We frequently receive inquiries from our valued customers seeking recommendations for items priced under £100, and we’re well-equipped to meet those specific requirements.

If you’re in search of a diverse range of options, we highly recommend the F2ultra Pro Cake Box By Vivid fireworks for sale in London, available at an enticing price of just £55. This exceptional choice features 6 Barrage –  Also known as “Firework cakes”, each boasting 16 shots per cake.

The assortment presents a captivating blend of stunning effects and dazzling mines, turning any celebration into an unforgettable spectacle – all while offering exceptional value for your budget.

For those looking to raise their garden firework display, consider our Galactic Firework Pack, featuring 8 Firework barrages, 10 rockets, 4 fountains, and 15 sparklers. This Firework bundle would typically cost £154, but we’ve extended a generous discount, bringing the entire assortment down to just £99.99.
This selection promises a splendid 10-15 minutes of a diverse fireworks showcase, comprising rockets, barrages, fountains, and sparklers, all set to captivate your home audience.

If you’re interested in exploring individual options, we’re pleased to present our top 10 recommendations for fireworks priced under £100.

Galactic Firework Package under £100

10. Major 9 Shot by Klasek Pyrotechnics

Introducing the remarkable “Major 9 Shot Firework!” This extraordinary cake packs a powerful punch, featuring not just one, not two, but a trio of jaw-dropping effects that are bound to leave everyone utterly astonished, all from this compact package. So, why delay the excitement?

 Approx time : 20-30 secs

9. Colourful & Crackling Comet By Klasek Pyrotechnics

Taking the 9th position, we bring you “Colourful & Crackling Comets by Klasek Fireworks,” an extraordinary firework that comes at an unbeatable price of just £10! Despite its compact size, this garden firework delivers as promised, leaving a lasting impression with its stunning effects all housed within an 8mm tube. With a remarkable 100 shots, it gracefully transforms from crackling mines to a vibrant display of red and green comets, making it a straightforward yet immensely impactful choice for your celebration.

Approx Time : 40-44 secs

8. Russian Roulette By Primed Fireworks

Arriving at the 8th spot, we present “Russian Roulette,” an incredible firework priced at a mere £13! Though compact in size, this cake is a true powerhouse. It boasts a diverse range of effects, from coloured tails to purple stars, green coco, crackling chrysanthemum, red and green blink, and gold wave. All of this is elegantly packed into just 19 shots, proving that you can indeed fit a whole lot of excitement into a small package.

Approx Time : 20-25 secs

7. 300 Shot missile by Klasek Pyrotechnics

At the 7th spot, we present a true crowd-pleaser, the “300 Shot Missile,” available at an attractive price of only £25. Prepare for a sky that ignites with 300 sizzling tails, sure to leave you chuckling with delight. With a delightful mix of whistling and cracking effects, this display guarantees to add a touch of humour to your evening. Don’t let the fun pass you by!

Approx Time : 50-55 secs

6. Thrills & Sorcery Selection Box by Standard Fireworks

Claiming the 6th spot is “Thrills & Sorcery,” a genuine treasure available for a mere £50. The “Thrills & Sorcery Fireworks Selection Box” by Standard Fireworks is a compilation of 16 small yet enchanting fireworks, designed for a delightful family garden get-together with an 8-meter safety distance in mind. This assortment spans a range of firework types, from fountains to rockets, creating a magical and diverse display that will undoubtedly leave your audience spellbound.

Why not check out our other Firework Selection Boxes or our Award winning of 2021 Shindig Selection Boxes by Jonathan Fireworks.

Approx Time : 6-10 mins

5. Storm Chaser Barrage Pack by Jonathans fireworks

Landing at the 5th position is “Storm Chaser” available at our store for £40. These fireworks may be compact, but don’t let their size fool you – they deliver a powerful punch with six distinct effects, each unleashing an impressive eight shots. Brace yourself for an explosive spectacle that’s sure to leave your ears delighted, without the ringing!

Approx Time : 4-5 mins

4. VSR 4 Ball Rockets by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Securing the 4th position is “VSR 4 Rockets,” priced at £80. This Twin Pack includes two enormous and stunning 4″ Pro Effect Rockets! With Brocade crowns and Nishiki Kamuros effects, these rockets will paint the night sky with an explosive display that will undoubtedly leave your jaw hanging in awe. When you choose Vivid fireworks rockets, you’re not only getting an incredible display, but also added value. This is a must-have for any firework enthusiast aiming to dazzle their friends and family.

Approx time : N/A 

3. Best Price 100 Shot by Klasek Fireworks

Securing the highly deserved 3rd place is “Best Price 100 shot” by Klasek Fireworks Priced at £60, a masterpiece filled with magnificent large bursts and an astonishing array of 10 different effects. Each shot is a symphony of colors, featuring explosive blue stars, dazzling golden palms, and multi-colored bursts that are sure to leave your audience breathless. We’ve spared no expense in creating the ultimate firework experience, including red and silver glitter, along with numerous other heavenly effects. Get ready for a display that will leave everyone in awe!

Approx time : 50 – 55 secs 

2. Whistling Palms 100sh By Funke Fireworks

In a remarkable second place, we have “Whistling Palms” by Funke Fireworks, priced at £90. This brand-new addition for 2023 is a Single Ignition Barrage (S.I.B) firework display that seamlessly combines two 50-shot, 21mm cakes into a staggering 100-shot extravaganza. Get ready for an exhilarating and relentless pace as 100 shots of whistling, swirling comet tails elegantly ascend, revealing a spectacular array of vibrant red, green, purple, yellow, and blue palms, creating a breathtaking display of colour and explosive sound. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience!

Approx time : 30-35 secs 

1. Galactic Firework Pack

At the pinnacle of our selection stands the extraordinary “Galactic Firework Pack.” Originally priced at £155, it is now available for just £100, making it an unbeatable bargain. This pack seamlessly combines captivating aerial displays and ground-level excitement, ensuring entertainment for the entire family. It features last year’s star performer, the F2 Ultra Pro Cake Pack, comprising six mine cakes with six unique effects, four dazzling fountains, a dynamic 9-shot Major cake, a thrilling 100-shot missile cake, and an exciting new addition of 10 rockets by Vivid Pyrotechnics. To add a touch of radiance, we’ve included 15 sparklers, along with the magnificent 25-shot Turtle Burger barrage by Klasek Fireworks. With this pack, your celebration is guaranteed to be a diverse and memorable spectacle that caters to all.

Click the BUY NOW button above to watch all the videos in this package on our online website.

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Approx time : 15-20 mins 

Looking for Firework Delivery near me

Are you looking for a firework delivery service? Look no further, than Showtime Fireworks! We are a established supplier with over 20 years of experience in delivering top quality fireworks. Our online firework shop is the place to find fireworks for sale in the UK featuring brands like Vivid Pyrotechnics, Klasek Pyrotechnics (Dum Bum) and the exciting newcomer, Pyroworx Fireworks.

What makes us stand out is our dedication to enhancing your experience. At Showtime Fireworks we offer delivery services, including the option for next day delivery ( give us a call before placing your order). This commitment to convenience has made us a preferred choice among fireworks enthusiasts.

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With these options at your disposal you can effortlessly create an awe inspiring display of lights and colours, for your celebration. Have a time. Make lasting memories!If you’re thinking about hosting a firework show in your event then take a look, at our selection of firework packs specifically designed for gardens. These curated packs mainly consist of cake/barrage fireworks often accompanied by Firework rockets and multi shot barrages. They are perfect for those who want to create a display with fireworks that light up the night sky. Just keep in mind that for safety reasons many of these fireworks require a viewing distance of 8 meters.

We have a variety of Firework Boxes & Kits as well as individual options all created to give you displays that rival professional firework shows while ensuring they can be enjoyed from different distances. Our offerings include options like wheels and fountains all suitable for use in gardens and for purchase.

To ensure a celebration in London its recommended to plan ahead and order your fireworks, in advance.

As your celebration approaches detailed planning is crucial. Make sure to order your fireworks on time and follow safety guidelines diligently. If you have any queries or need information please feel free to reach out to Showtime Fireworks via our website or give us a call at 0208087 3147. We’re here to make your celebration exceptional.

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