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Abyss cake / barrage multi shot firework by pyroworx

The abyss by pyroworx is a multi-colour fireworks display in a box, guaranteed to light up your sky. With mine bursts, comet tails and aerial effects, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

Ark angel multi angle cake by pyroworx fireworks

Are you on the hunt for a show-stopping firework to dazzle your audience? Look no further than the Ark Angel By pyroworx! This single ignition firework packs a punch with its mixed firing pattern and jaw-dropping sky filling effects. The 44 shot F3, 1.3g barrage/cake from Pyroworx contains 519.2g NEC and is set off by 25mm tubes. Make your display unforgettable with the Ark Angel – your audience won’t be disappointed!

AURORA BORIALIS Low Noise Roman Candle firework 300 shot

Get ready to experience the ultimate fireworks show with Aurora Borialis by pyroworx! This Roman candle is a must-see, with an impressive 300 shots quick fire of vibrant colour pearls and crackling tails that will dazzle your senses and light up the night sky. Don't miss out on this explosive display of beauty and excitement!

Creed by pyroworx fireworks cake/barrage 36 shots

This colossal firework is capable of unleashing a mind-blowing 36 shots of pure, earth-shattering bangs that will leave your audience speechless.

Crucible 25 shot barrage by pyroworx

Experience the Crucible 25-shot barrage by Pyroworx, a breathtaking fireworks display like no other. With its larger 30mm bore and 25 shots, it's designed to leave you in awe. As it lights up the sky, you'll witness vibrant colours, amazing effects, and a focus on safety with its dual fusing mechanism. Don't miss this extraordinary firework – it's a legend in the making!

Crusade loudest titanium salute firework in the uk by pyroworx

This cake is a true showstopper, with 100 shots and lots of colours that will have your guests awe-struck. Plus it has some pretty cool effects and a ‘LOUD’ titanium Salute too!

Dante’s Inferno 49 shot barrage by pyroworx

Experience Dante's Inferno, a dazzling 49-shot, max 30mm bore firework from Pyroworx Fireworks. This high-quality 1.3g piece boasts a vibrant 35-second display with 49 powerful shots. It lights up the night sky with a variety of shots, including crackling tails, Brocade Crown king with red, blue, silver, green orange glittering stars. Dante's Inferno is a stunning and powerful firework, perfect for leaving a lasting impression at any event. Enjoy the mesmerising display as it lights up the night sky.

Defiant cake / barrage firework / mixed effects by pyroworx

If you're searching for a spellbinding and dazzling firework show, don't miss out on the Defiant by Pyroworx! This stunning 19-shot barrage is packed with a fusion of breathtaking effects that are guaranteed to exhilarate your senses. Featuring an impressive array of silver strobes, red stars, and gold brocade with blue stars, the Defiant is the perfect way to add some spark and excitement to any event. So, why wait?

Fanfare pro – fan shape firework – sky filling by pyroworx

Experience the ultimate firework with this magnificent 25-shot cake from Pyroworx! Watch in awe as the sky fills with beautiful Chrysanthemum effects, creating a breathtaking fan shape.

Fission 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

This small cake is adorned with vivid colours, making it an ideal choice for a younger children who prefers a quieter display. It's an exceptional compact firework, with 104g of gunpowder and a 20mm bore size, it delivers not only vibrant colours but also impressive bursts. This makes it the perfect selection to commence any garden celebration with a bang, minus the excessive noise.

Flashpoint 100 shot compound straight firing firework by pyroworx

How would you like to light up the night sky? With flashpoint by Pyroworx, you can do just that! This 100 shot firework lasting 1 minute 30 secs is sure to dazzle and delight. Watch as the tails and bursts light up the sky in a spectacular display. You won’t be disappointed with these fireworks.

GOLD Sparklers 70cm handheld pack of 5 by pyroworx fireworks

5 in a pack - 70cm sparklers by pyroworx. Perfect for any event, these handheld sparklers come with a stunning gold effect that's sure to dazzle your guests.

Incendiary Barrage firework 80 shots by pyroworx

Keep the excitement alive with Incendiary by Pyroworx! Imagine your garden lit up with stunning colours and captivating patterns in the night sky, offering a brilliant 80-second display. This category 3 firework cake, available in London, guarantees a memorable show with its spectrum of colours and a remarkable 9 out of 10 noise rating. With a variety of effects and colours, this 80-shot barrage is like a complete fireworks display in one box.

IONOSPHERE 3 Big Rocket pack fireworks by Pyroworx

Get ready for an explosive show of sheer power with our Ionosphere rockets, packed to the brim with powder. Be sure to have your widest lens at the ready to capture the full spectacle! These three spectacular rockets are guaranteed to push the boundaries. And deliver a maximum impact that will leave everyone in awe.

Ku De Gras compound firework by pyroworx

Add some spark to your next event with Ku De Gras, the ultimate firework experience by Pyroworx. Bursting with bold hues and electrifying comet tails, this explosive dazzler is a real crowd-pleaser. And the best part? It's super simple to set up, so you can ignite the sky without any fuss. Don't settle for a snooze-worthy celebration, order Ku De Gras today to create an unforgettable spectacle. With 120 seconds of mind-blowing pyrotechnics and a whopping 262 shots, this firework is the answer to all your party prayers

Leviosa fanned angle multi shot cake firework by pyroworx

Are you looking for a firework that is sure to impress? This firework has a fanned angle firing and produces some amazing sky filling effects, making it perfect for any display. With its wide variety of colours and effects, Leviosa is a 64 shot and sure to be a hit at your next party or event!

LONE WOLF Single shot roman candle firework by pyroworx

Experience a pyrotechnic sensation with Pyroworx's 6pc Single Shot Roman Candle. Each candle will spin and ignite as it unleashes one of six different effects, all packed into a compact 20mm tube. Get ready to be wowed as these single shots prove to have a powerful punch!

MAGIC 8 Ball Roman Candle firework by pyroworx

Who doesn’t love a good 8 shot Raman Candle?! With 8 different shots of vibrant colours and effects, this product is sure to be a hit at any party or event!

Mesmerise crackling noise fountain by pyroworx fireworks

Impress and astound your guests like never before with the Mesmerise fountain by pyroworx! Experience a spectacular showcase of mixed effects that will leave them in awe. Be amazed by the vibrant colours and exhilarating crackles that will creating an unforgettable atmosphere at your next event.

MESOSPHERE 5 Rocket pack fireworks By Pyroworx

Whether you’re finishing off a special occasion or simply wanting to add some extra punch to your festivities, the Mesosphere Rockets is hereby pyroworx! Get ready for an unforgettable evening with this spectacular pack containing 5 rockets.

Patriot games 100 shot multi angle compound firework by pyroworx

Get ready to ignite the night sky with a fiery display that will leave your guests in awe! "Patriot Games" is no ordinary firework - with 100 shots of vivid colours and explosive effects, this 1.3g compound will put on an unforgettable show. Its 30mm tubes and impressive 1800g NEC will have your heart racing as you witness the beautiful display in the sky.

Pearlescent firework 25 shot cake/barrage by pyroworx

This rare firework bursts into a stunning display of multi-coloured pearls that rain down from the sky like glittering jewels. With 25 shots packed into this F2, 1.4g barrage/cake from Pyroworx, the Pearlescent is sure to make your event sparkle. Featuring 30mm tubes and a whopping 475g NEC, this firework is not to be missed.

Perpetual motion 600 shot firework / compound by pyroworx

Get ready for explosive entertainment with Pyroworx newest creation! This 20mm compound firework packs a punch with a mixed firing pattern that will leave you dazzled. With a range of vertical, z-firing, W-firing, and fanned firing effects, this display-in-a-box includes a mind-blowing 70 different effects, making for a spectacular four-minute show. Prepare to be mesmerised by the variety of colours and illuminations that light up the sky in this complete and truly stunning firework display.

Purge 49 shot firework by pyroworx – colours, effects and loud

Look no further than our latest Addition from Pyroworx! This 49 shot explosive bursts that rivals those of a Pro display, Get ready to be blown away!

Raging bull cake by pyroworx fireworks mixed effects

Get ready for a sky full of surprises with Pyroworx's 68 shot cake! It's not your average display, as it combines breathtaking shots with an array of low noise effects that will leave you in awe. Brace yourself for a mesmerising show that you won't soon forget!

Rapture 80 shot barrage by pyroworx

Keep the fireworks excitement alive well after Bonfire Night with 80 shot Rapture by Pyroworx! This category 3 cake barrage delivers an incredible 80-second display of brilliant of mixed colours and effects. It's a must-have for your firework display and a excellent way to enhance your outdoor gatherings. Explore more thrilling options like Incendiary by Pyroworx to keep the magic going.

Ronin 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

An excellent compact firework with 16 shots, designed for straight firing, containing 104g of gunpowder, and boasting a 20mm bore size. Featuring vibrant colours and impressive burst sizes, it's the perfect choice to kickstart any garden display.

Sensory overload compound Low Noise firework by pyroworx

The best thing about this fireworks is how it can be enjoyed by everyone in your family without being too loud or distracting. 197 shots and the effects are also great for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of setting up their own display, but still enjoys some good old-fashioned excitement at night!

Sigma cake / barrage firework V-shape by pyroworx

This 60-shot firework is sure to dazzle and delight everyone who sees it. Featuring a V-shaped firing pattern and huge brocade bursts, it’s a must-have for any fireworks Event.

Surface to Air (10) Rockets by pyroworx

Great assortment of 10 effect rockets including pink & white strobe, brocade crown to red and blue, red palm + crackling flower, gold chrys & blue star, white strobe, green strobe & purple. Great value garden pack.

Tour de force by pyroworx – the best firework in the uk

Get ready for the show of a lifetime with Pyroworx's Tour De Force! This compound firework packs a whopping 288 shots, starting off with a quiet yet powerful display of silver comets before exploding into a frenzy of star bursts, crackling spiders, and fanned effects of brocades, strobes, and colourful bursts. With every shift and change in the firing sequence, the volume gets louder, making for an UNBELIEVABLE experience you'll never forget. Don't miss out on Tour De Force - a F3, 1.3g explosive containing 3939g NEC and featuring 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm tubes. It's truly a Tour De Force worth experiencing!

Vortex firework cake / barrage by pyroworx amazing colours

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the 36 shot Vortex from pyroworx? Get yours today and light up the night with serious impact.

White spider hanging horse tail Low Noise firework by pyroworx

Introducing the incredible new product 30 shot White Spider by Pyroworx that is sure to blow you away! It has the Longest Hanging Horse Tail in the UK and is an amazing new addition to any fireworks display. Watch as these horse tails hang high in the sky and light up the night.