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SIGNATURE Range Rocket Pack firework by klasek

A stunning 5 piece rocket pack . Signature Range rockets have huge, colourful bursts and reach heights of 60-70 metres.

Signature Range 90 shot cake/barrage firework by klasek

This beautiful cake from ‘The Signature Range by Klasek is packed with 990g of powder, 10 different colour effects with an amazing finale. Lasting over a minute.

Signature Range 25 shot 30mm cake/barrage firework by klasek

This is a 25 shot firework with 5 different colour effects and lasts 30 seconds. Great colours and effects with mine lifts by Klasek - limited edition signature range.

Signature Range 50 shot cake/barrage firework by klasek

Let the sparks fly with our explosive Klasek signature range cake, boasting an impressive 50 shots of mixed effects that are sure to dazzle and delight. With a 30mm tube size and an impressive 999g of NEC powder, this is one ignition barrage that packs a serious punch. Don't settle for less - it's time to unleash the maximum powder power with our straight-firing masterpiece!

Happy Birthday compound cake/barrage 100 shot firework by klasek

This is a 100 shot firework lasting 100 seconds – 10 different colour effects – signature quality – this is the most ideal firework to celebrate a birthday – carton contains stickers with different ages