Join us as we discover some of the Best firework shops in the UK and showcase the award winning fireworks that have been making waves in 2023.

Looking for the fireworks to light up the night sky with colours and captivating displays? Fireworks have always been a source of awe and celebration cherished by generations. In the United Kingdom you’ll find a world of Fireworks that will amaze you. Whether you’re searching to buy discounted fireworks or explore a range of fireworks for sale, this blog post will take you on an exciting journey.

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Exploring The Best Firework Shops in the UK


Fireworks Shop – Preston

This Firework shop has become closely connected with firework enthusiasts. Owned by Wayne himself this shop is renowned for its prices and variety. Unwavering commitment to excellence. What sets Wayne’s Fireworks apart is his passion for capturing landed product videos in the UK offering customers a glimpse into the latest offerings.

Fireworks Crazy – Chelmsford

If you find yourself in Chelmsford don’t miss out on Marks Fireworks Wonderland, better known as Fireworks Crazy. It serves as a haven, for all lovers who appreciate awe inspiring displays and products.Marks store carries some of the brands, in the UK such as the acclaimed ‘Brothers Pyrotechnics,’ ‘Absolute Fireworks,’ ‘Celtic Fireworks,’ ‘Black Cat Fireworks’ and ‘Standard Fireworks.’ If you’re searching for a range of high quality fireworks this is definitely the place to visit.

Galactic Fireworks

At Galactic Fireworks fireworks are not a business but a passion that runs through their veins. This family owned enterprise dedicates themselves to hand picking the fireworks. Stepping into Galactic Fireworks means entering a world where expertise and love for pyrotechnics merge to bring you nothing but the best in the industry.

Epic Fireworks

Another family run establishment Epic Fireworks has been serving customers for over 25 years. Boasts one of the firework shops in all of the UK. Their mission is crystal clear; focusing on three principles of customer service. Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD). Over time they have built a reputation for delivering on these principles.



What to think about when buying Fireworks

When it comes to Buying fireworks online, there are several key criteria to consider. These ensure that you make your purchase from reliable sources and to take advantage of the firework deals available online or while buying fireworks in London.
These criteria include:

  • Visual Impact: The fireworks should deliver a visually stunning display with vibrant colours, unique effects, and a grand finale that leaves spectators in awe.
  • Performance: Fireworks should perform reliably, with consistent and well-timed bursts that light up the night sky.
  • Safety: Safety is important. Fireworks should have clear guidelines to minimise any risks during use.
  • Variety: A wide variety of fireworks, from rockets to Cakes & Barrages, Selection Boxes and fountains, allows for diverse and captivating displays.
  • Sound: Different fireworks produce varying levels of sound, catering to preferences for loud, booming displays or quieter, low-noise options.
  • Value: Evaluating the cost per firework, ensuring that you get the best value for your budget.

Award-Winning Fireworks of 2023

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of award-winning fireworks that have taken centre stage in 2023.


Best Small Cake Category: Dong Ding By Celtic Fireworks

The winner of the Best Small Cake Category 2023 , awarded by the UK Firework Alliance, is Celtic Fireworks‘ “Dong Ding.” This 16-shot garden firework is a powerhouse, ejecting huge silver swirling tourbillons into loud red and green strobe breaks. Don’t be fooled by its small stature – with just under 200g NEC of powder, this cake outperforms many larger and more expensive fireworks.

Best Barrage Pack Category: The Asylum Pack By Vivid Fireworks

In 2023, Vivid Pyrotechnics’ The Asylum Barrage Pack secured the prestigious Best Barrage Pack award from Firework United (UK). This extraordinary pack comprises nine stunning cakes with a mix of bore sizes, showcasing a mesmerizing array of effects including strobes, willows, brocades, and chrysanthemum crackle. With vibrant comets, pearls, and stars, it stands as a remarkable choice for creating an unforgettable display. For the Best Vivid Pyrotechnics fireworks 2023, look no further than The Asylum Pack.

Best Rocket Pack Category: Reapers Rocket Pack By Vivid Fireworks

Vivid Pyrotechnics fireworks UK strikes again in 2023 with the Best Rocket Pack, “Reapers Pack.” This pack includes five rockets, each with 68g NEC, offering a different effect with every launch. From silver brocade with red blink to gold brocade with blue stars, these rockets deliver a breathtaking show. Notably, this variant has no crackle, making it a favourite among enthusiasts.

Best Large Cake Category: Delirious By Vivid Fireworks

The Best Vivid Pyrotechnics sweeps the Best Large Cake Category with “Delirious” in 2023. This spectacular large cake is a multi-effect and multi-shape wonder. It features straight firing, tridents, Z-sweeps, and volleys, producing a true display-in-a-box. With bursts of gold brocade crown, green glitter, and purple stars, followed by pulse firing of gold brocades and more, “Delirious” is a showstopper. It contains just under 1Kg of NEC across its 83 shots.

Best Compound Category: El Loco By Vivid Fireworks

Vivid Pyrotechnics debuts in the Best Vivid Compound Firework Cake Category 2023 with “El Loco.” This compound fires 268 shots over two and a half minutes, with a mixed tube size of 25 and 30mm. “El Loco” delivers a mesmerising display, featuring a wide array of vividly coloured crossettes, crackling spider breaks, willows, and more. It’s truly deserving of the title ‘a display in a box.’

Best Fountain Category: Crazy Cone By Zeus Fireworks

Zeus Fireworks’ “Crazy Cone” earned the Best Fountain Award 2023 by the UK Firework Alliance in 2023. This category F2, 400g conic fountain runs through a multitude of effects over 80 seconds. Starting quietly with a gold fountain, it rises to twelve feet, followed by ti-chrysanthemum crackle and coloured stars. The fountain transitions into an intense crackle with a gold plume before an exhilarating finish. “Crazy Cone” has come a long way since being a runner-up in 2021.

Best Rocket Category: Alfa 1 By Funke Fireworks

Funke Fireworks secures its first award in the Best Rocket Category for 2023 with “Alfa 1.” This rocket, available singly or as part of the Alpha pack, wows enthusiasts with its enormous brocade crown and red pistil burst. It narrowly beat competitors to claim the title and contains 165g NEC of powder, boasting one of the longest hang times of any consumer rocket.

Best Low Noise Firework Category: Chemical Romance By Celtic Fireworks

Celtic Fireworks’ “Chemical Romance” takes the Best Low Noise Firework Category by Firework United (UK). This W-firing, 30mm fan produces thick fluffy comet tails with coloured tips, through a blue bouquet, to crossette comet breaks above. It’s a beautiful addition to low-noise displays.

Best Selection Boxes Category: Gala By Jonathan's Fireworks

Jonathan’s Fireworks has a proven track record in the Best Selection Boxes Category, and in 2023, they win with the smaller “Gala” selection. This category F2 garden pack contains 19 individual fireworks, including a Catherine wheel, rockets, fountains, roman candles, and cakes. Combined, it contains a weighty 654g NEC of powder. “Gala” is perfect for smaller gardens, offering plenty of variation.

Best Low Noise Compound Category: Crazy Crossettes By Prestigious Pyrotechnics

Prestigious Pyrotechnics introduces “Crazy Crossettes Compound,” the first in the UK to solely feature crossettes, earning the Best Low Noise Fireworks Compound award in 2023. This compound Firework starts with straight-firing multicolor crossettes and white strobe mine lifts, followed by beautiful fanned willow-tailed silver to blue crossettes. A rapid Z-firing closes the 141-shot display, making it unique and stunning.


The fireworks scene in the UK is a spectacle of excitement and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned pyrotechnic enthusiast or a newcomer seeking to Buy Fireworks London and craft your dazzling display, the award-winning fireworks and esteemed shops, including our very own Showtime Fireworks (Fireworks shop in London), present boundless opportunities for creating unforgettable memories.

In this dynamic world of pyrotechnics, you’ll discover an array of fireworks that captivate the senses. From Celtic Fireworks‘ “Dong Ding,” a small but powerful 16-shot garden firework that surprises with its vibrant bursts, to Vivid Pyrotechnics’ “Reapers Pack,” a collection of Firework Rockets with diverse effects, the choices are diverse and thrilling.

For those who prefer larger displays, Vivid Pyrotechnics’ “Delirious” takes the stage with its 83 shots of multi-effect and multi-shape wonder. Meanwhile, Vivid Pyrotechnics’ “El Loco” astounds with 268 shots over two and a half minutes, showcasing vivid crossettes, crackling spider breaks, and more.

Zeus Fireworks’ “Crazy Cone” reigns as the best fountain, offering an 80-second extravaganza of gold fountains, ti-chrysanthemum crackles, and intense crackles with a gold plume. Funke Fireworks’ “Alfa 1” claims the Best Rocket award, standing out with its colossal brocade crown and red pistil burst.

For those seeking low-noise options, Celtic Fireworks’ “Chemical Romance” enchants with its W-firing, 30mm fan that produces fluffy comet tails and crossette comet breaks.

In the Firework selection boxes category, Jonathan’s Fireworks‘ “Gala” beckons, featuring a variety of fireworks suitable for smaller gardens.

Prestigious Pyrotechnics introduces “Crazy Crossettes Compound,” the first UK compound firework dedicated to crossettes, and wins the Best Low Noise Compound award.

If you’re searching for ‘Vivid fireworks for sale near me,’ look no further than Showtime Fireworks, your trusted fireworks shop in London. Step into a world of wonder and delight as you explore our wide range of fireworks for sale. Whether you’re planning a breathtaking firework display or simply want to buy fireworks in London, our retail shop has the perfect options to fulfill your pyrotechnic dreams.

As you embark on this exciting journey, always prioritise safety and adhere to all guidelines and regulations when handling fireworks. Your spectacular show will not only leave your audience in awe but also create cherished memories to last a lifetime.

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