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Abyss by pyroworx

Buy One Get One Free The abyss by pyroworx is a multi-colour fireworks display in a box, guaranteed to light up your sky. With mine bursts, comet tails and aerial effects, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

ALFA 1 Rocket By Funke Fireworks

Introducing the must-have rocket of 2023 - the Alfa 1 Rocket! The strobe's intensity and the brocade's hang time create an exceptional experience. 165 g of powder in this ONE rocket.

ALFA 2 Rocket By Funke Fireworks

Meet the rocket you can't miss in 2023: the Alfa 2 Rocket! With a stunning gold tail guiding its way to a mesmerising gold titanium willow featuring a blue pistil, this rocket delivers an exceptional experience in a league of its own. All this magic packed into a single rocket boasting a powerful 165g of powder.

ALFA 3 Rocket By Funke Fireworks

Meet the rocket you can't miss in 2023: the Alfa 2 Rocket! With a stunning gold tail guiding its way to a mesmerising gold titanium willow featuring a blue pistil, this rocket delivers an exceptional experience in a league of its own. All this magic packed into a single rocket boasting a powerful 165g of powder.

Ark angel multi angle cake by pyroworx fireworks

Are you on the hunt for a show-stopping firework to dazzle your audience? Look no further than the Ark Angel By pyroworx! This single ignition firework packs a punch with its mixed firing pattern and jaw-dropping sky filling effects. The 44 shot F3, 1.3g barrage/cake from Pyroworx contains 519.2g NEC and is set off by 25mm tubes. Make your display unforgettable with the Ark Angel – your audience won’t be disappointed!

Asylum barrage pack 9 cakes by vivid fireworks/ award winning 2021/2022

This is an Award winning barrage pack of 2021 & 2022!! from VIVID pyrotechnics containing 9 assorted barrages, each with its own effects. Every year this is one of the best-selling items we sell because it's so versatile. With a range of bore sizes including 20, 25 and 30mm for a good variety of different sized sky bursts. FREE Rocket pack & Sparklers with this Pack!!

Best price 100 shot 20mm fireworks cakes/barrages by klasek pyrotechnics

100 shots of amazing large bursts it contains 10 different effects including lots of gold and lots of colours including blue stars, golden palms, multi coloured bursts, red and silver glitter and many more.  This would be a great addition to your firework display.

Best price 100sh multi angle by klasek pyrotechnics

Discover the Best Price 100, a 100-shot, multi-angle single ignition firework with stunning colours and angled effects, lasting 90 seconds. This barrage offers a wide spectrum of colours, rates 8/10 for noise, and runs for 60 seconds. A must-have for your display!

BETA Selection Box by primed fireworks

Beta Selection Box Premium garden fireworks – This Powerful medium sized selection box from Primed Pyro, featuring 16 superb pieces, including fountains, multi shot cakes, Rockets and a great little mine.  

BIG Rocket Mix 5 different colour effect fireworks by klasek

Experience an excitement of 5 distinct colour effects with brilliant, explosive breaks that will leave you in awe! Behold the sensational rockets by Klasek - an event of vibrant hues, intense energy, and pure excitement!

Bomben Rockets (6) By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Introducing "Bomben Rockets" – Hey Hawk fans! Here's a powerhouse: 6 rockets, 50g each, in the Funke Firework range. Less powder, but epic effects, incredible altitude, and gold & silver comet tails. Launch to burst, they'll steal the show. This set competes head-on with any Hawk-type rockets out there.

Creed by pyroworx fireworks cake/barrage 36 shots

This colossal firework is capable of unleashing a mind-blowing 36 shots of pure, earth-shattering bangs that will leave your audience speechless.

Crucible 25 shot barrage by pyroworx

Experience the Crucible 25-shot barrage by Pyroworx, a breathtaking fireworks display like no other. With its larger 30mm bore and 25 shots, it's designed to leave you in awe. As it lights up the sky, you'll witness vibrant colours, amazing effects, and a focus on safety with its dual fusing mechanism. Don't miss this extraordinary firework – it's a legend in the making!

Crusade loudest titanium salute firework in the uk by pyroworx

This cake is a true showstopper, with 100 shots and lots of colours that will have your guests awe-struck. Plus it has some pretty cool effects and a ‘LOUD’ titanium Salute too!

CYTTORAK Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

CYTTORAK compound from Riakeo Fireworks - Every celebration won’t be complete without the brain-melting display of this 2023 Compound firecracker.

Delirious 83 shot cake / barrage firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to have your mind blown by Vivid Pyrotechnics' incredible "Delirious" fireworks display! This breathtaking 30mm barrage consists of a whopping 83 shots, and it's guaranteed to leave you absolutely speechless.

EQUALIZER Selection Box Firework – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Buy One Get One Free A fantastic firework selection of 11 fountains, 2 shot tubes, and 1 roman candle. This really is a great value assortment of fireworks.

F2ultra pro cake box selection with 6 fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to be blown away by the dazzling display of the STUNNING 6 CAKE ASSORTMENT BOX! With 16 shots per cake, this box offers a mix of spectacular effects and mines that will make any celebration an unforgettable event. Don't miss out on the mesmerizing masterpiece that awaits you!

Face off round 1 cakes/ barrages 1000g by vivid fireworks

This product fires 53 shots in varied patterns with 1000g of gun powder. It lasts for 43 seconds and is sure to impress. With its vibrant colours and impressive display, this product is sure to be a hit at any party or event. Thank you for viewing Face off Round 1 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. We hope you enjoy the video and create great memories with this product.

Face off round 2 cake vibrant colours by vivid fireworks

Get ready for a blast! Introducing Face Off Firework – Round 2 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With 54 shots fired in stunning patterns, catch the attention of everyone at your party with its powerful display and vibrant colours. Be amazed by this product that is sure to create unforgettable memories. Get ready to have a blast with Face Off – Round 2!

Fanfare pro – fan shape firework – sky filling by pyroworx

Experience the ultimate firework with this magnificent 25-shot cake from Pyroworx! Watch in awe as the sky fills with beautiful Chrysanthemum effects, creating a breathtaking fan shape.

Final Fantasy Selection Box – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Buy One Get One Free The Final Fantasy 14 Piece Selection Box by Standard Fireworks is tailored for medium-sized displays, offering larger, longer-lasting fireworks. Included in this selection are 4 fountains, 3 Roman candles, 1 shot tube, 2 barrages, 2 rockets, and even a substantial mine and mine cake. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to create a memorable show that transports you to a world of imagination and adventure.

Firework pack 10 cakes barrages by Showtime

Get ready for an awe-inspiring show! Our fireworks display offers 10 barrages and 4 top brands, with a breathtaking 8-10 minutes of pure entertainment. Experience the wonder today - one of the most beautiful pyrotechnic displays you’ll ever see!

Fission 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

This small cake is adorned with vivid colours, making it an ideal choice for a younger children who prefers a quieter display. It's an exceptional compact firework, with 104g of gunpowder and a 20mm bore size, it delivers not only vibrant colours but also impressive bursts. This makes it the perfect selection to commence any garden celebration with a bang, minus the excessive noise.

Flashpoint 100 shot compound straight firing firework by pyroworx

How would you like to light up the night sky? With flashpoint by Pyroworx, you can do just that! This 100 shot firework lasting 1 minute 30 secs is sure to dazzle and delight. Watch as the tails and bursts light up the sky in a spectacular display. You won’t be disappointed with these fireworks.

Flashy compound firework by primed pyrotechnics

Add a grand finale to your firework event with a stunning display that will leave your guests in awe! This powerful firework is sure to make a lasting impression, as the stunning display hangs in the air and slowly fades away. Save this exceptional piece for the end of the night and give your guests a finale they won't forget!

Freak cakes / barrages by vivid fireworks 49 shots multi coloured peony

Inject excitement and life into any celebration with Freak Firework - the ultimate creation by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With an array of spellbinding effects that will leave you and your guests in awe, this firework is not one to be missed. From glittering starbursts to thunderous booms, there's something for everyone in this explosive package. Get ready to light up the night sky and make memories that will last forever with Freak Firework!

FREAK PACK 3 cakes firework bundle

Add to the excitement with the vibrant colours of the 64 shot Jeopardy , Loose Cannon and Freak Cake, 3 of our best sellers. Don't settle for a boring display - get the Freak Pack Bundle and make your event unforgettable.

Funkenweide Scale 25 shot By Funke Fireworks

New in 2023 from Funke Fireworks! Get the Funkeweide Scale 25 shot for an unparalleled experience. Featuring colossal golden breaks typically found only in large rockets. Must watch Video!!

Glittering prize B cake/barrage by primed fireworks

Let the Glittering Prize B - 56 shot firework light up the night sky with its 30mm tube and an array of stunning effects. This incredible cake promises a surprise fanned or V firing section that will leave you in awe.

Hanabi Marvel low noise colour change mines cake by vivid fireworks

Marvel Hanabi is the baby brother of Spectra, Z firing 25 shots of colour change mines from 30mm tubes. This is a colourful low noise mine effect firework that is sure to dazzle and amaze everyone who sees it. So don’t wait any longer, get the Marvel by Vivid Pyrotechnics today and make your fireworks display one to remember!

Happy Rockets by Klasek fireworks – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Buy One Get One Free The Happy Rocket 4 Pack offers exceptional value for a small garden firework display collection. This pack comprises four rockets, each featuring a unique effect, including red strobes, silver blinking, rustling gold crackles, and dazzling blue crackling rockets.

HAVOC Firework Cake by vivid pyrotechnics

Havoc is a sister to the new ‘Freak’ from Vivid. The perfect cake for anyone wanting to add a little extra excitement to their show! This impressive cake fires off 36 shots of red and green strobe stars, with gold brocade comets, blink comet tails and a beautiful finale.

HAVOC PACK 2 cake rockets firework bundle

These items are hot off our shelves and flying out the door - so we’ve decided to offer a discount on them when purchased together. Get ready to light up the night sky and make some unforgettable memories with our best-selling firework bundle!

Hell Fires Rocket Pack firework by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Expect nothing less than pure satisfaction from any VIVID rockets or fireworks in their collection. The Hell Fires, comprising 10 rockets with 14g of gunpowder in each rocket, offer a delightful array of colours and effects, perfectly suited for garden use with their CATF2 classification.

Indian scream 100 shot cake/barrage firework by Klasek

Add some sparkle and wow to your firework display with Indian Scream by Klasek. The 100 shots of spectacularly large bursts, filled with gold and a rainbow of vibrant colours.  So, get ready to wow your guests with the explosive beauty of a piece.