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GALA Selection Box firework by Jonathans

High-quality firework pack containing a large mix of effects including barrages, fountains and rockets. A great firework selection box for your garden fireworks party. The box contains 19 fireworks.  

MASQUERADE Selection Box firework by Jonathans

Masquerade is a 23 piece selection box from Jonathan’s Fireworks. Jonathan’s Fireworks selection boxes concentrate on a smaller number of better performing fireworks rather than a large number of lower level fountains.  

SHINDIG Selection Box firework by Jonathans / Awarding winning

The Shindig Firework Box has been crowned as the top pick in the recent UK Fireworks Award 2021! If you want quality over quantity, this is the box for you.  

Storm chaser 8 shot cakes/barrages by Jonathans fireworks

Looking for a dazzling display that won't shatter your eardrums? They might be compact, but they pack a serious punch with 6 unique effects, each firing off 8 shots. Get ready for an explosive show that won't leave your ears ringing.