Looking to celebrate the new year in style?

London is always a popular destination no matter how you decide to celebrate. With plenty of events happening throughout the city, there is no doubt that fireworks are a great way to ring in the London new year. Also, if you’re looking to buy fireworks for the celebration yourself, there are plenty of options available for that too!

In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on the best new year fireworks displays in London, as well as how to safely celebrate with fireworks yourself, plus where you can find fireworks for sale near me.

Celebrating the new year in London? Find fireworks for sale near me

London New Year’s Eve fireworks display

When it comes to fireworks displays, there are so many options throughout the city! For an all-inclusive fireworks experience, London New Year’s Eve fireworks display is the one. Not only can you watch fireworks from their vantage point over the Thames, but you can also enjoy music and entertainment during the evening.

Due to the pandemic, the previous two displays had to be cancelled, but it has been confirmed that the entire event will still take place to welcome 2023 to the nation’s capital.

At midnight on the 31st of December 2022, fireworks will be let off in front of the London Eye, and Big Ben will chime to signal the start of a new year. For those who are unable to attend in person, the display will also be broadcast live on BBC One and iPlayer.

Similar to years before, you must have a ticket to enter the venue. There are 100,000 tickets available for purchase at a cost of £15 each but it’s likely that they won’t last long. There is also a limit of four tickets per transaction.

There are six different ticketed areas; you must select your area when purchasing your tickets because you won’t be able to switch areas on the night. This includes places near the Thames, on specific bridges, and on the south bank of the river behind the London Eye.

The Best Places to Watch the London New Year’s Eve Fireworks for Free

There are many excellent locations where you can spend the evening in view of the fireworks display without spending a penny, which is great news if you can’t find last-minute tickets or are unwilling to spend.

Vauxhall Bridge

Get a clear view of the London Eye display by going to Vauxhall Bridge. You won’t have to contend with crowds even though Southwark Bridge and Millennium Bridge are closer to the action. This is because Vauxhall is much quieter. No matter which bridge you choose, you’ll be in the middle of the river, so bring warm clothing! Lambeth Bridge is also a good option.

Cannon Street

If you want to be as close to central London as you can be, this is your best option. Mansion House, Bank, and St. Paul’s Cathedral are all nearby Cannon Street. All are only just outside the area that is ticketed. The only drawback is that it’ll likely be extremely busy.

Greenwich park

One of the biggest parks in south London is Greenwich Park. If you live in South London, it can be the perfect location because it provides breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city.

Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath

The other big space with incredible city views in North London is Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath. It’s a little further out than Primrose Hill but the views are worth it. There’s usually more space up there too.

Alexandra Palace

This location for watching the fireworks ought to be less crowded.It also provides stunning panoramic views of the city. So, if you reside in the north, keep moving and limit your travel to Alexandra Palace.

Arranging a celebration yourself? Here’s all you need to know


Prior to the fireworks display:

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to arranging a fireworks celebration yourself. Here’s what we recommend you prepare before the big day:

  • Determine who is operating the display. You are allowed to light a display yourself providing it contains only category 1,2 and 3 fireworks.
  • Purchase the fireworks from a reputable seller and store them in a suitable place before the day.
  • Check the venue is large enough for your display and that there is a safe area between the spectators and the fireworks. This is because Fireworks often travel during displays.
  • If you plan on having alcohol on site, this should be well away from the display area.
  • Check for overhead power lines and obstructions during the day.
  • Check the direction of the prevailing wind. What would happen if it changes?
  • Plan what to do if things went wrong and communicate with others. Ensure there is someone responsible for calling the emergency services.
  • If a professional firework display operator is launching the fireworks, ensure you’ve communicated to them what to do in an emergency.
  • If your event is substantial, contact the emergency services and the local authority. If your venue is near an airport you may need to contact them. You may also need an event medical cover and first aid company to provide medical staff at the display to anticipate any medical emergencies.

On the day of the fireworks display:

To make sure your celebration goes smoothly, here’s what we recommend you do on the day of the display:

  • Recheck the venue, weather conditions and wind direction.
  • Once checked, don’t let anyone other than the display operator or firing team into the area the fireworks are likely to fall.
  • Prevent attendees from bringing alcohol or fireworks onto the site.
  • Never attempt to relight fireworks. Always stay away from failed fireworks.
  • Signpost the first aid facilities

Find fireworks for sale near me: Showtime Fireworks

Make it a night to remember with vast varieties of quality fireworks at Showtime Fireworks. We have over 20 years of experience in supplying only the top brands to give our customers the most professional displays. We also offer free local delivery which we know is a unique selling point for our customers.

Here at Showtime fireworks, we have plenty of fireworks for sale in our online shop. There is a range of the UK’s leading brands including the award-winning 2022: Vivid Pyrotechnics. Some of the other brands we are able to supply are Klasek Pyrotechnics (Dum Bum), Celtic Fireworks, Hallmark Fireworks, Cube, Jonathans, Firework King, Brothers, Black cat and many, many more.

Our company supplies and delivers fireworks in London and its surrounding areas all year round. We take pride in the fact that we are able to offer a wide range of high-quality fireworks for sale to all our customers in all kinds of settings.

Find fireworks for sale near me: what do we have to offer?

On our website, you can find a huge variety of different fireworks of all different kinds. However, we have highlighted some of our favourite items that we sell below to aid you in your search for the ideal fireworks for your celebration:


A high-speed fuse connects the Roman candles, miniature aerial shells, or a combination of both that make up these incredible fireworks. Our most popular products at the moment are:

  • Klasek: red signature range
  • Vivid pyrotechnics: new dawn 189 shots by VIVID
  • Vivid pyrotechnics: El Loco 268 shot
  • Klasek: Lod Duchu
  • Klasek: Dumbum 16 shot


Barrages are made up of a number of different tubes that are linked together, with each tube firing a single firework in a pattern or sequence. Here are some of our favourites that we sell:

  • Firework king: Grave Shaker 210 shot
  • Pyroworks: sigma 60 shot ‘V’ shape effect
  • Primed fireworks: 007 Sean Connery Box 28 pieces
  • Pyroworks: Ark angel 44 shot
  • Klasek: pyrotechnology 39 shot
  • Pyroworks: white spider – low noise


A firework rocket is a pyrotechnic firework made out of a paper tube that is packed with gunpowder that is then propelled into the air when it is lit. Here are some of the best rockets we sell:

  • Vivid pyrotechnics: VSR3 – Pro effect 3’’ ball rockets
  • Dum Bum 8 shot roman candles
  • Primed fireworks: sky raider rockets
  • Klasek: Tomahawk Rockets
  • Klasek: Big mix
  • Vivid pyrotechnics: VSR 4’’ Pro effect rocket

Selection boxes

The firework selection boxes we supply all give their own unique display, as each box is packed with different fireworks from rockets, and fountains to firework cakes. Here are some of the different varieties we sell:

  • Primed fireworks: Beta selection box
  • Cosmic fireworks: Cyclone (Catherine)
  • Cube: Cheetah selection box
  • Vivid pyrotechnics: Pro cake 6 pack
  • Jonathans: Masquerade
  • Primed fireworks: Alpha Selection box

In order to have the best fireworks, you need to make sure that you plan and prepare for the date. Keep in mind to place your order well in advance to ensure that everything is prepared for the big day.

If you have any more questions about anything we have mentioned in this blog, you can contact us via our website. Alternatively, if you would like to read more blogs from us you can find them all here.

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