A fountain is a ground-based firework that throws out showers of sparks. It can also make noise with a whistle or crackle. Some of the fountains can reach enormous heights and last for almost 2 minutes with many different effects and colours available.

Fountains are often used for celebrations and special occasions. They are beautiful to watch and can create an amazing display!

Fountains come in all sorts of sizes, from small ones to large ones that are set up on the ground. No matter what size fountain you choose, they are sure to create a spectacular show.

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CRAZY BALL 1g ground crackling fireworks

Get ready to ignite your outdoor fun with these explosive novelty items! The Crazy Ball crackles with an impressive fountain effect that's sure to impress. But be warned - this show-stopping display is meant for solid ground only, and outdoor use is a must.

Fontanovy Mix (4 Fountains) by Klasek

Experience a breathtaking display with four stunning multi-stage fountains that fill the night sky with vivid colors and starry brilliance. These fountains reach up to 6 feet in height, featuring captivating effects like crackling ti-floss, red and green pearls, titanium crackle, and whistles.

Fountain mix 4 small ground fireworks by klasek

A pack of FOUR small fountain-fireworks. 2 each of 2 types, each with a variety of colours and effects.

Goldy Locks Fountain By Vivid Pyrotechnics

NEW 2023 - I've never witnessed a fountain as stunning as this one. Goldy Locks Fountain stands at a majestic 11 inches, yet its effects reach astonishing heights of over 20 feet, adorned with dazzling gold shimmer and graceful cascading blue stars as they descend gracefully back to Earth. Be sure to watch the production video, followed by a mesmerising display of the fountain itself.

Krakatoa gold/silver crackling fountain by primed fireworks

Witness Awe-Inspiring Showers of Shimmering Gold and Silver! These Crackling Fountains Rise Up to Dizzying Heights of 10-15 Meters! Be Mesmerised by This Spectacular Display of Light and Sound! Get Ready to be Dazzled!

Mesmerise crackling noise fountain by pyroworx fireworks

Impress and astound your guests like never before with the Mesmerise fountain by pyroworx! Experience a spectacular showcase of mixed effects that will leave them in awe. Be amazed by the vibrant colours and exhilarating crackles that will creating an unforgettable atmosphere at your next event.

Molotov cocktail fountain cake multi shot firework

Molotov Cocktail mine multi shot firework is one of the best consumer mine effect fireworks on the market.

Rotate/spinning ground fountain firework by klasek

Get ready to light up the night and experience an unforgettable display with the Rotate/spinning ground fountain firework by Klasek!

Silver 500g 2 in a pack fountain fireworks by Klasek

Don't miss out on the chance to add some extra sparkle and shine to your next special occasion with Klasek's Silver 500g 2-in-a-pack fountain fireworks.