There’s no doubt that fireworks displays bring joy and excitement, whether they light up the sky in your back garden or dazzle a crowd at a public event. 

But let’s not forget about the nuts and bolts that work in harmony to make sure everyone stays safe and sound, and that includes having the right insurance coverage.

So, as firework experts here at Showtime fireworks in our latest blog, we are going to cover what you need to know about firework display insurance. 

Today we will get all the info on both private garden fireworks and public displays, and we’ll dive into some extra things to think about when getting coverage. 

Let’s keep the fun going while keeping everyone protected!

First, here’s the mini answer and then we can start looking more in-depth into the burning question, ‘ Do I need firework insurance? 

In the UK, fireworks insurance isn’t legally required for private displays at home, as damages are typically covered by household policies. However, for public events, it’s essential due to potential liabilities. Always check with insurers for specific coverage needs.

So now we’ve got it covered for anyone asking ‘Do I need firework insurance?’ Let’s begin our journey by looking at displays at home first.  

Do I Need Insurance Coverage for My Firework Display?

Displays at Home

Hosting a fireworks display at home for private or family gatherings is a cherished tradition that brings loved ones together for memorable moments. 

Thankfully, insurance isn’t usually mandatory for these cosy affairs! 

Typically, damages caused by fireworks fall under general household policies, but it’s always smart to double-check, as coverage may vary among insurers.

To ensure everyone’s safety and maximise the fun, it’s crucial to take proactive measures.

Proper setup, including securing fireworks at a safe distance from structures and spectators, is essential. 

Having ample space ensures that fireworks can be enjoyed without any risk of accidents. 

And of course, responsible use, such as following instructions and supervision, adds an extra layer of protection.

This way you can create an environment where everyone can relax and enjoy the display without worry. 

Do I Need Insurance Coverage for My Firework Display?

Why You May Consider Insurance For A Home Display

So although as we’ve found out today it's not compulsory to take out insurance coverage for your home fireworks celebration, it can be worth considering!

First off, accidents can happen, even with the best-laid plans. Imagine a stray firework causing damage to your property or, heaven forbid, injuring someone. 

Or even if rain stops play, insurance can come in handy! It provides financial protection and peace of mind, knowing that you're covered for any unexpected mishaps.

Read more about the good old British weather and your firework display in our other useful article - Should I Cancel My Fireworks Display If It's Going To Rain?  

Plus, some insurers may exclude firework-related damages from standard home policies as we found out above. So having specific firework insurance ensures means you're fully covered for any firework-related incidents.

Think about your neighbours too! Even if you take all precautions, accidents can still affect them. 

Having insurance means you're prepared for any claims or damages that might arise from your display.

When organising a private display, like at the village hall, it's wise to think about insurance coverage to cover any unexpected hiccups.

Before you start shopping around for the perfect policy, check if your organisation already has one in place. 

Some groups such as the Church of England, Parent and Teacher Associations, rotary clubs, and The Scouts, have managed to snag free or discounted coverage over the years. 

But if you're starting from scratch, no worries! There are plenty of insurance options out there to keep your event protected without breaking the bank.

These insurers specialise in event insurance and may offer policies tailored to the needs of smaller venues like church halls. 

Just remember, it's all about ensuring a fun and safe time for everyone involved. 

So, before you light up the sky with your dazzling display, you might think about getting firework insurance. 

It's a small investment that can make a big difference in ensuring a safe and worry-free celebration for you and your loved ones.

Public Displays: Preparing for the Unexpected

Organising fireworks display for the public is an exciting endeavour, but it also comes with increased responsibility and risk management. 

From community events to private functions at third-party venues, ensuring proper insurance coverage is essential for a smooth and safe experience for everyone involved.

Understanding the Risks

In today's ever more litigious society, insurance for public events isn't optional—it's essential. 

Organisers can be legally responsible for damages or injuries during public fireworks displays, making insurance coverage mandatory. 

Protecting Organisers, Attendees, and Property

Having proper insurance coverage isn't just about meeting legal requirements—it's about protecting everyone involved. 

Having adequate insurance in place gives all important financial security for organisers, peace of mind for attendees, and safeguards property. 

In the unfortunate event of any type of accident or injury, it means that everyone affected will be fairly compensated. 

Extra Steps 

When it comes to securing insurance for your event, there are a few extra steps to consider. 

While they may add a bit of time and cost to your planning, they're essential for ensuring a smooth and safe experience.


First up is fireworks training. While it's not legally required for the public to undergo training before using consumer fireworks, insurers often require it. 

These training sessions, typically offered by local fireworks retailers, provide valuable insights into safety practices and handling techniques.

Risk Assessment 

Next on the list is a risk assessment. Although it might seem like a hassle, conducting a thorough risk assessment helps you identify potential hazards and develop strategies to address them effectively.

Other Requirements 

Additionally, insurers may have specific requirements regarding venue space, spectator distance, and access to emergency services. 

It's crucial to inquire about these early on to ensure that your chosen venue meets the necessary criteria for coverage.

Trusting the Pros: Insurance for Professional Displays

When you hire professional pyrotechnic teams for your event, insurance coverage is usually part of the package. 

These experts come prepared with public liability insurance, offering solid protection against any display-related liabilities. 

Before you book though, it's always a good idea to double-check their insurance coverage.

Amount of Insurance Coverage

When it comes to hosting a public fireworks event, having the right amount of insurance coverage is like a safety net for everyone involved! 

The level of coverage needed varies based on factors like event size and location, So, it's essential to assess the potential risks and ensure you're adequately covered to protect both your event and your peace of mind.

According to insurance pros, coverage limits of around £5-£10 million are typically recommended for public firework displays, but this can differ depending on your specific circumstances. 

Before you light up the sky, take a peek at your insurance policy to understand any fine print or exclusions. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to a trusted insurance provider who specialises in event coverage—they can guide you through the process and make sure you've got the right protection in place. 

By investing in comprehensive insurance, you're not just protecting your event; you're ensuring that everyone can enjoy the fireworks with peace of mind.

So, let's make sure the only thing sparkling in the sky is the fireworks, not worries about coverage!

Choosing the Right Insurance

When selecting insurance for a public fireworks display, organisers should consider factors such as coverage limits, exclusions, and additional benefits. 

Of course, it's crucial to work with a provider who understands the unique risks associated with fireworks displays and can tailor coverage accordingly 

Insurance Company Providers In The UK

So to finish, let's find out where you can get Insurance coverage for fireworks displays in the UK. 

When it comes to fireworks insurance for larger events in the UK, coverage usually starts at around £100 to £120. 

But as mentioned earlier, prices can vary based on factors like event size and location. 

So make sure you chat with insurance providers to find the best coverage that fits your budget and needs.

You can also do a quick Google search to find others which might be better for what you need.

Do I Need Firework Insurance? - To Finish On…

So as we’ve discovered today,  as a professional or putting on a public event, insurance is crucial but even if you are only hosting a small bash in your back garden, although not mandatory, it could be worth considering. 

Whichever way, don’t forget to visit our online shop to help your event reach the skies in style! 

Whether you are looking to buy fireworks online in the UK, or looking for the Best Discounted Fireworks Packages, Showtime fireworks is your go-to!  

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