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Adrenaline compound cake 164 shots by primed fireworks

Behold the Adrenalize Firework! Prepare to witness a breathtaking explosion of vibrant colours that will light up the night sky. Featuring a whopping 164 shots  I + V + W + Z firing shots, each burst is larger than life itself, leaving us in awe.

ALPHA Selection Box by primed fireworks

One of the biggest and highest quality selection boxes you will ever come across, Alpha contains 28 varied fireworks with a range of effects best seen in the video below. All things considered, this really is the ultimate selection box.  

BETA Selection Box by primed fireworks

Beta Selection Box Premium garden fireworks – This Powerful medium sized selection box from Primed Pyro, featuring 16 superb pieces, including fountains, multi shot cakes, Rockets and a great little mine.  

Blue mojo 25 shot cake / baby boy gender reveal firework

Blue Mojo Firework – A great firework for your baby boy gender reveal, this is a 25 shot of blue mines into big blue peony’s.

DUM BUM Rocket Pack by klasek fireworks

Dum Bum 4 Rockets in a pack. Silver tail to titanium salute with crackling.

Elements – 4 high quality cakes multi effects by Primed fireworks

Primed Pyrotechnics is proud to present this incredible pack of four fireworks that will paint the night sky with breathtaking displays of premium effects and powerful bursts.

Flashy compound firework by primed pyrotechnics

Add a grand finale to your firework event with a stunning display that will leave your guests in awe! This powerful firework is sure to make a lasting impression, as the stunning display hangs in the air and slowly fades away. Save this exceptional piece for the end of the night and give your guests a finale they won't forget!

FULL HOUSE Barrage pack 9 barrages by primed fireworks

Full House Barrage pack, ranked second in the best barrage category, is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a collection of high-performance, top-quality fireworks at an unbeatable price. This remarkable barrage pack consists of nine individual firework cakes, each boasting a diverse range of effects and captivating colours.

Glittering prize B cake/barrage by primed fireworks

Let the Glittering Prize B - 56 shot firework light up the night sky with its 30mm tube and an array of stunning effects. This incredible cake promises a surprise fanned or V firing section that will leave you in awe.

Krakatoa gold/silver crackling fountain by primed fireworks

Witness Awe-Inspiring Showers of Shimmering Gold and Silver! These Crackling Fountains Rise Up to Dizzying Heights of 10-15 Meters! Be Mesmerised by This Spectacular Display of Light and Sound! Get Ready to be Dazzled!

Let it ride cake by primed fireworks

Get your fireworks fix with LET IT RIDE - a showstopper 36 shot 30 mm multi effect barrage that's packed to the brim with big effects and max size tubes. Ignite the night sky with its unique firing pattern and stunning display. This brand new addition is not one to miss. So hold onto your hats, and LET IT RIDE!

Long shot cake firework by primed pyrotechnics

This sensational cake is a sight to behold - a whopping 19 shots explode in an incredible display! I have never seen anything quite so magnificent - it's the ideal addition to any event or celebration.

METEOR Shower Mixed Rocket firework pack

If you love sky raiders and you love moon shot then you will love these 1.3g display (15) Rockets : 8 x sky raider rockets 7 x moon shot rockets – All in one pack, all 1.3g

Molotov cocktail fountain cake multi shot firework

Molotov Cocktail mine multi shot firework is one of the best consumer mine effect fireworks on the market.

MOONSHOT Rocket Pack firework by primed

A rocket pack from Primed featuring 10 flash rockets with a great mix of colours and effects, including Blue and gold strobe, Green and red strobe, Red and white strobe, Purple and crackling, Yellow and time rain.

Pink mojo 25 shot cake / baby girl gender reveal firework

Pink Mojo Firework – Pink glitter mine, purple pearls to pink palms, pink pearls to pink glitter, pink coconut to pistil pink palms. This is the most ideal firework for your baby girl gender reveal.

Raise the stakes compound firework cake by primed pyrotechnics

Raise the Stakes 232 shot is a huge compound firework with an even bigger blast! Raise the Stakes is guaranteed to impress your friends and family. This is one amazing show in a box with sky dominating bangers that will amaze you from start to finish – Get yours today before they sell out again!

Roll the dice 24 shot cake/ barrage by primed fireworks

Looking for an amazing pyrotechnic product that will take your event to the next level? Look no further than Roll the dice by primed! Not only will your guests be impressed with the visual display, but they’ll also love the incredible sound effects that accompany it!

Royal flush box cakes/barrages/rocket packs by primed fireworks

32 high quality fireworks By Primed fireworks. This Box is guaranteed to awe friends and family. With a wide variety of fireworks, this value-packed assortment of cakes and rockets has something for everyone! You’ll be able to enjoy the most impressive display imaginable with these sky dominating bangers.

Russian roulette 19 shot firework cakes/barrages by primed pyrotechnics

Small but mighty, Russian Roulette has it all. Coloured tails to purple stars, green coco, crackling chrysanthemum, red and green blink and gold wave. Who’d have thought you could cram so much into just 19 shots.

SEAN CONNERY Firework Box Cakes/Barrages/Rockets by Primed

Only 100 of these limited edition crates made to commemorate the late 007 legend. 28 pieces and over 5000g NEC powder !!!! One of the biggest crates they have released.  

Sky breaker cake/barrage loud firework by primed pyrotechnics

Primed skybreaker firework 36 shots of silver tails to very loud time rain salutes and crackling flowers. This is one of our loudest fireworks. This is the firework to give Dumbum a run for its money.

SKY PACK Rocket Bundle Firework

3 Packs of Rockets - 10 Moonshot , 5 Reapers , 10 Sky readers - SPECIAL OFFER : SAVE £15 OFF OUR ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES!!

SKY RAIDER 10 Rockets Pack by Primed fireworks

These stunning pack of 10 rockets from Primed have 5 DIFFERENT effects, do not let the size fool you, these are loud and spectacular rockets.