We know that many people have pets and animals or kids who might be visiting. So, we’ve picked out our quietest (low-noise) fireworks for you to enjoy! These displays focus more on visual colours & effects instead of nose-attracting noises like bangs, screeches, or whistles – which is why they’re perfect if your event involves guests with younger ears in attendance. We hope this helps make the choice easy–now all it takes are some simple clicks before everything goes off.

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AURORA BORIALIS Low Noise Roman Candle firework 300 shot

Get ready to experience the ultimate fireworks show with Aurora Borialis by pyroworx! This Roman candle is a must-see, with an impressive 300 shots quick fire of vibrant colour pearls and crackling tails that will dazzle your senses and light up the night sky. Don't miss out on this explosive display of beauty and excitement!

F2ultra pro slice 7 shot – 12 variety of effects by vivid fireworks

Looking for a thrilling way to light up the sky? Look no further than Vivid's innovative new product, "slices." These fan cake pro slices sections come complete with their own fuses, making them the ideal choice for creating breathtaking waves of colour and light overhead. Don't settle for a boring firework show - upgrade to Vivid's slices and experience a whole new level of excitement!

Flourish F3pro low noise firework cake / barrage stunning colours

Introducing the Flourish, a sensational 42 shot barrage fireworks display featuring a cutting-edge low noise fan. Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill as you witness a breathtaking visual spectacle that will leave you spellbound!

Hanabi Marvel low noise colour change mines cake by vivid fireworks

Marvel Hanabi is the baby brother of Spectra, Z firing 25 shots of colour change mines from 30mm tubes. This is a colourful low noise mine effect firework that is sure to dazzle and amaze everyone who sees it. So don’t wait any longer, get the Marvel by Vivid Pyrotechnics today and make your fireworks display one to remember!

Happy Rockets by Klasek fireworks – BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

Buy One Get One Free The Happy Rocket 4 Pack offers exceptional value for a small garden firework display collection. This pack comprises four rockets, each featuring a unique effect, including red strobes, silver blinking, rustling gold crackles, and dazzling blue crackling rockets.

Pro low noise firework finale A by vivid fireworks

Are you ready for the ultimate Low Noise finale piece from VIVID? This 72 shot rapid-firing cake that is guaranteed to leave your audience in awe.

Pro low noise firework finale B by vivid fireworks

A beautiful low noise firework to end your fireworks display. One of Vivid's two stunning finale pieces, this crowd pleaser is classed as a 'X' style cake.

Rainbow F3pro low noise firework cake / barrage stunning colours

Introducing the Rainbow Pro: a masterful low noise fan! Delight in the breathtaking display of our 49 Shot Barrage Cake, as it bursts forth in a rainbow of vibrant colours. Perfect for any occasion, this spectacular firework is sure to captivate and mesmerise.

Sensory overload compound Low Noise firework by pyroworx

The best thing about this fireworks is how it can be enjoyed by everyone in your family without being too loud or distracting. 197 shots and the effects are also great for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of setting up their own display, but still enjoys some good old-fashioned excitement at night!

Spectra 49 shot Z – firing by vivid fireworks

Announcing an absolutely amazing firework display! Get ready for a spectacular show with our fantastic 49 shot cake, which features Z-firing rows of stunningly coloured stars. As the firework display progresses, you'll witness a stunning crossette effect from the vivid fireworks. Let your next celebration truly sparkle with this vivid and explosive display of pyrotechnics!

TOMAHAWK 12 Rockets a pack 12 / 6 different effects by klasek fireworks

12 Low noise rockets that are guaranteed to be a show stopper. Glittery explosion of colours.

TOMAHAWK Pack Rocket Deal By klasek fireworks

SPECIAL OFFER : SAVE £12 OFF OUR ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES!! 48 Low noise rockets that are guaranteed to be a show stopper. Glittery explosion of colours.

TOMAHAWK Rockets 3 by Klasek fireworks

Get ready for a bigger pack of Tomahawk rockets, specifically Tomahawk rockets number 3, featuring 12 rockets with 4 different effects and colours – an absolute must for any garden party display. These rockets offer a fantastic range of effects, including bright red stars, green peony, gold crackles, and silver blinking flowers. Each rocket packs 15g of net explosive content and falls into the category 2 rocket pack, ideal for garden displays.

Vibe Low Noise changing colour cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Experience a breathtaking spectacle with 49 shots of colourful and low noise fireworks that dazzle and amaze. Watch in awe as the colours transform right before your eyes, leaving you speechless and in awe of the stunning display.

White spider hanging horse tail Low Noise firework by pyroworx

Introducing the incredible new product 30 shot White Spider by Pyroworx that is sure to blow you away! It has the Longest Hanging Horse Tail in the UK and is an amazing new addition to any fireworks display. Watch as these horse tails hang high in the sky and light up the night.