Our customers often ask for recommendations under £150, and we have a lot to offer to cater to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a diverse selection, consider the Masquerade selection box, priced at just £80. This fantastic option includes fountains, cakes, roman candles, and rockets, providing great value for your money.

For those with larger gardens, the Asylum barrage pack is a top choice. It features 9 mixed fireworks, each with unique effects, and is one of our best-selling items. As a special bonus, we’re including a FREE pack of Rockets and FREE Sparklers worth £49.99 with this pack. Individually, these would be priced at £250, but we’ve discounted the entire assortment to £149.99, ensuring you get a variety of rockets, barrages, and sparklers. This selection offers approximately 18-24 minutes of spectacular, various fireworks to delight your audience at home.

If you’re interested in individual pieces, here are my top 10 recommendations for fireworks under £150.

Firework blog about best fireworks under £150

10. Russian Roulette by Primed Pyrotechnics

we have Russian Roulette, a fantastic option priced at just £13. Don’t let its size fool you: this little gem packs a punch. It offers a colourful display featuring coloured tails, purple stars, green coco, crackling chrysanthemum, red and green blink, and gold wave effects. It’s hard to believe you can get so much excitement from just 19 shots.

 Approx time : 20-30 secs

9. Roll The Dice by Primed Pyrotechnics

In the 9th spot, we present “Roll the Dice,” a remarkable firework that’s only £25! This dazzling choice offers a diverse range of captivating effects and vibrant colours. Prepare to be wowed by this incredible product, showcasing green tail to green star with gold strobe, blue tail to blue star with gold spider, red tail to red star with special effects, and red tail to red star with gold chrysanthemum. Your audience will not only be impressed by the stunning visual display but will also be thrilled by the fantastic sound effects that accompany it!

Approx Time : 40-44 secs

8. Vortex 6 by Riakeo Fireworks

Coming in at number 8 is “Vortex 6,” available at just £30! Hold onto your hats as you get carried away by the sensational Vortex 6 from Riakeo Fireworks. This dazzling firework offers an impressive 21 massive bursts, packing a powerful 420g NEC and delivering a captivating blend of straight and fanned firing from a 30mm tube. It enchants with mesmerising crackling palm effects and vibrant purple and red stars, taking you on an exhilarating 25-second journey you won’t soon forget!

Approx Time : 25-30 secs

7. Loose Cannon by Vivid Pyrotechnics

At number 7, we have a real favourite, “Loose Cannon,” priced at just £38. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding display that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. With a breathtaking pace and some of the most vivid colours you’ve ever seen, this firework is a showstopper.
But wait, there’s more! The effects are nothing short of jaw-dropping, all packed into a single ignition firework with an astonishing 57 heart-pounding shots. This one’s perfect for those looking for a multi-angle experience that will leave you breathless and craving more.

Approx Time : 50-55 secs

6. Havoc by Vivid Fireworks

Ranking at number 6 is “Havoc” a true gem priced at just £50. From the Award-winning Brand of 2022 – Vivid Pyrotechnics range, this stunning masterpiece presents you with 36 shots of radiant red and green strobe stars. You’ll be captivated by the brilliant gold brocade comets and stunning blink comet tails. But the real showstopper is the unforgettable finale that leaves you in awe of its sheer beauty and splendour. Don’t forget to explore its sibling, “Freak,” which offers 49 shots and can be purchased individually or as part of a pack.

Approx Time : 45-50 secs

5. Purge by Pyroworx fireworks

At number 5, we present “Purge” a spectacular 49-shot barrage that creates bursts so grand, you’ll feel like you’re at a professional display. These magnificent barrage display’s a stunning array of colours and astonishing effects that will leave you in awe. And when it comes to sound, these fireworks deliver some seriously thunderous thuds, packing a powerful auditory punch. But the true highlight is the unforgettable finale, showering you with a cascade of 24 karat gold, making you feel like a VIP at a Hollywood blockbuster. Don’t miss this extraordinary firework experience!

Approx Time : 40-45 secs

4. Delirious by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Taking the number 4 spot is “Delirious,” priced at £80. Delirious is an 83-shot barrage that offers a visual feast for the senses. It kicks off with a grand display of gold brocade crowns, green glitter, and purple stars. Then, it elevates the excitement with a W-shaped volley of gold tails and silver strobe tips. The tempo intensifies further with a Z-firing fan of brocades and glittering stars, building up to a breathtaking V-firing formation featuring gold crackling comet tails accompanied by bursts of vibrant green and blue dahlias to red ghost/plum effects, creating a beautifully interspersed display. This cake concludes with a finale fanned volley that will leave you utterly awestruck. Get ready to be mesmerised by a captivating spectrum of colours that will illuminate the night sky!

Approx time : 50-55 secs 

3. Bad Boy by Klasek Fireworks

Grabbing the well-deserved number 3 spot is “Bad Boy” from Klasek Pyrotechnics, priced at £110. Bad Boy doesn’t hold back when it comes to dazzling effects and a mixed firing pattern, ensuring an impressive display. This powerhouse firework features 106 multi-shots with mixed bore tubes that create an amazing spectacle with 13 different coloured effects, all lasting for a thrilling 80 seconds. Not to be overlooked, it scores an impressive 9 out of 10 in the noise department. However, for safety reasons, it’s advisable to maintain a minimum distance of 25 meters.

This category 3 barrage is like having a complete fireworks display in a single box. Get ready for a truly unforgettable show!

Approx time : 80 secs 

2. Push it to the Limit by Funke fireworks

Securing an impressive second place is “Push it to the Limit” by Funke Fireworks, available at £120. This brand-new firework for 2023 unleashes a stunning ‘display in a box’ with its 100-shot Z-firing compound. Boasting a generous 1420g of powder, it pushes the boundaries to deliver breathtaking colours and expansive effects.
You’ll witness mesmerising transformations, from blue and lemon with red strobe to golden willow with gold strobe, leading into an exquisite blue and chicken blood red peony, surrounded by captivating green strobe.
The grand finale is nothing short of spectacular, featuring an impressive big silver chrysanthemum mine, culminating in a breathtaking display of magnificent big silver Chrysanthemum effects.
Get ready for a fireworks extravaganza that will leave you in awe!

Approx time : 4 mins 

1. Firework Frenzy Pack

At the top of our list, we have the unbeatable “Firework Frenzy Pack.” Originally priced at £250, it’s now available for just £150, making it an absolute bargain. This pack offers a dynamic fusion of captivating aerial displays and ground effects, tailored to bring joy to families. Inside, you’ll discover the crowd-favourite “Wizard Tricks” 15-item selection box, two impressive 25-shot “Turtle Burger” and “Lod Duche” barrages, a 9-shot “Major” barrage, and a stunning presentation of 10 “Moonshot Rockets.” And that’s not all! You’ll also enjoy the return of last year’s hit, the “F2 Ultra Pro Cake Pack” featuring six mine cakes, the heart-pounding “Tazmania Ground Spinner,” 15 sparklers for that extra twinkle, and a breathtaking finale starring the 57-shot “Loose Cannon” by Vivid Fireworks. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary offer!

Click the BUY NOW button above to watch all the videos in this package on our online website.

Why not check out our other Discounted Packages that our team of experts have hand-picked. 

Approx time : 18-22 mins 

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If you are searching for fireworks near me? Look no further than Showtime Fireworks, a trusted supplier with over 20 years of experience in delivering high quality fireworks. Our online fireworks shop offers a range of fireworks for sale in the UK featuring brands like Vivid Pyrotechnics, Klasek Pyrotechnics (Dum Bum) and the exciting newcomer, Pyroworx Fireworks.

What makes us stand out is our dedication to providing an experience for our customers. At Showtime Fireworks we offer delivery. Even have an option for next day delivery (just give us a call before placing your order). This commitment to convenience has made us a popular choice among fireworks enthusiasts. If you’re based in London we’ve got you covered with delivery on orders over £100 within a 10 mile radius of our store located in Bedfont, Hounslow Borough. And that’s not all – we also offer delivery on orders exceeding £300. For information about our delivery services please visit the delivery page on our website.

With these flexible delivery options available to you you can effortlessly create a display of lights and colours, for your celebration.

Make sure to enjoy your celebrations and make them memorable! If you’re thinking of organising a firework display in your backyard take a look at our selection of larger garden firework packs. These thoughtfully curated packs mainly include cake/barrage fireworks often accompanied by rockets and multi shot barrages. They are perfect for those who want a show with fireworks that light up the night sky. Just remember that for safety reasons many of these fireworks require a viewing distance of 8 meters.

We offer a range of Firework Boxes & Kits well as individual options, each designed to create displays that rival professional firework shows while ensuring they can be enjoyed safely from different distances. Our offerings include choices like wheels and fountains all for use in gardens and available for individual purchase.

To ensure a celebration, in London it’s advisable to plan and order your fireworks in advance. 

As your celebration draws near it’s crucial to plan with care. Make sure to order your fireworks on time and follow safety guidelines diligently. If you have any questions or need information feel free to reach out to Showtime Fireworks through our website or If you need any information or have questions please feel free to contact Showtime Fireworks through our website or give us a call at 0208087 3147.

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