The Catherine wheel is a type of firework consisting either of a powder-filled spiral tube or an angled rocket mounted. They will then have a pin through them which is used to help mount them to a large sturdy post. When ignited, the energy of the fireworks not only creates sparks and flame but causes the wheel to quickly rotate, making the display much more spectacular.

The Catherine Wheel is the most popular type of firework in Britain. It has been scorching garden fences for generations and its popularity only continues to grow with time!

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Super Spinners By Celtic Fireworks

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Introducing the Super Spinner Catherine wheel from Celtic Fireworks, perfect for small garden parties and children's celebrations. This captivating firework spins rapidly, producing a dazzling array of colors that lasts approximately 40 seconds. Easy to set up and ideal for intimate gatherings, it adds a touch of magic and excitement to any event.