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Hell Fires Rocket Pack firework by Vivid Pyrotechnics

Expect nothing less than pure satisfaction from any VIVID rockets or fireworks in their collection. The Hell Fires, comprising 10 rockets with 14g of gunpowder in each rocket, offer a delightful array of colours and effects, perfectly suited for garden use with their CATF2 classification.

Snake Bite Fan Firework By Vivid Pyrotechnics

Introducing Snake Bite, a thrilling addition to the new collection by Vivid Pyrotechnics in 2023! This 36-shot Z-Firing barrage is a visual masterpiece with 5 shots per sweep, each row showcasing an array of vibrant colours. It kicks off with a dazzling red bouquet leading to an explosive burst of gold brocade palms and red dahlia stars. Following this, the same stunning effects are replicated with blue bouquet stars and blue dahlias. The grand finale is a breathtaking display featuring gold brocade mines, gold tourbillion tails, and a mesmerising showcase of gold king crowns accompanied by white pistils. Get ready for a spectacular show!

Overlord By Vivid Pyrotechnics firework for sale

NEW 2023 - Vivid Pyrotechnics has introduced another dazzling addition to their lineup – the Overlord. This masterpiece is a 100-shot, 30mm straight-firing compound that delivers a jaw-dropping two-minute display! Prepare to be amazed as the bursts from the Overlord are nothing short of colossal, akin to the magnificent explosions of a shell burst. With glittering and crackling bouquets, it conjures a mesmerising dual-layer effect that will leave you spellbound. But that's not all – the Overlord concludes with a breathtaking pulse-fired finale featuring crackling golden willows and vibrant red strobe effects. To truly appreciate its grandeur, check out the video and witness the magic for yourself!

Cataclysm By Vivid Pyrotechnics

NEW 2023 - This explosive spectacle is akin to a dump cake, yet with a tantalising twist—a slight delay that transforms it into a fast-firing barrage. From the renowned experts at Vivid Pyrotechnics, this fireworks display promises a constant stream of silver mine lifts, followed by crackling bursts that erupt with silver flashes, intensifying the overall experience. It's a truly remarkable addition to their lineup, offering a rapid and ear-popping visual feast for fireworks enthusiasts.

Goldy Locks Fountain By Vivid Pyrotechnics

NEW 2023 - I've never witnessed a fountain as stunning as this one. Goldy Locks Fountain stands at a majestic 11 inches, yet its effects reach astonishing heights of over 20 feet, adorned with dazzling gold shimmer and graceful cascading blue stars as they descend gracefully back to Earth. Be sure to watch the production video, followed by a mesmerising display of the fountain itself.

Ziegelstein By Vivid Pyrotechnics

NEW 2023 - This massive Z-firing firework amazes with 120 shots with 30mm tubes, launching gold brocade mines into glorious brocade crowns amidst sparkling silver stars. A stunning double Z-firing pattern leads to a wide 10-shot volley. The show continues with red and green accents, followed by a breathtaking triple volley of gold rising turbillions. The excitement to witness this live is electrifying

HAVOC Firework Cake by vivid pyrotechnics

Havoc is a sister to the new ‘Freak’ from Vivid. The perfect cake for anyone wanting to add a little extra excitement to their show! This impressive cake fires off 36 shots of red and green strobe stars, with gold brocade comets, blink comet tails and a beautiful finale.

VSR3 Ball Head (3) rockets pack fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

The VSR3 Rocket is the ultimate showstopper, a dazzling trio of 3" ball rockets created by the masterminds at Vivid Pyrotechnics - each rocket boasting a unique effect that will leave you breathless.

VSR4 Ball Head (2) rocket pack fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready for a double dose of fiery fun with the 2 Huge Stunning 4" Pro Effect Rockets with LONG hang time in this Twin Pack by Vivid pyrotechnics.

VSR2 Ball Head Rocket pack fireworks By Vivid pyrotechnics

This are the VSR2 Ball Head Rockets by VIVID Pyrotechnics , 6 different effects with 6 different tail lift with 40g of NEC in each Rocket and with LONG hang time.

Velocity compound cake/barrage 224 shot firework by vivid pyrotechnics

224 shots Velocity from Vivid Pyrotechnics is an outstanding piece that is perfect for lighting at any event. The firework is amazing and relentless, with its rapid, jaw-dropping finale. It is a powerful piece with many effects.

New Dawn compound cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Looking for a complete "Display in a BOX" package for your New Year's Eve party? Act fast because our stock is incredibly limited! Don't risk missing out on the ultimate party experience - order yours now before it's too late! - 189 shot compound by Vivid fireworks.

WTF 512 shot cake/barrage compound firework by vivid pyrotechnics

W.T.F has 8 cakes cleverly designed compound. Each cake is super fast and loud giving you an amazing display. The video show all 8 fired from one fuse. Total of 512 shots with a total weight of 4000g of gunpowder WOW !!!

F2ultra pro cake box selection with 6 fireworks by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to be blown away by the dazzling display of the STUNNING 6 CAKE ASSORTMENT BOX! With 16 shots per cake, this box offers a mix of spectacular effects and mines that will make any celebration an unforgettable event. Don't miss out on the mesmerizing masterpiece that awaits you!

Loose cannon cake firework 57 shot multi angle by vivid pyrotechnics

This is the 57 shot Loose Cannon from Vivid Pyrotechnics. The guys at Vivid have really come up trumps with this superb little single ignition. Great pace, vivid colours and great effects. A sure-fire winner and addition to any display.

Standing ovation dump cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Standing Ovation is a 50 shot dump cake, lifting a mass of silver, screaming tails to titanium chrysanthemums . A true crowd pleaser!

Vibe Low Noise changing colour cake firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Experience a breathtaking spectacle with 49 shots of colourful and low noise fireworks that dazzle and amaze. Watch in awe as the colours transform right before your eyes, leaving you speechless and in awe of the stunning display.

Delirious 83 shot cake / barrage firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Get ready to have your mind blown by Vivid Pyrotechnics' incredible "Delirious" fireworks display! This breathtaking 30mm barrage consists of a whopping 83 shots, and it's guaranteed to leave you absolutely speechless.

Sky candy XL compound firework 100 shot cake by vivid pyrotechnics

Ready to light up your next special occasion with a bang? Look no further than The NEW Sky Candy XL, now offers MORE powder, colour, Ti-Breaks, IMPROVED pace, and rhythm, the spectacular 100 Shot and 30mm compound cake from VIVID Pyrotechnics. With its dazzling display of colour and explosive energy, it's sure to leave both you and your guests astounded.

Bloodshot 139 shot compound firework by vivid pyrotechnics

Introducing the Blood Shot 139 Shot Compound - Brace yourself for an unforgettably explosive experience! With maximum impact and breathtaking performance, this is not your average firework. Get ready to witness a full-on burst of electrifying colours that will leave you in awe. Don't miss out on the ultimate storm of excitement - grab your BloodShot now!

Bedlam 100 shot compound firework cake/barrage by vivid pyrotechnics

This 100-shot compound firework is packed with big bursts of colours, whistling tails, and huge displays that will leave you speechless. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Bedlam and enjoy an incredible night that you’ll never forget! You won’t be disappointed!  

El loco firework compound by vivid pyrotechnics 268 shot cake

Looking to light up the night sky with an unforgettable display? This dynamic compound firework may just be your ticket to a mesmerising and prolonged pyrotechnic experience. With four unique fireworks fused together on a sturdy board, you can sit back, relax, and take in the dazzling show as the display unfolds in perfect sequence. With just one simple ignition, you'll be treated to a spectacular rapid of light and colour that will keep you and your guests entranced from start to finish.

Bad Boy Fireworks by Klasek pyrotechnics

Experience the spectacle of Bad Boy fireworks, a category 3 barrage with 106 multi-caliber shots and a variety of colourful effects lasting 80 seconds. With an 9 out of 10 noise rating, ensure a minimum safety distance of 25 meters. This firework is a complete display in a box.

Best price 100sh multi angle by klasek pyrotechnics

Discover the Best Price 100, a 100-shot, multi-angle single ignition firework with stunning colours and angled effects, lasting 90 seconds. This barrage offers a wide spectrum of colours, rates 8/10 for noise, and runs for 60 seconds. A must-have for your display!

3 ROCK Firework Rocket Pack Deal By Vivid

3 Rock firework rocket pack deal by vivid pyrotechnics - 4 - VSR4 and 6 - VSR3 SPECIAL OFFER : SAVE £25 OFF OUR ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES!!

Asylum barrage pack 9 cakes by vivid fireworks/ award winning 2021/2022

This is an Award winning barrage pack of 2021 & 2022!! from VIVID pyrotechnics containing 9 assorted barrages, each with its own effects. Every year this is one of the best-selling items we sell because it's so versatile. With a range of bore sizes including 20, 25 and 30mm for a good variety of different sized sky bursts. FREE Rocket pack & Sparklers with this Pack!!

VIV100CP- 100 shot mixed pro lasting over 2 minutes compound by vivid fireworks

Get your party started with an explosive kick! Our 100-shot compound firework boasts sky-filling effects that last for an epic two minutes. It's the perfect addition to your fireworks collection, creating a spectacular display that'll leave your guests spellbound. So why settle for anything less?

Kamuro rainbow XL 100 shot compound by vivid fireworks

Get ready to be blown away by this spectacular NEW Improved 100 shot KAMURO RAINBOW firework compound! It's fast-paced and packs a punch with its sky filling bursts that are sure to leave your audience in awe. This is one firework you won't want to miss - it's a must-have for any fireworks display!

Breakboo 64 shot cake/barrage firework by Klasek pyrotechnics

A spectacular display of pyrotechnics was unleashed with 64 shots courtesy of Klasek! These masterpieces were packed into impressive 20mm tubes, delivering not one, but 8 different effects that lit up the night sky with a spectrum of dazzling colours. It was truly a show to remember!

Long shot cake firework by primed pyrotechnics

This sensational cake is a sight to behold - a whopping 19 shots explode in an incredible display! I have never seen anything quite so magnificent - it's the ideal addition to any event or celebration.

Face off round 1 cakes/ barrages 1000g by vivid fireworks

This product fires 53 shots in varied patterns with 1000g of gun powder. It lasts for 43 seconds and is sure to impress. With its vibrant colours and impressive display, this product is sure to be a hit at any party or event. Thank you for viewing Face off Round 1 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. We hope you enjoy the video and create great memories with this product.

Face off round 2 cake vibrant colours by vivid fireworks

Get ready for a blast! Introducing Face Off Firework – Round 2 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With 54 shots fired in stunning patterns, catch the attention of everyone at your party with its powerful display and vibrant colours. Be amazed by this product that is sure to create unforgettable memories. Get ready to have a blast with Face Off – Round 2!

Freak cakes / barrages by vivid fireworks 49 shots multi coloured peony

Inject excitement and life into any celebration with Freak Firework - the ultimate creation by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With an array of spellbinding effects that will leave you and your guests in awe, this firework is not one to be missed. From glittering starbursts to thunderous booms, there's something for everyone in this explosive package. Get ready to light up the night sky and make memories that will last forever with Freak Firework!

Hanabi Marvel low noise colour change mines cake by vivid fireworks

Marvel Hanabi is the baby brother of Spectra, Z firing 25 shots of colour change mines from 30mm tubes. This is a colourful low noise mine effect firework that is sure to dazzle and amaze everyone who sees it. So don’t wait any longer, get the Marvel by Vivid Pyrotechnics today and make your fireworks display one to remember!

Spectra 49 shot Z – firing by vivid fireworks

Announcing an absolutely amazing firework display! Get ready for a spectacular show with our fantastic 49 shot cake, which features Z-firing rows of stunningly coloured stars. As the firework display progresses, you'll witness a stunning crossette effect from the vivid fireworks. Let your next celebration truly sparkle with this vivid and explosive display of pyrotechnics!

Screaming Demons whistle cake with red falling leaves by vivid fireworks

Introducing the hottest and most thrilling 25 shot cake by Vivid Pyrotechnics - the Screaming Demons! Inspired by the infamous screaming banshee, this cake boasts a one-of-a-kind noise that will send shivers down your spine.