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100 shot missile cake firework by klasek

This 100 shot missile cake firework is a force to be reckoned with, firing off mini-missiles that whistle and crackle their way through the sky at an incredible pace. It's like having your own personal torpedo show!

Abyss cake / barrage multi shot firework by pyroworx

The abyss by pyroworx is a multi-colour fireworks display in a box, guaranteed to light up your sky. With mine bursts, comet tails and aerial effects, this is one show you won’t want to miss.

Ark angel multi angle cake by pyroworx fireworks

Are you on the hunt for a show-stopping firework to dazzle your audience? Look no further than the Ark Angel By pyroworx! This single ignition firework packs a punch with its mixed firing pattern and jaw-dropping sky filling effects. The 44 shot F3, 1.3g barrage/cake from Pyroworx contains 519.2g NEC and is set off by 25mm tubes. Make your display unforgettable with the Ark Angel – your audience won’t be disappointed!

BIG Rocket Mix 5 different colour effect fireworks by klasek

Experience an excitement of 5 distinct colour effects with brilliant, explosive breaks that will leave you in awe! Behold the sensational rockets by Klasek - an event of vibrant hues, intense energy, and pure excitement!

Crucible 25 shot barrage by pyroworx

Experience the Crucible 25-shot barrage by Pyroworx, a breathtaking fireworks display like no other. With its larger 30mm bore and 25 shots, it's designed to leave you in awe. As it lights up the sky, you'll witness vibrant colours, amazing effects, and a focus on safety with its dual fusing mechanism. Don't miss this extraordinary firework – it's a legend in the making!

Crusade loudest titanium salute firework in the uk by pyroworx

This cake is a true showstopper, with 100 shots and lots of colours that will have your guests awe-struck. Plus it has some pretty cool effects and a ‘LOUD’ titanium Salute too!

CYTTORAK Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

CYTTORAK compound from Riakeo Fireworks - Every celebration won’t be complete without the brain-melting display of this 2023 Compound firecracker.

EQUALIZER Selection Box Firework

A fantastic firework selection of 11 fountains, 2 shot tubes, and 1 roman candle. This really is a great value assortment of fireworks.

Face off round 1 cakes/ barrages 1000g by vivid fireworks

This product fires 53 shots in varied patterns with 1000g of gun powder. It lasts for 43 seconds and is sure to impress. With its vibrant colours and impressive display, this product is sure to be a hit at any party or event. Thank you for viewing Face off Round 1 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. We hope you enjoy the video and create great memories with this product.

Face off round 2 cake vibrant colours by vivid fireworks

Get ready for a blast! Introducing Face Off Firework – Round 2 by Vivid Pyrotechnics. With 54 shots fired in stunning patterns, catch the attention of everyone at your party with its powerful display and vibrant colours. Be amazed by this product that is sure to create unforgettable memories. Get ready to have a blast with Face Off – Round 2!

Fanfare pro – fan shape firework – sky filling by pyroworx

Experience the ultimate firework with this magnificent 25-shot cake from Pyroworx! Watch in awe as the sky fills with beautiful Chrysanthemum effects, creating a breathtaking fan shape.

Final Fantasy Selection Box by Standard Fireworks

The Final Fantasy 14 Piece Selection Box by Standard Fireworks is tailored for medium-sized displays, offering larger, longer-lasting fireworks. Included in this selection are 4 fountains, 3 Roman candles, 1 shot tube, 2 barrages, 2 rockets, and even a substantial mine and mine cake. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to create a memorable show that transports you to a world of imagination and adventure.

Fission 16 shot Barrage by Pyroworx Fireworks

This small cake is adorned with vivid colours, making it an ideal choice for a younger children who prefers a quieter display. It's an exceptional compact firework, with 104g of gunpowder and a 20mm bore size, it delivers not only vibrant colours but also impressive bursts. This makes it the perfect selection to commence any garden celebration with a bang, minus the excessive noise.

Flashpoint 100 shot compound straight firing firework by pyroworx

How would you like to light up the night sky? With flashpoint by Pyroworx, you can do just that! This 100 shot firework lasting 1 minute 30 secs is sure to dazzle and delight. Watch as the tails and bursts light up the sky in a spectacular display. You won’t be disappointed with these fireworks.

Flashy compound firework by primed pyrotechnics

Add a grand finale to your firework event with a stunning display that will leave your guests in awe! This powerful firework is sure to make a lasting impression, as the stunning display hangs in the air and slowly fades away. Save this exceptional piece for the end of the night and give your guests a finale they won't forget!

Glittering prize B cake/barrage by primed fireworks

Let the Glittering Prize B - 56 shot firework light up the night sky with its 30mm tube and an array of stunning effects. This incredible cake promises a surprise fanned or V firing section that will leave you in awe.

Hanabi Marvel low noise colour change mines cake by vivid fireworks

Marvel Hanabi is the baby brother of Spectra, Z firing 25 shots of colour change mines from 30mm tubes. This is a colourful low noise mine effect firework that is sure to dazzle and amaze everyone who sees it. So don’t wait any longer, get the Marvel by Vivid Pyrotechnics today and make your fireworks display one to remember!

Happy (4) Rockets by Klasek fireworks

The Happy Rocket 4 Pack offers exceptional value for a small garden firework display collection. This pack comprises four rockets, each featuring a unique effect, including red strobes, silver blinking, rustling gold crackles, and dazzling blue crackling rockets.

IONOSPHERE 3 Big Rocket pack fireworks by Pyroworx

Get ready for an explosive show of sheer power with our Ionosphere rockets, packed to the brim with powder. Be sure to have your widest lens at the ready to capture the full spectacle! These three spectacular rockets are guaranteed to push the boundaries. And deliver a maximum impact that will leave everyone in awe.

Let it ride cake by primed fireworks

Get your fireworks fix with LET IT RIDE - a showstopper 36 shot 30 mm multi effect barrage that's packed to the brim with big effects and max size tubes. Ignite the night sky with its unique firing pattern and stunning display. This brand new addition is not one to miss. So hold onto your hats, and LET IT RIDE!

Leviosa fanned angle multi shot cake firework by pyroworx

Are you looking for a firework that is sure to impress? This firework has a fanned angle firing and produces some amazing sky filling effects, making it perfect for any display. With its wide variety of colours and effects, Leviosa is a 64 shot and sure to be a hit at your next party or event!

LONE WOLF Single shot roman candle firework by pyroworx

Experience a pyrotechnic sensation with Pyroworx's 6pc Single Shot Roman Candle. Each candle will spin and ignite as it unleashes one of six different effects, all packed into a compact 20mm tube. Get ready to be wowed as these single shots prove to have a powerful punch!

Lumpik 9 shot 3 different effects cake by klasek fireworks

Seeking a way to illuminate the night sky and astonish your audience? Allow us to introduce the remarkable Lumpik 9-shot Firework! This extraordinary cake packs a powerful punch, featuring three awe-inspiring effects that are guaranteed to leave everyone spellbound. Don't hesitate—why delay the magic?

Major 9 shot 3 different effects cake by klasek fireworks

Looking for a way to light up the night sky and wow your audience? Look no further than the incredible Major 9 shot Firework! This amazing cake packs a serious punch, with not one, not two, but three jaw-dropping effects that are sure to leave everyone in amazed from this little cake. So why wait?

MASQUERADE Selection Box firework by Jonathans

Masquerade is a 23 piece selection box from Jonathan’s Fireworks. Jonathan’s Fireworks selection boxes concentrate on a smaller number of better performing fireworks rather than a large number of lower level fountains.  

NIGHT STALKER Compound By Riakeo Fireworks

Looking to impress everyone at your next bonfire night display? New 2023 Compound from RiaKeo fireworks is the answer! Massive 152 shots 30mm tube size.

Particka cake/barrage firework 88 shot by Klasek

Particka Firework – This is a 88 shot power packed firework with 11 stunning vibrant colours and large loud bursts lasting 65 seconds. If you want to add something different to your firework display then this is the one to light up your night.

Pro low noise firework finale A by vivid fireworks

Are you ready for the ultimate Low Noise finale piece from VIVID? This 72 shot rapid-firing cake that is guaranteed to leave your audience in awe.

Pro low noise firework finale B by vivid fireworks

A beautiful low noise firework to end your fireworks display. One of Vivid's two stunning finale pieces, this crowd pleaser is classed as a 'X' style cake.

Profi show 200 shot multi angle mixed effects by klasek fireworks

This firework is a great way to celebrate any occasion! The Profi show 200 shot multi angle mixed effects by klasek fireworks, This will give you 20 different effects. It lasts 180 secs, so you can enjoy the show for a while! Plus, it's a great value for your money. Get ready to celebrate in style with this amazing firework!

Profi Show no 2 firework by Klasek

Impress your audience with Profi Show No.2, a 100-shot, 25mm single ignition barrage from Klasek's Profi Show range. This 100-second display offers a diverse mix of effects and a captivating finale featuring titanium chrysanthemum mines and glittering willows with red stars. Safety requires a minimum distance of 15m, with all spectators positioned at least 25 meters away. Enjoy the spectacle!

Purge 49 shot firework by pyroworx – colours, effects and loud

Look no further than our latest Addition from Pyroworx! This 49 shot explosive bursts that rivals those of a Pro display, Get ready to be blown away!

PYRO ADDICT 2 Barrage By Riakeo Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Experience the thrill of Pyro Addict by Riakeo! With 61 explosive shots, a mighty 965g powder charge, and a sensational 50-second duration, it's the ultimate addiction for fireworks enthusiasts. Get hooked on the spectacle!

SEAN CONNERY Firework Box Cakes/Barrages/Rockets by Primed

Only 100 of these limited edition crates made to commemorate the late 007 legend. 28 pieces and over 5000g NEC powder !!!! One of the biggest crates they have released.  

Sigma cake / barrage firework V-shape by pyroworx

This 60-shot firework is sure to dazzle and delight everyone who sees it. Featuring a V-shaped firing pattern and huge brocade bursts, it’s a must-have for any fireworks Event.

Signature Range 25 shot 30mm cake/barrage firework by klasek

This is a 25 shot firework with 5 different colour effects and lasts 30 seconds. Great colours and effects with mine lifts by Klasek - limited edition signature range.

Signature Range 50 shot cake/barrage firework by klasek

Let the sparks fly with our explosive Klasek signature range cake, boasting an impressive 50 shots of mixed effects that are sure to dazzle and delight. With a 30mm tube size and an impressive 999g of NEC powder, this is one ignition barrage that packs a serious punch. Don't settle for less - it's time to unleash the maximum powder power with our straight-firing masterpiece!

SKY RAIDER 10 Rockets Pack by Primed fireworks

These stunning pack of 10 rockets from Primed have 5 DIFFERENT effects, do not let the size fool you, these are loud and spectacular rockets.

Spectra 49 shot Z – firing by vivid fireworks

Announcing an absolutely amazing firework display! Get ready for a spectacular show with our fantastic 49 shot cake, which features Z-firing rows of stunningly coloured stars. As the firework display progresses, you'll witness a stunning crossette effect from the vivid fireworks. Let your next celebration truly sparkle with this vivid and explosive display of pyrotechnics!

SUPERFAST GUN Barrage firework 49 shot by Klasek

This 49-shot Fanned barrage will fill the sky with an incredible array of colours and patterns. This has 7 different effects create a stunning display by Klasek Fireworks.

Surface to Air (10) Rockets by pyroworx

Great assortment of 10 effect rockets including pink & white strobe, brocade crown to red and blue, red palm + crackling flower, gold chrys & blue star, white strobe, green strobe & purple. Great value garden pack.

Thrills & Sorcery Selection Box by Standard Fireworks

Introducing the Thrills & Sorcery Selection Box by Standard Fireworks, containing 16 captivating fireworks tailored for a family garden gathering with an 8-meter safety distance. This assortment includes various firework types, from fountains to rockets, delivering a magical and diverse performance that's sure to leave your audience spellbound.

Best Seller Fireworks

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Deals and Bundle Fireworks

We have put together some fantastic firework package deals which are great value for money and will ensure your event goes with a bang!

Get the best bundle fireworks deals at discounted prices.

LOOSE PACK cakes rockets fireworks bundle

Get ready to experience the Loose Pack firework display with a stunning range of single ignition barrages plus 10 rockets! Take your breath away with magnificent effects that will completely fill the sky. It's the perfect addition to any celebration and sure to leave your guests dazzled.

ARK Firework Pack 4 cakes and 2 rockets

Ark Firework Pack includes 4 cakes & 2 Rockets, No matter what you're celebrating, these pyrotechnic wonders are guaranteed to add some serious sparkle. And now, for a limited time only, you can save a whopping £50 on top of our already discounted prices!

Asylum barrage pack 9 cakes by vivid fireworks/ award winning 2021/2022

This is an Award winning barrage pack of 2021 & 2022!! from VIVID pyrotechnics containing 9 assorted barrages, each with its own effects. Every year this is one of the best-selling items we sell because it's so versatile. With a range of bore sizes including 20, 25 and 30mm for a good variety of different sized sky bursts. FREE Rocket pack & Sparklers with this Pack!!

ULTIMATE FIREWORK Pack big cakes barrages rockets

This ultimate pack contents 6 massive cakes and with this you also get 5 FREE rockets : you can save £350 on top of our already discounted prices! Don't miss out on this amazing offer to make your next celebration unforgettable.

Uber Strumer Rockets (13) By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Introducing "Uber Sturmer" – a pack that unleashes an exhilarating array of 13 distinct rockets. What makes these rockets stand out is their distinctive coloured tails, breaking away from the conventional gold norm. Among these, 7 rockets boast a mesmerising golden tail, while the remaining 6 flaunt a captivating silver tail. Each rocket packs an impressive 32g NEC, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

TIGER Rocket Pack / 18 different firework rockets by klasek

Experience a dazzling display of Tiger Rockets by Klasek, featuring 18 rockets varying in size and displaying 18 different effects and colours. Get ready to be amazed as the sky comes alive with these rockets that will leave you in awe!

REAPER Pack 2 Rocket Deal By Vivid Fireworks

SPECIAL OFFER : SAVE £20 OFF OUR ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES!! Reaper Rocket pack by Vivid have 20 outstanding rockets all with 68g of NEC, each rocket with different effects. Very LOUD !!    (£25 each pack)

Whistling Palms 100sh By Funke Fireworks

NEW 2023 - Get ready for a breathtaking display as two 50-shot, 21mm cake combine into a powerful 100-shot spectacle. Experience a relentless pace with whistling comet tails ascending to vibrant red, green, purple, yellow, and blue palm bursts.

Galactic Firework Pack

Introducing the "Galactic Firework Pack" – a delightful blend of captivating aerial spectacles and thrilling ground effects, carefully curated for the enjoyment of the entire family. This exceptional pack includes last year's top-seller, the F2 Ultra Pro Cake Pack featuring six mine cakes with six different effects, four fountains, a dynamic 9-shot Major cake, a 100-shot missile cake, as well as a new addition of 10 rockets by Vivid Pyrotechnics. To enhance the sparkle, we've included 15 sparklers and an awe-inspiring 25-shot Turtle Burger barrage by Klasek Fireworks. This pack promises an unforgettable experience that caters to everyone's entertainment desires.

Ku De Gras compound firework by pyroworx

Add some spark to your next event with Ku De Gras, the ultimate firework experience by Pyroworx. Bursting with bold hues and electrifying comet tails, this explosive dazzler is a real crowd-pleaser. And the best part? It's super simple to set up, so you can ignite the sky without any fuss. Don't settle for a snooze-worthy celebration, order Ku De Gras today to create an unforgettable spectacle. With 120 seconds of mind-blowing pyrotechnics and a whopping 262 shots, this firework is the answer to all your party prayers

Firework Frenzy Pack

Introducing our "Firework Frenzy Pack" - a mix of impressive aerial displays and ground effects, featuring crowd-pleasing favourites for family entertainment. This also includes the wizard tricks 15-item selection box, two 25-shot Turtle burger and Lod Duche barrages, a 9-shot Major barrage, a spectacular 10 Moonshot Rockets and last year's best-seller - the F2 Ultra Pro Cake Pack with six mine cakes, the exciting Tazmania Ground Spinner, 15 sparklers, and a stunning finale with 57 shot Loose Cannon by Vivid Fireworks.

Final Fantasy Selection Box by Standard Fireworks

The Final Fantasy 14 Piece Selection Box by Standard Fireworks is tailored for medium-sized displays, offering larger, longer-lasting fireworks. Included in this selection are 4 fountains, 3 Roman candles, 1 shot tube, 2 barrages, 2 rockets, and even a substantial mine and mine cake. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to create a memorable show that transports you to a world of imagination and adventure.


Fireworks Categories

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Discounted Firework Packages

Are you looking for the best discounted fireworks packages for your next celebration event? Showtime offers all year-round special offers on a range of affordable fireworks to add some celebration wow factor.


Gender Reveal Firework

Gender Reveal Fireworks

Find out the gender of your new baby with a spectacular gender reveal fireworks display from showtime fireworks. We have all the supplies you need to make your gender reveal party even more special.

Smoke Flares

Smoke Flares

Buy your smoke flares for private parties, wedding, photo shoots, gender reveal or special occasions from Showtime Fireworks. We have a wide selection of colours to choose from. Get your smoke grenades today!

Fireworks Selection Boxes

Fireworks Selection Boxes

We offer a wide selection of firework selection boxes to suit all budgets, perfect for both small and large displays. Create a magical garden show that will amaze the kids and the family with our smaller boxes, or go all out with our bigger selection boxes for a spectacular display.

Firework Cakes & Barrages

Firework Cakes & Barrages

Showtime Fireworks is the UK's leading supplier of firework cakes & barrages. Our fireworks are available in a wide range of sizes and shot counts, so there is sure to be one to suit your requirements.

Low Noise Fireworks

Low Noise Fireworks

Enjoy the show without scaring your pets or animals! Our low noise fireworks are perfect for those who want to enjoy the display without any loud noises.

Firework Mines & Dump cakes

Firework Mines & Dump cakes

Looking for some of the best Mine cake and dump cake in the market then look no further, here at showtime fireworks we fire hand pick before they are stocked in our store.

Firework Rockets

Firework Rockets

We provide a range of carefully selected firework rockets. With a variety range from small rocket packs through to huge single rockets. Each rocket gives the wow effect you want to achieve in your firework display.

Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks

Make your fireworks show memorable with Showtime Fireworks! Our unbeatable selection of compound fireworks will give you the best bang for your money - and a finale that’s sure to make a lasting impression.

S.I.B Single Ignition Fireworks

S.I.B Single Ignition Fireworks

Get ready for a night of dazzling displays with the UK's best in class S.I.B single ignition fireworks! Enjoy half-price offers and other amazing discounts, available all year long – just click to explore our incredible selection of exclusive deals!

Fountains Fireworks

Fountains Fireworks

Make your celebration twinkle with our collection of fireworks fountains! From small to large, we provide only the best for a magical event. Bring smiles and joy to everyone at any age – light up the night with sparkles galore!

Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Catherine Wheel Fireworks

Make your special event even more spectacular with Catherine Wheel Fireworks! We offer a stunning range of wheels, from small to large, that will provide a dazzling display to remember. Get ready to wow your guests today.



Light up your special event with Sparklers! We offer a wide range of sparklers in various colours and lengths, these are perfect for any celebration. With our premium quality sparklers, your celebration will be even more unforgettable.

Roman Candle Fireworks

Roman Candle

Create a show-stopping display with Roman Candles from Showtime Fireworks! Our selection of great value candles come in a variety of colours and effects, perfect for any type of event. Make your celebration even more remarkable with these in your display.
Fireworks Brands

We stock the best fireworks including the award-winning 2022 ‘Brand of the Year’ – Vivid Fireworks Pyrotechnics – plus brands like Klasek Fireworks and Dum Bum, Celtic Fireworks, Hallmark Fireworks, Cube, Jonathans, Firework King, Brothers, Funke, Pyroworx, Black cat and more.

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DISPLAY Fireworks

If you are planning an event and need a professional fireworks display, then we can help.

We stock a range of fireworks package deals to add some WoW factor to your celebration.

We have suitable fireworks for all occasions, from New Year's Eve celebrations, birthday parties, private events, Diwali celebrations, weddings, anniversary celebrations, religious celebrations and concerts.

Contact Showtime Fireworks if you would like to have a firework display set up for your next event.

We take care of everything for you, so sit back and enjoy with your guests.

Wedding Celebration
Firework Displays

Wedding Celebration
Firework Displays

For a truly memorable wedding celebration display, choose Showtime Fireworks. Our team of experts can provide you with a professional firework show crafted with the latest digital firework technology, all at affordable prices. From venue liaison to tidying up afterwards, we'll take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy your special event in style!

Birthday Party
Firework Displays

Birthday Party
Firework Displays

Add an extra wow factor to your birthday celebration with Showtime Fireworks! We'll take care of all the details, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the show with your friends and family. Make your birthday truly special with Showtime Fireworks!

Anniversary Celebration
Firework Displays

Anniversary Celebration
Firework Displays

At Showtime Fireworks, we provide the perfect way to make your anniversary celebration extra special with fireworks. Enjoy professional displays that are both safe and innovative and create a show that is truly spectacular. Celebrate with friends and family and add a little extra dazzle to your special day!

Private Event
Firework Displays

Private Event
Firework Displays

At Showtime Fireworks, we specialise in creating spectacular firework displays for private event displays. We customise each show to fit your budget and meet any requirements, ensuring your satisfaction. Our team will take care of all paperwork and risk assessments, arriving in good time to set up the display and be ready to launch when you tell us. Get ready to be dazzled with an unforgettable firework experience!

Concert Event
Firework Displays

Concert Event
Firework Displays

Firework displays add the perfect finishing touch to your Concerts Displays or events, leaving a lasting impression on guests. As experts in firework displays, we offer a range of services to suit your needs. Whether you require a bespoke display or a pre-planned show, we'll work with you to create an amazing experience that will amaze your guests. Let us help make your event truly unforgettable with our stunning firework displays.

School or College
Firework Displays

School or College
Firework Displays

November is a favoured month for firework displays, with schools or colleges and proms hosting special events. While many companies offer displays, it's crucial to recognise their potential hazards. For your safety, it's best to trust experts with years of experience and proper expertise. They will ensure that your event is a success and free of mishaps.

Low Noise
Firework Displays

Low Noise
Firework Displays

Low Noise Displays are ideal for noise-sensitive events and venues across the UK. Our low noise packages are perfect for wedding clients who want to add an exciting display to their celebration without disturbing nearby residents, livestock or wildlife. We balance creativity to ensure a stunning display that wows guests without causing any noise complaints. You can even turn it into a Pyro Musical by adding a special song for a truly unique experience.

New Year Celebration and Bonfire Night Firework Displays

New Year Celebration and Bonfire Night Firework Displays

Make your special event unforgettable with our thrilling firework displays on Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve. We guarantee to captivate your audience with stunning visuals and make your event a great success. Bonfire Night is also an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your club or charity while uniting communities.

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Whether you need fireworks for a special celebration like a wedding or birthday, or simply want to get into the spirit of the season during Bonfire Night, Diwali, Eid or Chinese New Year, we have everything you need.

Our selection includes fireworks like cakes & barrages, rockets, selection boxes, compound fireworks, fountains, low-noise fireworks and sparklers much more, all available online for easy ordering and convenient delivery.

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Looking to buy fireworks from our Online UK Firework Shop, search no more! Our online store offers a wide selection of quality fireworks from renowned brands such as Vivid pyrotechnics, Klasek, Dum Bum, Primed, Hallmark, Standard, Funkie, Jonathans fireworks and Pyroworx.

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