Fireworks displays are one of our most beloved traditions, especially in the UK where they light up the sky during a range of festivals, celebrations, and special occasions! 

However, along with the excitement, safety is always extremely important.

Unfortunately, common mistakes can occur, leading to accidents and injuries. 

As one of the UK’s leading fireworks shops, Showtime Fireworks is here to help. Our fire starters will go over some common errors to ensure your fireworks celebration is not only exhilarating but also safe!


10 Common Mistakes When Using Fireworks At Home

1. Ignoring Safety Guidelines

Ignoring safety guidelines is a serious mistake  that is an easy mistake for people to make, often without fully realising the potential consequences.

It could be something as seemingly harmless as skimming over the safety instructions on a pack of fireworks. It could also be brushing off the recommended safety distances when setting them off.

However, these seemingly small oversights can lead to problems as guidelines aren’t just arbitrary rules; they’re carefully crafted to prevent accidents and protect both people and property. 

Taking the time to read and understand these guidelines is crucial. It’s about more than just following rules – it’s about safeguarding yourself and those around you.

Every precaution is there for a reason. Following them diligently can mean the difference between a fun, enjoyable experience and a dangerous situation.


2. Improper Storage

Storing fireworks properly is key to keeping everyone safe and ensuring a fantastic show when the time comes. Imagine the disappointment of soggy sparklers or misfiring rockets – not fun at all! 

In the UK, storing fireworks for home displays is regulated by the Explosives Regulations 2014. So you must store fireworks in a secure, cool, and dry place away from sources of ignition, in a container suitable for the quantity and type of fireworks. 

Fireworks must also be kept in their original packaging or a suitable alternative. 

With a little care in storage, we can all enjoy the magic of fireworks without any unexpected bangs – except for the good kind, of course!

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3. Using Homemade Fireworks

Attempting to create homemade fireworks is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. 

Homemade fireworks lack the necessary safety standards and can easily malfunction, resulting in serious injuries or even fatalities. 

It's important to purchase fireworks from the most reliable UK fireworks suppliers who keep to the strict safety regulations and quality standards. 

Avoid the temptation to experiment with homemade fireworks, as the risks far outweigh any potential thrill! 


10 Common Mistakes When Using Fireworks At Home

4. Failing to Secure Launch Sites

Selecting the perfect spot for launching fireworks is crucial to ensuring a safe and spectacular home show. 

But think about fireworks wobbling precariously on unstable ground, threatening to topple over with each explosion. Not exactly the thrilling sight you had in mind! 

So, to avoid any mishaps, scout out a level, spacious area, far away from any buildings, trees, or anything else that could potentially cause an issue. 

Once you've found your spot, make sure to secure the fireworks firmly in place with sturdy launch platforms or bases. 

After all, you want your audience to be oohing and aahing at the dazzling display above, not ducking for cover from wayward rockets!

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5. Mishandling Sparklers

Mishandling sparklers can lead to serious consequences, even though they appear innocent at first glance. It's easy to overlook their potential danger, especially when they're so commonly associated with celebrations and fun! 

However, the reality is that they can inflict severe burns if not treated with caution. One common mistake is to give sparklers to young children without adequate supervision. 

It's important to always keep a watchful eye on children when they're using sparklers and to offer clear guidance on how to handle them safely. 

This includes letting them know the importance of maintaining a safe distance from others and making sure you've disposed of them correctly. 

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6. Ignoring Weather Conditions

When planning a fireworks display, it’s crucial to consider weather conditions for a safe and spectacular show. 

Ignoring weather forecasts can lead to serious consequences. Windy conditions pose a risk as they can cause fireworks to stray off course or ignite unintended targets like structures or trees. 

Rain is another factor to watch out for, as it might dampen fuses which will affect the performance of fireworks, and could lead to malfunctions. 

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Always prioritise safety over spectacle by checking the forecast beforehand and postponing the display if conditions are unfavourable. 

By being mindful of weather conditions, you can ensure a memorable and safe experience for everyone involved! 

7. Underestimating the Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Something that often slips our minds during fireworks displays is the importance of having fire extinguishers nearby. 

But trust me, they’re crucial. Imagine if a fire breaks out – having a fire extinguisher within reach can truly be a game-changer, turning a potential disaster into a minor hiccup. 

That’s why it’s so important to have at least one fire extinguisher on standby, well-maintained and easy to access. It’s all about being prepared for any unexpected sparks that might fly. 

8. Ignoring Pet Safety

Pets can become frightened and distressed by the loud noises and bright lights of fireworks displays. 

Unfortunately, some pet owners underestimate the impact fireworks can have on their furry companions and fail to take appropriate precautions. 

Leaving pets outside or unattended during fireworks displays can lead to them running away in fear or injuring themselves trying to escape. 

Ensure your pets are safely indoors, preferably in a quiet, secure room, during fireworks displays to keep them out of harm’s way.

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9. Overlooking Spectator Safety Zones

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of fireworks displays, but forgetting to establish safe distances between spectators and launch sites is a recipe for disaster. 

When fireworks are set off too close to the crowd, there’s a real danger of sparks, debris, or even whole fireworks injuring people. 

To keep everyone safe, always designate a secure area where spectators can watch from a safe distance. 

10. Neglecting Emergency Escape Plans

Nobody wants to think about emergencies during a fireworks display, but it’s essential to be prepared just in case. 

Unfortunately, sometimes home firework organisers may forget to plan escape routes for their guests  if something goes wrong. 

Whether it’s a malfunctioning firework or another unexpected hazard, having clear escape routes in place can make all the difference. 

Before the event kicks off, take the time to map out multiple exit points and communicate them to everyone present. 

By doing this, you’ll ensure a smooth and orderly evacuation if the need arises, keeping everyone safe and sound.

10 Common Mistakes When Using Fireworks At Home - To End On…

In closing, let’s keep the magic of fireworks alive while making safety a priority. By following safety guidelines, storing fireworks properly, and avoiding homemade versions, we can ensure our celebrations are joyful and accident-free.

Remember to handle sparklers with care, consider weather conditions, and have fire extinguishers nearby, just in case. 

And don’t forget our furry friends – keep pets safe indoors during displays. By being mindful of these tips and looking out for each other, we can make every fireworks event a fantastic and safe experience for everyone involved!

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