red tails to silver salutes. If it’s a little bit of colour and lots of noise you’re after, then this is for you !

DUM BUM RED Crackling ground fireworks

The loud Crackling of these 20 little red fireworks is sure to get your ears tingling. It’s important to note that these are small and powerful, so do not hold or throw them!

DUM BUM Rocket Pack by klasek fireworks

Dum Bum 4 Rockets in a pack. Silver tail to titanium salute with crackling.

DUM BUM Triple shot roman candle firework

New in 2020, Klasek have introduced this dum bum triple shot fired 30mm cake , all 3 shots are fired at once with a huge mine lift leading to its famous salute.

Dumbum mini fan cake 49 shot salute firework

Dum bum is a 49 shot fanned effect firework – creates silver mines to red tail to titanium salutes – A great loud firework that fans across the sky with large loud bangs.

Dye in the sky by celtic fireworks red/blue starburst cake/barrages

Green tails to yellow starbursts with red strobe and blue tails to blue starbursts with red strobe make this a really colourful firework. You won’t be disappointed!  

El loco firework compound by vivid pyrotechnics 268 shot cake

Looking to light up the night sky with an unforgettable display? This dynamic compound firework may just be your ticket to a mesmerising and prolonged pyrotechnic experience. With four unique fireworks fused together on a sturdy board, you can sit back, relax, and take in the dazzling show as the display unfolds in perfect sequence. With just one simple ignition, you'll be treated to a spectacular rapid of light and colour that will keep you and your guests entranced from start to finish.

Elements – 4 high quality cakes multi effects by Primed fireworks

Primed Pyrotechnics is proud to present this incredible pack of four fireworks that will paint the night sky with breathtaking displays of premium effects and powerful bursts.

EQUALIZER Selection Box Firework

A fantastic firework selection of 11 fountains, 2 shot tubes, and 1 roman candle. This really is a great value assortment of fireworks.

F2ultra pro cake box selection with 6 fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to be blown away by the dazzling display of the STUNNING 6 CAKE ASSORTMENT BOX! With 16 shots per cake, this box offers a mix of spectacular effects and mines that will make any celebration an unforgettable event. Don't miss out on the mesmerizing masterpiece that awaits you!

F2ultra pro slice 7 shot – 12 variety of effects by vivid fireworks

Looking for a thrilling way to light up the sky? Look no further than Vivid's innovative new product, "slices." These fan cake pro slices sections come complete with their own fuses, making them the ideal choice for creating breathtaking waves of colour and light overhead. Don't settle for a boring firework show - upgrade to Vivid's slices and experience a whole new level of excitement!

Face off round 1 cakes/ barrages 1000g by vivid fireworks

This product fires 53 shots in varied patterns with 1000g of gun powder. It lasts for 43 seconds and is sure to impress. With its vibrant colours and impressive display, this product is sure to be a hit at any party or event. Thank you for viewing Face off Round 1 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. We hope you enjoy the video and create great memories with this product.

Face off round 2 cake vibrant colours by vivid fireworks

Get ready for a blast! Introducing Face Off Firework – Round 2 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With 54 shots fired in stunning patterns, catch the attention of everyone at your party with its powerful display and vibrant colours. Be amazed by this product that is sure to create unforgettable memories. Get ready to have a blast with Face Off – Round 2!

Fanfare pro – fan shape firework – sky filling by pyroworx

Experience the ultimate firework with this magnificent 25-shot cake from Pyroworx! Watch in awe as the sky fills with beautiful Chrysanthemum effects, creating a breathtaking fan shape.

Feronia By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Experience a dazzling display of 25 shots, each boasting 30mm maximum bores, creating a symphony of breathtaking colors and effects. Watch as golden titanium tails ascend to reveal the exquisite beauty of gold titanium willows, adorned with a mesmerising array of coloured strobes in white, red, green, and gold.

Final Fantasy Selection Box by Standard Fireworks

The Final Fantasy 14 Piece Selection Box by Standard Fireworks is tailored for medium-sized displays, offering larger, longer-lasting fireworks. Included in this selection are 4 fountains, 3 Roman candles, 1 shot tube, 2 barrages, 2 rockets, and even a substantial mine and mine cake. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to create a memorable show that transports you to a world of imagination and adventure.

Firework Frenzy Pack

Introducing our "Firework Frenzy Pack" - a mix of impressive aerial displays and ground effects, featuring crowd-pleasing favourites for family entertainment. This also includes the wizard tricks 15-item selection box, two 25-shot Turtle burger and Lod Duche barrages, a 9-shot Major barrage, a spectacular 10 Moonshot Rockets and last year's best-seller - the F2 Ultra Pro Cake Pack with six mine cakes, the exciting Tazmania Ground Spinner, 15 sparklers, and a stunning finale with 57 shot Loose Cannon by Vivid Fireworks.

Firework pack 10 cakes barrages by Showtime

Get ready for an awe-inspiring show! Our fireworks display offers 10 barrages and 4 top brands, with a breathtaking 8-10 minutes of pure entertainment. Experience the wonder today - one of the most beautiful pyrotechnic displays you’ll ever see!

Fission 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

This small cake is adorned with vivid colours, making it an ideal choice for a younger children who prefers a quieter display. It's an exceptional compact firework, with 104g of gunpowder and a 20mm bore size, it delivers not only vibrant colours but also impressive bursts. This makes it the perfect selection to commence any garden celebration with a bang, minus the excessive noise.

Flashpoint 100 shot compound straight firing firework by pyroworx

How would you like to light up the night sky? With flashpoint by Pyroworx, you can do just that! This 100 shot firework lasting 1 minute 30 secs is sure to dazzle and delight. Watch as the tails and bursts light up the sky in a spectacular display. You won’t be disappointed with these fireworks.

Flashy compound firework by primed pyrotechnics

Add a grand finale to your firework event with a stunning display that will leave your guests in awe! This powerful firework is sure to make a lasting impression, as the stunning display hangs in the air and slowly fades away. Save this exceptional piece for the end of the night and give your guests a finale they won't forget!

Flora 25 shot By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - The colours in all Funke fireworks, including Flora, are truly remarkable. Flora begins with vibrant red tails leading to a dazzling brocade crown featuring blood red dahlias. The spectacle continues with blue, yellow, violet, and green tails, each culminating in a stunning brocade crown adorned with their respective coloured dahlias.

Flourish F3pro low noise firework cake / barrage stunning colours

Introducing the Flourish, a sensational 42 shot barrage fireworks display featuring a cutting-edge low noise fan. Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill as you witness a breathtaking visual spectacle that will leave you spellbound!

Fontanovy Mix (4 Fountains) by Klasek

Experience a breathtaking display with four stunning multi-stage fountains that fill the night sky with vivid colors and starry brilliance. These fountains reach up to 6 feet in height, featuring captivating effects like crackling ti-floss, red and green pearls, titanium crackle, and whistles.

Fountain mix 4 small ground fireworks by klasek

A pack of FOUR small fountain-fireworks. 2 each of 2 types, each with a variety of colours and effects.

Frankenstein by Klasek fireworks

Experience Frankenstein by Klasek Pyrotechnics, a beloved 25-shot cake firework filled with vibrant colours and bold effects. This firework packs a punch with 500g of powder and offers an unforgettable display. Safety first – maintain a minimum distance of 20 meters for this thunderous spectacle. Elevate any celebration with Frankenstein's radiant charm.