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Pyrotechnology 100 shot barrgae by Klasek Firework

Experience the Pyrotechnology 100 shot compound, a stunning combination of 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm tubes. This firework merges four unique cakes into one dazzling display, lasting around 90 seconds. With mixed effects and firing patterns, it fills the sky with color, glitter, and various effects. From cascading showers to dazzling starbursts, This barrage offers a visual feast with vibrant colours. Whether it's bonfire night or New Year's Eve, this firework will leave a lasting impression.

Pyrotechnology 219 shots compound cake/barrage by klasek fireworks

Behold the latest offering from Klasek - a fiery 219 shot masterpiece of mixed effects and patterns! This breathtaking display will leave your senses reeling and your heart pounding with excitement. Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by this magnificent product!

Pyrotechnology 256 shots compound barrage by klasek

Pyrotechnology 256 Shot Firework by Klasek – This Stunning NEW compound By KLASEK pyrotechnics 256 shots has over 30 different effects and lasting 3mins+ and this sizeable firework has a staggering 3992g of powder . Multi angle firing. MUST WATCH VIDEO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!

Pyrotechnology 64 shot cake/barrage by klasek fireworks

The Pyrotechnology 64 shot 2020 is a 25mm single ignition  lasting approx. 40 seconds and is packed with a great mix of effects and firing patterns and includes a stunning finale of titanium chrysanthemum mine to glittering willows with red stars.