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Profi show 200 shot multi angle mixed effects by klasek fireworks

This firework is a great way to celebrate any occasion! The Profi show 200 shot multi angle mixed effects by klasek fireworks, This will give you 20 different effects. It lasts 180 secs, so you can enjoy the show for a while! Plus, it's a great value for your money. Get ready to celebrate in style with this amazing firework!

Profi Show 208 shot by Klasek fireworks

Klasek introduces the Profi Show 208, a versatile fireworks cake with 208 shots of 20 different colours and effects, all in one compact package. This impressive firework is ideal for garden finales, standalone displays, or enhancing larger shows. It offers a spectacular 80-second performance that includes vibrant bursts and coconuts in various colours, along with glittering effects and a stunning grand finale with silver stars and time rain. With its diverse range of effects, the Profi Show 208 provides incredible value for any occasion.

Profi Show 536 shots compound firework multi effects by klasek

Introducing the sensational New Profi Show 536 from Klasek Fireworks! Brace yourself for a mesmerising display of 536 shots, painting the sky with a breathtaking array of 32 vibrant colours. This extraordinary firework ignites in captivating patterns like straight, W, V, fanned volley, and multi-angle, crafting an exhilarating spectacle that lasts for over 4 minutes. It's the perfect firework for your New Year's Eve celebration, ensuring an unforgettable start to the year!

Profi Show 600 shots compound firework multi effects by klasek

Introducing the New Profi Show 600 by Klasek Fireworks. With 600 shots that showcases a variety of 60 effects. This firework ignite in patterns such as straight W V, fanned volley and multi angle creating an exhilarating spectacle that lasts for, over 3 minutes.

Profi Show 800 shots compound firework multi effects by klasek

Profi Show - This fab 800 SHOT CAKE has a variety of 80 DIFFERENT effects fired in straight, W V and fanned volley and multi angle, lasting just over 4 minutes.

Profi Show no 2 firework by Klasek

Impress your audience with Profi Show No.2, a 100-shot, 25mm single ignition barrage from Klasek's Profi Show range. This 100-second display offers a diverse mix of effects and a captivating finale featuring titanium chrysanthemum mines and glittering willows with red stars. Safety requires a minimum distance of 15m, with all spectators positioned at least 25 meters away. Enjoy the spectacle!

Push it to the limit By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Unleash a stunning 'display in a box' with this 100-shot Z-firing compound. Packed with 1420g of powder, it pushes the limits to deliver breathtaking colours and expansive effects. Witness mesmerising transformations from blue and lemon with red strobe to golden willow with gold strobe, among others.

PYRO ADDICT 1 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Indulge your pyrotechnic cravings with Pyro Addict 1 by Riakeo Fireworks! Featuring 51 intense shots, a staggering 1000g powder charge, and a 30mm tube size, it delivers a mesmerising 50-second display. Get your fix of explosive ecstasy!

PYRO ADDICT 2 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Experience the thrill of Pyro Addict by Riakeo! With 61 explosive shots, a mighty 965g powder charge, and a sensational 50-second duration, it's the ultimate addiction for fireworks enthusiasts. Get hooked on the spectacle!

PYRO ADDICT 3 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Ignite the night with Pyro Addict 3 by Riakeo fireworks! Unleash a symphony of 71 shots, an enchanting kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, and an awe-inspiring medley of breathtaking effects. Prepare for fireworks like never before!

PYROHEADZ 1 – Bedlam/havoc/freak Vivid Fireworks

Indulge in 3 dazzling cakes bursting with colorful fireworks! And the best part? You'll save a whopping £45 off our already discounted prices when purchasing this explosive bundle. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal!

Pyrotechnology 100 shot barrgae by Klasek Firework

Experience the Pyrotechnology 100 shot compound, a stunning combination of 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm tubes. This firework merges four unique cakes into one dazzling display, lasting around 90 seconds. With mixed effects and firing patterns, it fills the sky with color, glitter, and various effects. From cascading showers to dazzling starbursts, This barrage offers a visual feast with vibrant colours. Whether it's bonfire night or New Year's Eve, this firework will leave a lasting impression.

Pyrotechnology 219 shots compound cake/barrage by klasek fireworks

Behold the latest offering from Klasek - a fiery 219 shot masterpiece of mixed effects and patterns! This breathtaking display will leave your senses reeling and your heart pounding with excitement. Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by this magnificent product!

Pyrotechnology 256 shots compound barrage by klasek

Pyrotechnology 256 Shot Firework by Klasek – This Stunning NEW compound By KLASEK pyrotechnics 256 shots has over 30 different effects and lasting 3mins+ and this sizeable firework has a staggering 3992g of powder . Multi angle firing. MUST WATCH VIDEO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

Pyrotechnology 64 shot cake/barrage by klasek fireworks

The Pyrotechnology 64 shot 2020 is a 25mm single ignition  lasting approx. 40 seconds and is packed with a great mix of effects and firing patterns and includes a stunning finale of titanium chrysanthemum mine to glittering willows with red stars.

Rainbow F3pro low noise firework cake / barrage stunning colours

Introducing the Rainbow Pro: a masterful low noise fan! Delight in the breathtaking display of our 49 Shot Barrage Cake, as it bursts forth in a rainbow of vibrant colours. Perfect for any occasion, this spectacular firework is sure to captivate and mesmerise.

Raise the stakes compound firework cake by primed pyrotechnics

Raise the Stakes 232 shot is a huge compound firework with an even bigger blast! Raise the Stakes is guaranteed to impress your friends and family. This is one amazing show in a box with sky dominating bangers that will amaze you from start to finish – Get yours today before they sell out again!

Rapture 80 shot barrage by pyroworx

Keep the fireworks excitement alive well after Bonfire Night with 80 shot Rapture by Pyroworx! This category 3 cake barrage delivers an incredible 80-second display of brilliant of mixed colours and effects. It's a must-have for your firework display and a excellent way to enhance your outdoor gatherings. Explore more thrilling options like Incendiary by Pyroworx to keep the magic going.

Roll the dice 24 shot cake/ barrage by primed fireworks

Looking for an amazing pyrotechnic product that will take your event to the next level? Look no further than Roll the dice by primed! Not only will your guests be impressed with the visual display, but they’ll also love the incredible sound effects that accompany it!

Ronin 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

An excellent compact firework with 16 shots, designed for straight firing, containing 104g of gunpowder, and boasting a 20mm bore size. Featuring vibrant colours and impressive burst sizes, it's the perfect choice to kickstart any garden display.

Run for your life compound cake by firework king

The run for your life compound cake is an absolutely incredible cake with 200 shots with 30mm tubes. This is one of our best selling finale cakes. The colours and effects are mind-blowing and fast firing mostly ideal for special occasions.

Russian roulette 19 shot firework cakes/barrages by primed pyrotechnics

Small but mighty, Russian Roulette has it all. Coloured tails to purple stars, green coco, crackling chrysanthemum, red and green blink and gold wave. Who’d have thought you could cram so much into just 19 shots.

Screaming banshee 25 shot whistle cake by vivid fireworks

A great new take on a whistle cake, Screaming Banshee  (just like the screaming demon) has a really unique noise, but with the added bonus of silver tails rising to silver palm bursts.

Screaming Chrysanthenum By Funke Fireworks

Introducing the NEW 2023 masterpiece - a breathtaking fusion of four cakes, harmoniously combined to create an astounding display of 100 shots. Witness screeching comet tails that gracefully transition into bursts of vibrant colours, accompanied by a mesmerising delayed chrysanthemum crackle. This firework is a testament to Funke Fireworks commitment to precision timing and vivid hues, exemplifying their unwavering excellence in pyrotechnics.

Sensory overload compound Low Noise firework by pyroworx

The best thing about this fireworks is how it can be enjoyed by everyone in your family without being too loud or distracting. 197 shots and the effects are also great for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of setting up their own display, but still enjoys some good old-fashioned excitement at night!

SHAMELESS Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

What makes Shameless compound Barrage by Riakeo stand out from its rivals? Well you can enjoy a 80 second performance featuring an array of different effects, explosions and colours.

Sigma cake / barrage firework V-shape by pyroworx

This 60-shot firework is sure to dazzle and delight everyone who sees it. Featuring a V-shaped firing pattern and huge brocade bursts, it’s a must-have for any fireworks Event.

Signature Range 25 shot 30mm cake/barrage firework by klasek

This is a 25 shot firework with 5 different colour effects and lasts 30 seconds. Great colours and effects with mine lifts by Klasek - limited edition signature range.

Signature Range 50 shot cake/barrage firework by klasek

Let the sparks fly with our explosive Klasek signature range cake, boasting an impressive 50 shots of mixed effects that are sure to dazzle and delight. With a 30mm tube size and an impressive 999g of NEC powder, this is one ignition barrage that packs a serious punch. Don't settle for less - it's time to unleash the maximum powder power with our straight-firing masterpiece!

Signature Range 90 shot cake/barrage firework by klasek

This beautiful cake from ‘The Signature Range by Klasek is packed with 990g of powder, 10 different colour effects with an amazing finale. Lasting over a minute.

Sky breaker cake/barrage loud firework by primed pyrotechnics

Primed skybreaker firework 36 shots of silver tails to very loud time rain salutes and crackling flowers. This is one of our loudest fireworks. This is the firework to give Dumbum a run for its money.

Sky candy XL compound firework 100 shot cake by vivid pyrotechnics

Ready to light up your next special occasion with a bang? Look no further than The NEW Sky Candy XL, now offers MORE powder, colour, Ti-Breaks, IMPROVED pace, and rhythm, the spectacular 100 Shot and 30mm compound cake from VIVID Pyrotechnics. With its dazzling display of colour and explosive energy, it's sure to leave both you and your guests astounded.

Snake Bite Fan Firework By Vivid Pyrotechnics

Introducing Snake Bite, a thrilling addition to the new collection by Vivid Pyrotechnics in 2023! This 36-shot Z-Firing barrage is a visual masterpiece with 5 shots per sweep, each row showcasing an array of vibrant colours. It kicks off with a dazzling red bouquet leading to an explosive burst of gold brocade palms and red dahlia stars. Following this, the same stunning effects are replicated with blue bouquet stars and blue dahlias. The grand finale is a breathtaking display featuring gold brocade mines, gold tourbillion tails, and a mesmerising showcase of gold king crowns accompanied by white pistils. Get ready for a spectacular show!

Standing ovation dump cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Standing Ovation is a 50 shot dump cake, lifting a mass of silver, screaming tails to titanium chrysanthemums . A true crowd pleaser!

Storm fan shape firework by klasek

Experience the awe-inspiring display of nature's fury with our Storm 49 shot fan fireworks. You'll be left breathless as the sky is filled with an explosion of vibrant colours and 7 different effects, all packed into one fan-shaped firework.

Strike/bobr cake 134 shot barrage firework by klasek

Get ready to have your mind blown with an absolutely stunning cake that will leave you in awe! This magnificent creation boasts a whopping 134 shot firework display with an array of mixed patterns that dazzle with amazing effects. It's a spectacular sight that you won't want to miss!